A long time lurker's introduction

Hello everybody! A long time lurker here introducing myself and looking for my next SC product. I’ve been listening to Regeneration and House of Medici for a few months. While it sounds like awhile, the total loops of each sub is only 20+ as I take lots of rest days and washouts, and I never listen to both of them in one day. In fact I just began a 10-day washout yesterday. The lack of exposure might explain the lack of results, and to be fair me not taking actions doesn’t help either.

My issue is while I’d very much like to make lots of money, so far I haven’t found the rightful talents and creative ideas for wealth generation in me. I also have this deep resistance that I don’t believe I will make it, maybe it is low self esteem, maybe it’s simply my huge fear for failure. I used to work for my uncle until his shop closed down, and since then I have been thinking the way forward. I don’t feel like being a wage slave but I don’t know which opportunities or possibilities is for me. When I got HoM, apart from it seemed to fit my personality, I thought the stock market investment route fitted me, I have savings for investment and I have the time for it. Yet I underestimated my unwillingness to lose money, even though I understand that as a newbie that’s how one learns to make money in stock market. I also procrastinate like no one, in my mind, if I don’t take actions, I can always stay in this bubble where I may make it one day but if I make a move and fail, then the bubble is busted and I will face the reality where I am good for nothings, that’s what has been holding me back all my life.

I don’t know if this is reconciliation but I have been thinking to get a new sub. Due to budget I am thinking to get one sub, when the ZP version is out, either RICH, Emperor or Limitless Executive. RICH for its wealth focus and manifestations, Emperor for its mental toughness and Limitless Executive for its gogogo push and the cognitive abilities. What do you all think of my case? Should I stack the new sub with HoM or replace HoM with the new sub? Which sub is right for me? Don’t know if this means anything but I am ESFJ, Aries Asc, Libra Sun and Virgo Moon, maybe this would be helpful to find the right sub for me.

Last but not least, happy meeting you all!


Welcome to the light!

With Qv2, as I’m sure you’re aware, less is sometimes more.

When you say…

Do you mean that you didn’t get what you expected out of the two titles? If so, what were/are your goals with these?

Interesting. HoM is decent for this but, did you consider Stark?

I don’t remember the name of the thread but there’s an astrological thread here that may interest you. @Simon was one of the active contributors i think.


I’ll reread this more slowly. But my first impression was “He should run RICH”.

I think I might also swap out Regeneration for a title like Limit Destroyer.

Some people feel that specifically healing-oriented titles may have a tendency to dilute or diffuse the results of productivity-oriented titles. I’m not sure myself, but it does make sense.

For your ongoing healing goals what might make sense would be to do a periodic healing retreat with regeneration in which you take a break from your productivity titles and focus on healing. Then stop that and return to productivity.

I feel like Saint may have talked somewhere about either recommending that or having done it himself.

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Absolutely. I second this.

Thanks Sage.

My goals are wealth generation, to become tough minded, believe in my ability to get whatever I want be it wealth or girls and to go for it with ease. The wealth aspect of HoM is not showing, due to me not taking actions, so that’s on me. Yet I don’t notice improvement in social settings, maybe I have the wrong expectations but I read in the journals here that users handled confrontation or got their way skillfully, or people are extra friendly toward them, while my daily interaction stay the same. Also my logical and analytical skills, or the lack thereof, are still my weakness.

Yes actually I considered Stark, but my concern was that I read that the sexual aspect of it can be overwhelming. I used to be addicted to fapping and it took me a long time to return to normal. I am healthier and better looking than I used to be in a long time and I don’t wanna risk losing my steak. Are you using it? Can you share your experience?

Oh thanks for letting me will look it up👍

Thanks Malkuth. No worries take your time.

For now I am only comfortable getting one new sub so yea RICH is my top choice. Do you know if RICH itself is enough to help me be tough minded enough to go after wealth? Like breaking my wealth resistance with the fire and drive to be a wealth go-getter.

I do consider dropping Regeneration temporary when I got the new sub. Do you think I should keep using HoM in this case?

You’re welcome.

Malkuth is responding but, I agree with him on R.I.C.H. and Limit Destroyer.

I’ve never used Stark, no. I’ve also not read of people having issues with sexual frustration on it so unfortunately I don’t have anything for you there.

Emperor, on the other hand, makes sense to me for you.

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It’s a situation where evaluating your current actions and external circumstances will help you to diagnose, prescribe, and focus your subliminal strategy.

HoM is going to be great. That’s no question. The question is how close are you to having relevant “fuel” for it? If you have a healthy dog, then it needs space to be taken for walks and runs. The subliminals are like this. Do you have a place in your life for this thoroughbred to exercise and show you its stuff? That means are you working on making deals, building a business, masterminding trades and negotiations? You will be, certainly. But is it timely, as in you’re moving towards it this month?

Now is November. If you expect to be making deals and building enterprises and projects in say March, then I’d play HoM starting in January or February.

RICH can hit the ground running right now. And it can help to ramp you up to Emperor: House of Medici.

So for me, as you see, it’s a matter of timing.

Yes and beyond. It will help you to generate and manifest wealth in your own optimal style. Part of that may involve tough-mindedness. Other parts may involve flexibility, softness, enthusiasm, curiosity, relationship building. And so on.

Trust in your internal resources. Whether you currently see them in a positive light or not, they are the exact tools and materials that are going to build what you want. Prepare to be surprised, not just by the subliminal, but by your own internal treasures.

I’d play RICH alone for a little while. Get comfortable and confident with it. See what inspirations come to you. And then, when the time is right, introduce HoM.

If you’re making deals and are out there moving right now, then definitely play HoM immediately. If you’re working on your foundation and your vision, start with just RICH for a little while, and then bring in HoM as you start to build momentum.

:muscle: :muscle: :muscle:


Welcome, my friend. Can understand what you are going through since money is a challenge for me too.

But as a QZP tester, I would recommend you to hold off purchasing anything right now (unless you want to make use of the fact that the titles are 10 USD less right now before they get updated to QZP and if there are some particular titles that you would want to run later anyways).

The reason being that there could be some new titles being released very soon that could fit your criteria. There is good chance that a new alpha leadership title (currently dubbed Picard) will help with that sense of directionlessness you feel in your life. Am not 100 percent sure until I read the sales page but lets just say I have good reason to believe that it would help you.


Don’t take this short reply discouragingly. It’s that your reply covers many ground with a clear guidance and conviction :100: that I have no questions left :+1:thank you.

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Thanks Raphael.

Yea no I am not gonna make a purchase until the zp version is out since some of my choice are Ultima without the ultrasonic. You’re one of the testers so yes I take your words and will wait for Picard eagerly :grin:


Get used to it. He’s quite thorough. :wink: