A Journey of Self Love (DR st2-EOG st1)

After my short yet very powerful adventure with Limitless and Minds Eye, I came to the conclusion that I need to let go of lots of emotional weight I carry in my body in form of tension and pain, I need to let go of old trauma and bring balance and wellbeing to my body and mind.

Achieving deeper levels of healing is what Im focusing on right now… everything else seems so unimportant.

I will be doing Dragon Reborn as a main title, stage 1 will be complemented with Paragon for extra focus in the body and LBfH Experimental because its AWESOME and Self Love is always a great healing tool, a balm for the soul.

Whether or not I will do all stages, how many cycles per stage, how many listening days per cycle, how many minutes per listening… its all gonna be handled intuitively according to what I feel its best for me.

I reserve the right to change titles at will for whatever reason I find important… At any given moment.

My one and only commitment is to be HONEST to my needs and REAL capabilities for achieving CHANGES.

EDIT: Since November 7th I changed my stack from DR st1-LBHX-Paragon to DR st2 and EOG st1.


It seems that LBFH is the king sub to stack with any healing. Makes it so much easier!

Good luck!

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1× Dragon Reborn st1
1× Paragon
1x LBfH Experimental


DR st1 (5 minutes)
Paragon (5 minutes)
LBfH (5 minutes)

I seem to be handling it very well, no signs of recon or overload, just flowing.

Yesterday I was very emotional and childlike in a way that was very conflictive, but I did some emotional healing excercises and achieve deep healing. I can feel the difference Minds Eye gave me for visualizing old memories and transforming them.
Yesterday after Paragon I became sedated, like I took some pills or something… very relaxed.


I feel the same way about it…
Thank you!

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I was very cranky and unmotivated when I woke up this morning and I listened to my stack shortly afterwards… didnt feel anything change while listening. I had to get out of bed pretty early to help my girlfriend with some stuff and I did unwillingly.
When I was at the shower every drop of water turned into pleasure when they reached my skin and my mood changed a lot, later while we were on the car I was feeling really good on the surface of my body… it was a bodily sensation, but emotionally I was very angry. It felt very odd to be that relaxed and feeling good on my body while at the same time I was experiencing lots of anger inside.

I did some emotional release exercises when I came back home, then I began feeling very calm inside.
LBfH is very good for soothing the emtional healing process that Dragon opens up, Paragon Im yet to feel any changes from it beyond physical relaxation, but of course I know it takes more time.
Im feeling pretty hungry since yesterday though.


I have this effect with paragon too. I have no idea why, but whenever I’ve heard paragon, I’ve always been hungry.


Lots of processing, physical healing, etc. Energy intensive. Make sure to eat nutritious food.


Yeah Ive noticed that happening to me too in the past. Yesterday I was craving sugars, today just about anything… :rofl:


I have a healthy diet, but somehow I feel it will change.


Yesterday a really interesting thing happened… I had 2 fights with my girfriend, mainly because we both were feeling emotional turmoil and happened to be around eachother.

The thing is after the 1st fight I went to bed to relax and do some emotional healing and just at the exact moment I transmuted the feelings she came to me and kissed me and ask me for not to fight anymore… she was in a very good mood.

The 2nd time the exact same thing happened…


Eat fruit sugar and you’re good.

I eat a lot of fish fruit and vegetables :grin::grin: super powerful. Honey and dates are excellent replacements for sugar cravings.


I almost never eat sugar, only fruits. Dates are amazing they taste like a caramel bar… I wonder how delicious a dark chocolate covered date would be… Im gonna buy some dark chocolate.
The thing is yesterday I was specifically craving white sugar, that almost never happens and I indulge in it, did the same today. Every once in a while wont kill me :rofl:


I dont feel like listening today… I have to get out to do some errands and I will check how the world feels like.
Then Im gonna buy me some shoes as a birthday present… its coming this wednesday. Maybe Im gonna buy me some Quantum Limitless too, but I will check in that one later… I have a very full plate for now.


1× LBfH Exp

Im feeling real good… I mean as good as if I had some morphine or something.
Full body relaxation, big smile on my face and everything seems silly and funny…

I just added this one to my girlfriend stack with Ascension for Woman, she was using the non experimental version. Lets see how it works for her.


This is weird… I keep having images of some sort of energy worms going out of my eyes.

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Glad to hear it! You’re still at it Joa23!

If I were having those images I’d probably want to know if I could utilize it for a purpose in some way. Like how can I control it or direct it? What is the purpose? :smiley:

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The images stopped and I have less tension in the eyes now. Those are interesting question, if it happens again I might ask them… but at this time I was focusing on something else that required my attention.

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Oh yea. Some sort of healing it would seem. One thing I like to do if my mind remembers something or gives me a reminder or great idea/solution I always make sure to thank it. :smiley:

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Since you asked I began focusing in my eyes… Now what comes out of them are these white rays, like a flashlight.

Purpose: Spiritual/Emotional cleansing. “What I once saw through pain, now I see through Love”.


1x Dragon Reborn st1
1x Paragon (9 minutes)
1x LBfH Exp (4:30 minutes)

So far… So good… but I feel Im reaching my limit so I might rest tomorrow or maybe a couple of days.