30 subliminal for 90 days


Hello everyone again after some time.
I was using Khan, Stark, Alchemist and other stack subliminals, 30+ of them 24/7 for 90 days.
I’ve been crazy and went into Psychosis.
Said my family are poisoning me and …
Don’t know if it was the Subliminals or what…
Certainly the experience was crazy.


really?you again ?you need help ?


Thought I was gonna have to be the one to remind everyone about this guy again :joy:


I don’t know what the heck I just read :joy: what’s going on…


Well done.
Great progress mate.

Are you using ultrasonic or masked?


I’m outta context here


Paging @SaintSovereign and @Fire


Please read the support articles here:

No one wants you to go into psychosis.

Please read the recommendations, and start with those listening habits with subliminals.


You may as well call this “How to Get Schizophrenia in Less than 24 Hours for Dummies”!


Remember, cordial.


Lol,im dead tired after 3 subs at 1 loop.30 subs 24/7 would probably melt down my brain(T-T)


Kindly join our discussion in here:

and tell us your story :heart_eyes:


Don’t worry about him RV. Look up his post history. Prabhat’s experiments are legendary. :exploding_head:

I think he likes it this way. Very unique style though. :star_struck:


What else do you suspect could do this? :thinking:


and you said you ruled at stacking :joy::joy::rofl:

this is a new approach past the kitchensink -it’s called thewholeapartmentcomplexandblockinthesink
use it only for regressing your life when gains are too strong.


If this is true it might be a sad story. If it is not true, it is still sad.

Best to you