How do you feel when reconciliation hits you?

It would be funny and a bit educating if we put our experiences with reconciliation in the form of gifs and described it briskly in here.

I’ve got reconciliation twice and it was like being detached from what was happening around me plus I felt spineless if it comes to interactions with people. I felt more or less like this:

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For me its been mostly showing up in sleep and meditation. in the absence of daily stimulation and wakefulness I get a good, sometimes alarming view of the content playing behind the scenes. Im seriously contemplating giving up subs for good now. Even since reverting back to the old original strength subs at just one loop my sleep is mostly half awake hallucinations.


My recon is usually mild, some irritation, sleepyness, groggy, tired etc.

A week or so ago, I had the most intense recon I’ve encountered. Brain fog, more scattered thoughts than usual, irritation, anger, overthinking, feeling like the world was against me, all is lost, what’s the point… etc. Asinine thoughts like that.

The funny thing is I know I’m under recon, and the only thing I could do was continue with my subs and watch as Rome burns while playing a fiddle.

I knew I had to tough it out. Remember when I was reflecting about Dante’s inferno in my journal? That’s around the time.

I have some traumas deep inside my psyche, and I understand pulling these out would be akin to the comfort and luxury of a root canal.

I was ready. Punched in the gut but was ready.


For me symptoms of reconciliation are:

  • Irritatability
  • Quick temper
  • Wanting to change my stack
  • Depression
  • Sleepiness
  • Wanting to make a custom lol
  • Impatience
  • Shiny object syndrome
  • Wasting time watching YouTube videos

Anger, irritable, depressive thoughts and tendencies. Oh, and some mania.

Edit: Feeling of intense boredom. Desire to shutdown. Loss of appetite. Sometimes I would like to call family and purge all my thoughts and emotions onto them - take it out on the world, but I always feel like that would be immature and easy. I would also begin seeing the world from the other spectrum, as if I switch goggles. In essence, I could summarize it by my syndromes all come out to surface.

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Sadness, a heavy feeling in my head, bored of doing anything. Wanting to choose a competitor sub because i feel nothing is working, changing subs.


your starfish and avatar colors match !!

This is my typical recon


Do you mean the cups or the Hat Man? :sunglasses:


for sure both

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Then you’re lucky indeed since some people suffer from it this way:


Stress and anxiety, tiredness, spacyness, and irritability. I usually get a disconnected from reality feeling when I first start a sub, but that’s not really a bad thing. The good news is after reconciliation builds up for a few days, I usually have an Epiphany about what was wrong and it clears. Then I’ll feel great for a while and notice an increase in execution.


I guess time for you has stopped, just like at the tea party in Alice in Wonderland, where the time ia always 6 o’clock.

Or you must be experiencing the effects of Khronos.

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I had been low in spirits before running subliminals and continue to be low in spirits while running subliminals with some bursts of optimism 6 seconds a day on average.

So I guess reconciliation is my default state.


Funny I posted this about time loops after making a reference to Alice’s Tea Party.

What do you mean by low in spirits? actually feeling disempowering emotions like shame?
If you ever watch videos of Eckhart Tolle, he’s calm almost to the point of appearing bored or lethargic.
But its just because hes so in the moment and present, and its almost as if being in any other circumstance would not be any more appealing than where he is.
I bring this up because ive been in situations where ive had little emotional charge for a situation either way but i still interacted, and its been perceived as being a downer pr not enthusiastic enough.
maybe theres more to it that we havent evolved enough to relate with.

More like feeling hopeless and trapped. Or perhaps I have been suffering this from this.

The funny thing is i never ever suffered reconciliation on the terminus versions of Stark. Why do you think that is ?

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maybe your already a close embodiment of the stark script, if reconciliation is determined by the difference of the script and your content. It would be interesting if the makers chimed in on this, have they already?

Constantly questioning myself and what in the fuck I am doing this for. Being irritable and bored out of my mind at least more than usual. Feeling overly sensitive and getting unnecessarily judgmental over shit that has nothing to do with me. Thinking that adding another audio to Dragon Reborn is a good idea.