Zero to hero, which subliminal to use?


Hi, seen a lot of hype about Q sublininals. I was originally going to be very dedicated to subs but I just wasn’t in the right mind frame. Wasn’t willing to take action I was just really hoping subliminals could help me get on my feet so I could take action. So what I tried did nothing for me.

But I’ve reached a point where I am willing to take action and have been, but have also been plateauing. Like some sort of gravity keeps sucking my back into my less than resourceful ways of being.

I’ve been looking around and it seems either Emperor Q or Stark Q would fit me but I’m really really unsure since they seem so similar.

So was hoping I could list my goals and get some reccomendations :slightly_smiling_face:

  1. First is just insane levels of productivity. I want to wake up on time, crush my morning ritual (which is nearly impossible for me right now), follow the schedules and plans I make, cross off all my to do and habits for the day… really embody that ideal of excellence. Relentless, irresistible drive and resolve to really engage in champion behaviours. Above all else this is my MAIN priority as I feel all other goals would just fall into place with this.

  2. Business. I want to start a business but I don’t really know what to do here. Everyone wants a business these days thanks to internet marketing lol and I was doing some things prior to covid 19 problems but those efforts got tanked. Luckily it showed me they weren’t very stable in harsh times or it’s just too hard for a beginner to keep afloat. But I really want to do something I love and make at least 6 figures. Even if that just ends up being something like freelancing, as.long as I love it and it gives me financial freedom we’re good

  3. Social And dating success. I wouldn’t consider this very important to me but important to a degree. I’m not really interested in being mega popular but if the business I go into requires direct sales or something I’d like to be effective. I also would like to update my social and dating life as they’ve been flatlining but this is definitely definitely not a priority right now. I just want to get myself and my priorities in order (habits, finances, important basic needs stuff) as relentlessly and focused as possible. As I understand both emperor and stark have social scripting but I’m not too sure the difference. Emperor seems more of that cool, introverted type of social charisma while stark is more extroverted and flashy?

Also if possible can character examples be given for both emperor and stark? I’m having a very hard time visualizing what an Emperor would look like compared to a stark. Of course Tony Stark is the most obvious but when I originally read Emperor’s description I assumed something like Tony Starks lifestyle (if desired by the one listening) would manifest. So some examples would be awesome !



go for EmperorQ


Welcome. I would personally recommend StarkQ but inorder to make a more informed decision, I would recommend the following link which is a discussion of EmperorQ vs StarkQ.


I too wish there was a figurehead that could be an easy example of an EmperorQ but the closest I can get is Bruce Wayne.


I think this is pretty straight-forward: StarkQ


I think it should be Emperor Q my personal opinion. StarkQ can be fun initially with all the attention,charisma and success I am not saying its bad, I can be wrong too. Imagine being the emperor completely in the long run, its a slow and long process and put your trust in it. Go read the sales copy of Emperor and imagine running it for next 5 years religiously and don’t fall for shiny object syndrome of new subliminals no matter how tempting it might be :smirk: (i know its tough).

At the end choose based on your personality and goal what you desire. Welcome @Rising_Sun by the way.


If we don’t limit ourselves to the two choices you’ve assumed, @Rising_Sun, the ideal sub for what you’ve described would be Ascended Mogul.

If you must select from EQ or SQ, the choice is Emperor, but it is way overkill for your mindset/financial requirements and potentially hurtful to your social intentions.

Stark does not fit your goals. It’s priority and process are inverse of what you’re asking.



How so?

  1. “First is just insane levels of productivity.” From all subs, I was running (Khan, Emperor, QL) Stark gave me the best productivity from all. I completely lost the desire to watch stupid YT videos or waste my time any other way. I wake up and work.

  2. Either Emperor or Stark will be great for Business

  3. Again StarkQ shines here. As you said yourself:


Hey, shoot a dm on my instagram kebiuk, i’m a influencer I might be able to help you with the whole social and dating dynamic.

Sincerely, Kevin