Your preferred strength for custom?

Hello fellow Ultima testers. As we have got our code for 10 custom modules.So I was wondering what will be your preferred strength level for creating your custom?

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I’m not an ultima tester…
How long have you been running subliminal?

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@pacman For about a year I’ve been running emperor and I have also used subliminals in past.

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You used Q I’m sure

@pacman I have used Q.

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I will not be playing with Terminus any time soon.


Q seems user friendly…you can increase decrease…

I would recommend against T² unless you have specific reasons, although a 10-module targeted sub may be just the thing for it.

Assuming you have the discipline to restrict yourself from over-indulgence, go for Q or Terminus and start slow. Also consider if you will be stacking it, there’s a big difference between being able to listen to one Terminus 10-module sub a day and listening to it plus one or more Q-subs in a stack each day.

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@darkphilosopher I am planning to go with terminus. Initially for 1 month I will not stack it with anything.

Have you used anything T2 related?

Q all the way. Run it for 4-6 months, then upgrade to Terminus and run it for another 4-6 months.

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So far only Mind’s Eye and although it works for me I did not compare it to the Q version.

But I did have many talks with Saint on the topic, and so far there’s no common thread. For some people it is effective, for other it is not, but we can’t look at you and determine in which category you fall.

Then there is the strange reports some people have/had about possible psychic experiences.

Personally I think it helps if you go through the progression of Q -> T -> T². To me T² is like a formula 1 car taking off while on an oil spill. The car doesn’t go anywhere but whomever is standing behind it will need a long shower.

But if you progress through Q and T, you can build up the grip on the road before you take off, because your mind has been properly “groomed” first. So the T² tires have good grip on the mental asphalt.

In the end, we know that T² is more than the sum of its parts. It is its own catalyst. But as Saint likes to say, we are not even sure how it does what the heck it does.

So, the way I see it Q or T is a sure bet, T² is fun to experiment with if you have the extra cash lying around.

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Buy Mind’s Eye and test T² for $35 instead of $175 with a custom, that way you’ll know if it works for you without wasting too much cash. And with Mind’s Eye it’s easy to tell if it works, since you can literally see any improvement.

T² works for me, but the effect is strange to be sure.

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In my opinion everyone should start at Q strength and build from there, at least this is what I will do.

If you will run your Custom solo and it is not that dense and want to spare the extra money you can also get Terminus.

Yes, and Yes, good advice.

If I’ve run Emperor for several months on Q -since it came out
and gone up to 8 loops with little to zero reconciliation
could I go to a Terminus in a custom Emperor?
or would the name embedding make it so I should
run Q-name embedded first for several month before jumping to T?
I know there is no science of this but your thoughts would be appreciated,
So essentially, in line with the progression chart, does name embedding factor in?

My best guess is that name-embedding makes it a bit easier to move up, so my answer would be yes, you can go to custom T. No need for the extra step.

But honestly, I can’t really answer this with certainty.

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I think one can go straight to custom with power level T given that exposure is first carefully introduced. Note that there’s also Sanguine Ultima now to help with excess reconciliation.

Strange how exactly?