Your Personality Type


Has anyone done the personality test ? did one just now and it turns out I am a ISFP


ENTP here :v:


Know wonder we do not get along ahahahha :rofl:


But I still like you friend :wink:

And it makes me sad that you don’t talk to me anymore :open_mouth:


Hoping for the best for Blackie and Whitie.


If you two are duals, you’re two sides of the same coin. Partners in crime complement each other, but have have the ability to be the worst enemies, the dark side of the psychological complementary kompromat.


If you two are duals, you’re two sides of the same coin.


INFJ here. Although I wonder whether the subs change our personality.


I am an INTP. Have taken multiple tests with different testing protocols and have always ended up as INTP.


Ohhh! My intraverted counterpart :heart:


INFP gang represent


INTP twice tested


@blackadder nice! ESFP here buddy


Reluctant ISFP here…


INTJ here. Twice tested


INFP … Once tested though


Esfp? all the esfp I know are sexy as fuck hahha (not gay🙃)


Awesome! Best friend mine is isfp, awesome openhearted people


You guys make being a nerd cool, secretly admire this type



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