Your outrageous Emperor success stories


I’m going to start running again my favorite sub : Emperor. I took a few months off. Now I’m going to focus solely on that one for the entire 2021.
Can you guys share your success stories on Emperor?


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Do read @Yardbird’s recently added success story. He ran just Emperor and his results are beyond outrageous:


Thanks @raphael. That’s the type of story I was looking for. And that’s exactly the type of results I’m looking for in 2021.
Keep the stories coming guys!!!

@SaintSovereign + @Fire : Any good testimonials that you know of and that never made it to the forums?




This is a long answer.
I’ll get to it :slight_smile:


@Hoppa, @Azriel : I’d still love to read your Emperor success stories. :grinning:


Mine isn’t purely about Emperor.

I stumbled on SubliminalClub some time in 2018. I tried different subs, didn’t see any results at all.
I’m not sensitive to these subs. I don’t feel them.

Then EoG came out. I just decided to run through the whole program, even if I don’t feel them. Just decided to assume it works. I got on EmperorQ experimental when it came out, kept running it till summer I think. Then after a short break a few months till Dragon Reborn came out

Pretty soon after starting EoG, I manifested a mentor. He has worked in 9-10 figure businesses, around the world, answering directly to the CEO. He had returned to my city because he wanted to be closer to his family. He’s nearing his retirement age, and has plenty of savings from the years he was abroad. Doesn’t really need to work. But he was looking for something interesting to do, in a business where he can work directly with the owners.

Now he’s working for me. For pennies, basically. When we first met he told me that I could never afford to hire him with money only. And I agree, he’s used to earning high five figures monthly.

Together with him we started systemizing the business on all fronts. Marketing, production, customer service, everything. That was now about one and half years ago. Sales at that point were about 35k/month and we were struggling to get that much out of the machines.

Of course, we didn’t have money to hire anyone else to drive the machines. So it was my dad and one other person. My sister is the CEO (I’m the majority share holder, as it was me who got the marketing started and took all the risk with loans etc.). On the packing and sending side it was my mom and one extra person. So with my family and the 2 extra people it was 6 total.

Some time in February I started to feel tired, stressed, pissed off. I realised that marketing had turned into a JOB for me. 2 weeks later I manifested 2 people who I hired on the spot. A month later we had jumped to 100k/ month sales. No more pressure for me to write ads. Stress gone, results up.

Now during the Covid I hired more people, now total of 15 me and my family included. Out of the same machines that we were struggling to produce 35k/ month, we can now get around 125k. With the current machines a full business year would amount to 1,5 million €.

Just today got the news about funding, we are ordering new machines this month. With these, we can get to approximately 2 million during the next business year.

But what is even more important, once we get them running properly we will be able to buy new machines on our own without loans. Plan is to order a new set of machines again this calendar year. Current goal is 4,5 million/ year inside 2 years. At that point the growth will be limited by space for the machines, so need to move the factory.

The key to this? The subliminals removed my blocks. I still procrastinate like crazy. But doesn’t really matter, I have the right people working for me.

I used to be a perfectionist. After I got rid of that with the help of the subs, I’m now following 80/20 principle. Good enough gets you the results.

The other key point is that as a business, it is how you operate it. If you do stuff that helped you to get to 250k/ year, you will stay as a 250k business. If you want to grow, you need to do the stuff that bigger businesses do.

To get to 1 million/ year, concentrate on sales. Learn how to sell your products. Then it’s more about processes, so you can serve the huge amount of new customers. We are now in process of preparing for 10 million/ year. Just because ;).

As for the subs, pick one/ a stack and stay with it. Don’t jump around. Sometimes slow allows you to go fast as hell in short future.

Edit: Might remove this at some point, don’t feel like it came out right and not sure if I want to be this open about my results.

Emperor Q+House of Medici - [Stacked]

You inspire me!

Well Done

Which sub did you stay the longest on?


Emperor. Just put it back yesterday. Now I’m running DR2 and EmperorQ Experimental. Waiting to buy name embedded Emperor when it comes out.


This thread can be called : Subclub Success Stories
This will allow anyone to post and not ristrict them to only emperor.


Will love to hear more of your results in the future.
Keep it up!


Did you all read what @OldChap posted?


This is amazing @Hoppa. Feel free to remove it anytime. I was looking for inspirational stories and you gave me one. It makes me really want to sticks to Emperor for the whole year and take massive action.


Yes I did.
I’m really going to stick to Emperor Q and have a great year.