Your airplane has just gone down

You’re on an airplane, and you have to bail out. You can only take one sub to use for the next 10 years. Which sub would you use? And this is no ordinary desert Island. Think Jumanji.

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This is such low hanging fruit, but I’m gonna do it


But to answer your question. Probably Aegis Survival Instinct. I’ve seen enough stranded island movie to know things go from 0 - 100 real fast. Being able to survive that would probably be a good thing to have on my brain 24/7


survival instinct DUHHHHH

I wonder if it were between Khan emperor and Stark, and I couldn’t choose anything else…I’d go for Khan

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Hmm… Quantum Limitless and build a space craft from coconut shells and fish bones, or something.


Alchemist and slip into another body :slight_smile:

Will the subs catalogue on your phone/drive all be deleted save one? And hey, how the heck are we supposed to charge? They better be dropping solar charging panels from the plane… Which one could salvage along the plane and the dead bodies


If it’s the island from Lost, I’ll take Alchemist…

The Island of Dr. Moreau? Survival Instinct

Gilligan’s Island? Quantum Limitless (edit: or Wayfinder… though I might still need QL to figure out how to build a seaworthy boat to escape lol)

Fantasy Island? Libertine or Diamond :rofl:


Survival Instinct, you made this one too easy


For Jumanji, I’ll take Spartan – to be absolutely inexhaustible and unrelenting.

But if your question was about which is the all-purpose swiss army knife in the SC store, it’s Emperor.



If I could purchase only one subclub product ever, it would be WANTED.


Is customs cheating?

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You’re gonna turn into Tarzan on that island with Wanted. All the time, building, scavenging, climbing, diving, sheesh.


Not to mention swinging between trees and banging Jane.


Everything goes!

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Then I would go

  • Survival instinct Q Core
  • Spartan Core
  • Inner Circle Q Core
  • Deus
  • Epigenetic & DNA
  • Omnidimensional
  • Asclepius
  • Blink
  • Thunder
  • A/SPS: Organs
  • Solitude
  • Virtue Series: Hope
  • The Wonder
  • Steadfast
  • The Forge
  • Machine: Action
  • Machine: Rest
  • Deep Sleep
  • Productivity Unleashed
  • Mosiac

Hmmm… what to call that one?

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Jane is thicc


YES! Give me them hourglass curves any day. Yum!

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