You know what's scary?


I have witnessed that these subliminals indeed work and causes changes in your psyche.

Then organizations like CIA also surely know and use subliminals?

Since subclub’s subs are very gentle… I wonder what would happen if say… they were to change it from gentle challenging to straight up forcing new beliefs on you.

I wonder if you can get brainwashed through intense subs


How could we create a legitimate business if we were engaging in practices like this? SubClub isn’t a hobby for us, it’s our futures and it’s our legacy. Not to mention, we’ve spent thousands of dollars developing Q so people could create their own subliminals. Why risk all of that to “force” beliefs on to people?


Oh no no. I wasn’t accusing you guys of anything. I was actually praising your products.

Since your stuff is the real thing, I’m curious as to what profound effects it would have if you guys created subs in that… more ‘forceful’ line - Which brings me to my original point… what if organizations like CIA already have their hands on stuff like this?


Actually @YoungStallion, the CIA and military do have it already. They used ultrasonic subliminals in one of the 80’s or 90’s middle east wars to persuade the enemy to surrender, and they did. I’ve not read of such things in many years, but I was very concerned years back since ultrasonic frequencies are so undetected.

It’s good to find producers who understand the possible consequences of such power, and still respect it.


That’s very interesting, where have you read this?


I googled it years back. It’s been 5 years, at least. Tons of info sites exist