Yazooneh GOAT: Baaad man (Muay Thai mastery/LotS/Sparta/Mind’s Eye) QTKS


This is a continuation of my journaling life. I received my custom but am still on washout.

1- Muay Thai mastery
2- Spartan apex fitness
3- Legacy of the Spartan
4- Mind’s eye
5- ever present
6- Heracles
7- subconscious flow
8- lifeblood fable
9- gloryseeker
10- Extreme exercise motivation
11- iq and cognitive booster
12- Entranced
13- Mastermind
14- inner voice
15- inner gasoline
16- faith unyielding
17- Omnidimensional
18- Yggdrasil
19- immortal’s courage
20- Fearsome

Stay tuned.


Wow that’s an awesome looking custom


Yes. And especially because you’ve already developed so much with a lot of these modules in your ZP custom.

I think you’re pretty ideal to showcase what QTKS can do.

Part of what QTKS is about is: people who have taken their customs to a deep level and who want to take them even farther.

This is going to be really good.



That’s incredible. Your gonna go far with that :100:


I have been moving a lot and going through a strong identity breakthrough, in which I’ve been tested a lot.

I often wake up with absolute rage and disdain, fear and loneliness but I seem to understand that this is because I am becoming a better version of myself.

Today, after 4 days of washout, I decided to just run my custom for 3 minutes.

First thing that hit me was weird sensations all over my body, I also seem to want a need for a complete freedom. I am giving too much of my mental energy to things that don’t serve me, things that hurt me, things that don’t even understand me, I can see why I attach to these things and definitely, it is because of bad programming from my childhood.

Things change now, my life and my being is back to my own property. I don’t need to impress anyone and nobody needs to impress me.


This is amazing, I feel great, I feel great about my ability to manifest whatever it is I want to

Muay Thai manifestations have begun. I have been at a local YMCA for over a month torturing myself on the daily and doing my workouts, I improved greatly

Today I went to a new Muay Thai gym, and was led to another gym which, apparently, can get me fights. All in, we win.

Also I got advice from my ex room mate that I apply for unemployment, which could be 450 a week up to a maximum of 10,000

Why not, right?

All for the greater goal.

Spiritually I feel so solid, I feel as if I have evolved greatly every night over the last 3 weeks, and still going.

Spiritual growth is the only thing that matters.


Yeah this is magical; it’s only one day and I feel internal and surgical changes that would take weeks and recon and a final inspired action. Now, it’s just instant. Also the modules are a lot more clear in how they’d benefit me. And faith unyielding is really shining to a degree when I slept last night I had a very sore throat (I think this is QTkS legacy fixing my lungs, since this same movie happened when I ran last custom) I kept waking up middle of my sleep many times just to feel wordless faith in my plans. It was awesome. Today I seem to just go from one surgical subconscious change in how I view my being after another, not a second is wasted.

This stuff is good, I’ll continue to test and see what comes up. So far it’s seeming to deliver just what the doctor ordered.


Muay Thai results wise. I have been doing a daily routine of going to the gym first thing in the morning. This has been going on since I left my last Muay Thai gym. It began with things like 15 minutes of shadow boxing flow after an hour or so of mobility and conditioning. The 15 minutes were virtually impossible. Imagine that…. Guy with this many pro fights, and a consecutive 9 month stint with a local
Gym where I attended more than even the resident pro fighters.

I took the strong reassurance of my destiny and I went with it.

I took every single day in the gym seriously, really dragging myself to the workouts despite sometimes wanting to cry. And the shadow boxing sessions reached a point where I had conditioned the required tiny muscles of my body needed to shadowbox as if it is a real fight, for one hour. Now no it’s not super hard the entire time, but the fact I am able to do it for this long is a weapon in my arsenal. Because even though I had gone so many consecutive days that my body and stance has been mastered, due to having to maintain my flow, even after 7-8 consecutive training days. And through this flow, I’ve discovered the most efficient ways to move, for me.

And then after this shadow boxing for an hour, I hit the bag for 30 minutes, each hit sounding like a shotgun.

Impressive, seeing as I am dead mentally and physically by the end of my two hour conditioning and one hour shadow boxing( that it later became as I got used to the gym, and the challenge, and mastering my mental state). I literally smash the bag with such a power, it shocks me. I think my shadowboxing for so long has allowed me to master the technique, and thus learn how to throw it hardest and most efficient.

Since I am doing this every day; I’d like to add a new technique that’s different from the standard eight limbs and their strikes, and spice it up with a combo of sorts or a wild card, the key is to find things I enjoy doing and can add to my flow and have a good place there. For instance, one technique I began two weeks ago as I got more comfortable shadow boxing and also, focused, whereas before I was tired and bored very quick from it, is: I can experiment

I began experimenting with a lead hand Superman jab into low kick, I wasn’t good with it.

But I have done it so much in these two weeks that I am proficient with it and can definitely use it in a fight to surprise my opponent.

Yes, I am beginning to enjoy the pain and challenge and love I feel during my shadow boxing. I have to do it daily and I feel as if I can take on the world.


Where do I even begin? If I continue with this self belief and faith, everything is possible.

Today, I’ve had the unwavering confidence of a man that Knows truly the secret of life, and it was so solid that I am astonished.

My head hurts, this is probably the backload of my terminus custom pre washout

I am scripting, a lot!!! I am beginning to really value dictating my fate with enthusiasm

Shifting is insane, six pack is shining through even though I eat a lot

ate a lot more today

SheD A LOT OF shit, I feel as if I was going from one bad programming to another, unticking them from my life, through blind faith that I’m the opposite, and that I am happy with that opposite. The most astounding part is that this unticking process usually takes a while on ex stacks and customs;
Like a whole trial, now just seems like I can fix it though verbally and internally saying

“I don’t like this
I am not this
I am something else

visualize something else
pure belief I changed my reality

All day guys it’s amazing

I also sat down and really been writing my heart out with my scripts, really really leaving nothing to chance, this is “complementation” to all the small mind tweaking.

On top of this; can’t explain now since it’s too early

But tons of uncanny and unexpected things happening! Manifestations are steroided

How do I explain? People here keep wanting numbers like this is 10 times stronger that a custom but this is way deeper that no number can describe it

Things are just clicking at lightning speeds and at astonishing perfectness, it feels like formerly you manifested things now and then to help your journey, you awaited these manifestations and when you’re ready, you take action

On these customs it feels as if you’re thrust into the middle of a manifestation factory and your entire life path is altered

Ever since I ran this about 36 hours ago, things happened that I never thought could happen. Meeting my ex room mate within hours of running it. Being calm and regal with him, meeting today my old business partner where we made tons of money selling in a popular park….

“Situations” happening to me and me getting the clear signal of what the “lesson” is. When formerly every lesson came for weeks and would take a lot of blood.

Surgical things happening, me being able to distance myself from the women of my life (including my own inner feminine) as to develop a better sense of what’s happening in my reality. And the way I was able to do it that bypassed blood, and torment, and possible misunderstandings.

Understanding INSTANTLY after running the loop the different measures of the people of my life and how I am to treat each differently based on their potential and character and strengths.

Actually sitting down to visualize. I used to do this before sleeping but today for the first time I actually dropped everything (even after an entire day of faithfully “redoing” my entire personality with internal scripts) and spending my night just visualizing how I am going forth the next month.

3 minute loop, that’s it.


I know that the god of men wants men to worship him.

And the god of warriors wants warriors to challenge him.


What can I say. I feel amazing. My faith is unyielding for sure…. No joke on that module. Every situation seems like a “test”. And I have defaulted to believing only the things I want, over and over and over and over without fail. I can see how faith plays a huge role in fighting sports:

In moments of deep fatigue or pain, the mind asks you “do I give up?” And you truly have to believe you’re fine and you’re going to win. Any flinch in faith can and will manifest in the fight and what comes after. This is why the best and undefeated fighters all have a close faith to god. Almost like he’s attentively watching our movie , giving us infinite attention to detail and masterfully guiding us through. But the highest of highs has said your wish is his command so just enjoy it.

I love fighting, my shadowboxing rounds in the gym really allow me to feel the deep tiredness from my conditioning.

It’s always unpleasant

I am fighting off, even at a very chill and flow like pace consisting of punches, and kicks, at the very least, boredom. Boredom due to fatigue and having to focus so hard on the shadowboxing

During these 45 minute to one hour sessions, I really dive deep into how I’d do things in a fight, under the same stressful simulations, fatigue and mental strain.

Yet, I know this and that’s why I go so hard for these rounds, really taking my feet around the floors and creating angles, pivoting, using great boxing and great kicks, what I have as a secret weapon is my spinning back kicks, they’re deadly, and I can throw them when super tired, meaning that if I catch small openings mid body (that Muay thai fighters do all the time, and mma fighters too) I can definitely surprise people.

What’s really special about me is that I have both stances, I do them both masterfully, having a clear balance for my target infront of me between my legs as to always kick easily, I can throw in a quick spinning back kick to the body later rounds as their guard starts to have holes.

My hands are godlike, I could honesty become a pro boxer too. My flow is absolutely out of this world, my knees and kicks come outta nowhere and with insane speed.

With my 8 hour a week conditioning session. I do mobility work, and I’ve opened up my hips and strengthened my hip flexors insanely, while also fixing my shoulder health with shoulder mobility routines and long periods of time in the gym rolling my back on a foam roller (30 minutes before I do anything)

And finally, my bag rounds come at the end, they’re great because coming after the fatigue of so much shadow boxing, my body is really tired, and this is when I want to be throwing hard shots as to stay dangerous.

I’m able to really generate tons of power, through masterful technique, great speed, and killer intent.

I really really get those power hits out… I almost feel like I WANT to break myself

Since I talk such big game, can I keep hitting hard when I’m tired? If I believe so, then I have to consistently do it. I am a winner because I’ve seen most pros, just chilling and being fighters, I combat the downward pull of getting famous quickly by actually loving training, loving the true training, it’s ability to let me see god, it’s ability to strengthen me, it’s ability to give me the thing I do desire, to love what I am, a fighter. Today the idea of “training so hard that the fight is the easiest thing” made sense.

I love being paid to knock people out.


Alright so I’m feeling QTKS is another tier of subliminal

Completely normalized everything, literally feels like I’ve changed from the inside out overnight, everything is more organic and there’s less push and pull in my state.

Manifestations have come flying in quick

It honestly feels as if I finally flipped a switch on something real here.

It’s so subtle, too, which is why I know this is the real deal.


Alright so I’m adding Khan black to my stack because why not, I am already highly leaning towards that direction, consciously.

I have inner gasoline too, and I seem to already fulfill that type of mindset

I want to get on the khan black train now.

As for the custom; it’s working like nothing else out there; things just fall into place pretty organically

I just begun and the possibilities are actually endless.

I’m mostly journaling in my head so I’ll keep this journal for a space to speak huge results.

So far I have brought into my life a dream job of mine. Working in a popular park selling coconut and rum, I get 50% commission and I’m surrounded by stoned people who are all too happy to see me. This has been a job I did before; when I first got to America. And recently have manifested due to remembering how free I used to be. Also it doesn’t hurt I get to make 500 dollars in one day looking good and just communicating with the good folks of this amazing city.


Okay khan black is no joke. Things have been very smooth and I feel like I got the answer to everything I ever wanted in this sub.

I’m a simple man, and healing sexually is healing completely.

As for the job I got, it feels as if manifestations are all over the place, I am patient, that dream job might not happen and it for sure won’t happen this weekend. I have been changing so fast I can’t keep up with it and even journaling is becoming harder

I work out every day still. Whether I want to or not. And most of the time I wanna leave before I even start yet I’ll finish an entire workout and won’t leave until I feel like I really pushed myself through a mental barrier I dread.

I guess I got a custom with spartan and Muay Thai mastery and this is what I’m receiving….

As for my body. I have never looked this good in my life

This goes beyond “my muscles are so awesome now” because my entire body has changed. I STILL do nothing but mobility work and stretches followed by long grueling shadow boxing rounds and bag rounds

The mobility work is grueling in its own way and is showing insane results, my body is just not the same. My posture is different, my insertions are menacing, I look not so buff but I look so capable it’s scary. When I hit the bag I make sure to do it in the very end, after all the shadow boxing which can go up to an hour of non stop flow where even my hands can’t raise up and yet

I am being progressively better at summoning unholy amounts of power even when fatigued

Yesterday was my biggest beak through yet, I felt absolutely gassed and tired and sore and tired yet I was still able to consistently conjure up shotgun hit after shotgun hit through my kicks and punches.

Money wise, and job wise, I’m so sure that things are stirring in the cosmos so I will continue to be patient as I’m sure huge things are coming my way for my ultimate goal

Being a fighter


Welcome to the Khan Black train!

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Alright so khan black really rules. My life seems like it has everything it needs in the form of genesis and khan black, my custom doing it’s thing with my workouts

Today’s workout was great. I once again broke many mental barriers. I am becoming more in tune with the intense boredom and fatigue during the shadowboxing rounds, adding a more concrete opponent there and able to push through more of the boredom into action (kicking the shadow opponent)
Also punching

Kneeing too and some elbows

During bag rounds. I have less of a “Jesus I’m dying in so exhausted” and more of a … calm mental state where I am noticing my breath and my balance and how tight my posture is as I throw strikes.

I’m also realizing that planning is a lot more important than saying “when the time comes I will go hard!”

Studying how I feel during exhaustion and how to generate power efficiently and effectively and Minimize unnecessary movement or faulty technique or too much off balance throwing (allowing my head to move too much) is key


Two homeless people who I said no to when they asked for some help (one of them was insanely rude with how he asked) got super angry at me for the no which I always say

This has to be a khan black result but I don’t know how


Sounds like you’re going through some major transformations, both physically and mentally. Keep embracing the changes and trusting that everything is falling into place. Exciting things are coming your way, my friend!

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QTKS has got me fucked up

This thing seems to be as monumental an upgrade as ZP was to Q, when we went from the era of having strong surface changes to actually embarking on an authentic life changing journey to find something.

This seems to hold the same degree of leap in results in terms of authenticity. Some results are shocking

1- All titles you run, are steroided to an identical power to QTKS customs: I am still flabbergasted at how deeply I was affected by Khan stage 1 which I only ran 3 minutes of so far. And an opening up to how my two loops of Genesis totaling 8 minutes is sinking deep under my skin.

2- manifestations fall into place in an increased precision and frequency and “realness” that it can only be described as “ personal to you” even compared to zp.

I can’t even begin to describe because it hasn’t even been a full cycle, but, every time I listen to my custom even at 3 minutes. Something happens…. Everything just shifts instantly and I’m literally the man I always wanted to be, more and more every single loop. I become so happy in the moment just being the tier of man I only flashed in my wildest dreams, it IS the very thing they used to claim subliminals not being, a magic pill. Even the “inspired action” aspect of QTKS is taken to the same leap above zp, in terms of how organic and effortless and enjoyable it feels.
Some results on zp felt like I had to be nudged and taken there, every single challenge on QTkS related to any of my non custom, major titles (Genesis and khan black stage 1) is taken and enjoyed to the fullest, I have not wavered one bit in the utmost belief in my ability to be the best fighter in history, knowing I’m the only person stopping myself, period.

In terms of self belief, QTKS is so much more personal and authentic and real.

Every night as I’m sleeping, even days after my QTKS loop after a total of 11 minutes over three loops, I cannot help but awaken slightly just to feel overwhelmed and possessed with one thought above all others

“Today, and every day, god runs through me, I have another day to live as god breaths through me” that I can only assume to my absolute joy and peace being told what to do…… by myself.

That the custom spread its over powered nature into my entire being, boosted my entire stack…

This is the real deal, any time you don’t get what you want, it becomes very difficult to blame subclub, due ti the same authenticity of the script coming in your voice.

There are traumas and fears in my way I spent a lifetime avoiding, since they appeared insurmountable, that I’ve gotten over in what seems like, an instant.

There’s no recon because by the time you discover an issue in your way, you’ve already gotten rid of it, you’re just celebrating.

I’ve also gotten my most shocking results in terms of sheer responses from females to my presence, in combination with being generally more open to talking to females or even feeling them out on a subconscious level, this result is so pronounced and prominent, compared to just 9 days ago when i valued my “space” that it feels as if I’d finished cycles upon cycles of khan black stage one healing, and taken action after action causing breakthrough after breakthrough

QTKS is so good that I spent days being skeptical about it, not wanting to sell people something that was a lie, perhaps I was exaggerating. But it seems to me that the subtlety of how well it works is a testament to how well it works.

I think you can definitely not lie on QTKS, and thus issues you formerly repressed will appear on your radar and by the time you notice them as problems you formerly hid from, you will have terminated their root.


Some results from modules that give instant external feedback

IE: Entranced and fearsome

Have such a Disney-esque organic-ness that it’s heartwarming just having them, deeply fulfilling, really really empowering in how good they are. Getting real tastes of reality like the manifestations on modules like those are; on their very own, worth thousands of dollars.

Honestly this makes me so happy I’m actually listening to my own voice. I love that it affects the entire stack as long as it’s there.

Good stuff,

But by far the best result is the fact that it’s opened a wormhole in reality

ZP titles give strong effects quick; these effects are noticeable organic; this is why we love them. After that, results normalize and the grind remains, we continue to forge forward towards a certain self development, but the overall program normalizes in how it feels. If it weren’t for journaling, we can easily lose count of how much ZP changes us over time.

With QTKS, it starts slow and subtle; and then grows with every single loop on overpowered absurdness, from last time.

Yes I’m serious.

Before the effects even normalize, you’re on the next league, experiencing an experience you didn’t expect just days previous.

My physical shifting is also overpowered. It’s gone but not only in intensity but also overall authenticity to who I am and what makes me deeply an attractive man. My posture and bones just returned to factory settings in days with the help of a regiment involving high intensity mobility and stretching work.

I’m super handsome, I’m super authentic and expressively intelligent. I’m a rider. It feels so real and the results are there, too. Women start conversations with me all the time. They sometimes situate themselves very close to me and I can verbally explain the game going on as they flash me any part of their body that’s uncovered (gym) and I’m okay with it, I don’t think I should celebrate all day with that info. What I do celebrate is being so good looking that they feel an animalistic drive to chase after me and dream about me long after I’m gone. And in other cases, talking to me, and in some cases, maybe getting a small kiss. Either way, I understand value and I am in control of myself enough to understand the true work Khan Black is doing for me, and I’m happy for it.

I really cannot believe this is so good, and that it only gets better.

I’m the same guy but I feel really really aligned with what I want in this world, I even began to meditate more and more, visualize more and more

The world has better color; my mind works better, every loop makes me more and more comfortable being the man I want to be; and it’s astonishing I’m getting such results so quickly and that they increase every loop. This makes me love life so much.

This is definitely the future, I think this’ll affect even the extreme hard gainer to get results like even the best here, I’ve even increased my faith in other people, having demolished so many limits so quickly over 9 days of listening, increasing in intensity, I believe others can also change to the best. It’s seeming more and more common sense how we are the driver of our results , regardless of what is promised by two men we never even met are making in audio files. It sure does feel like it is a miracle that they do these things, but I am in charge of my fate. And I am what I say I am.


I’m not journaling much due to how awesome life has been so far.

My body is infinitely more functional. My mind muscle connection has skyrocketed (in terms of how much intense focus I can handle) in an almost meditative manner. My workouts have become my meditation