Xavier Chronicles - Chapter 1: 100 Day Ascent

Okay… I’m done experimenting… I’ve found what works best for me.

If you wanted more details on how that experiment went check out Xavier Experiments

Anyways I’ll be documenting the astronomical rise and success of yours truly…

I chose the name Xavier chronicles… because quite frankly I notice I have been trying to “Emulate” fictional characters… not realizing that I should just seek to be the best possible version of myself instead

It’s absolutely ridiculous in hindsight how I’ve been trying to be someone I’m not… I’m not as serious as James Bond, I’m not as soft as Jay Gatsby, no matter how much I admire them.

I’m 1 of 1. There will never be another me. So I’ll just journey more into who I am.

Xavier Chronicles:

Chapter 1: After months of experiments, reading, cleansing the soul… a 5 month trek and exploration of learning… I’m ready for the quickest ascent in history. Next 100 days will determine my year and the trajectory of my life. Sink or Swim moment for me. I got everything I need now. The best laptop, My systems are there, My mentors are on standby, My employees are on standby. I just need to go.


  • No Girls
  • No Dopamine Fixes
  • No Clubs or Bars


  • Waking Up @ 4AM
  • Daily Prayer & Meditation
  • Daily Workout
  • Visionboard: Morning, Afternoon, Night

Now let’s get into the Stack


Billionaire, genius playboy

I chose it for Confidence, Vision, Creativity, Genius, and Clarity… This is the Sub that personally matches who I am and brings out my best natural qualities…

House of Medici

Their ability to understand the deep, hidden forces that drives societal changes and financial markets, then proceed to analyze, outplan and outpace their opposition is legendary… And now, it’s at your fingertips

This subliminal will forever be apart of my Stack… House of Medici is the ultimate Entrepreneur sub and I’ve found my ability to think strategically, financially and my ability to navigate socially is next level… I love it.

Emperor Black

Develop a sense of “invincibility,” purging all fears and replacing them with an incredible internal sense of power.

Now I chose Emperor Black Instead of the original Emperor simply because It’s shorter, and it focuses exclusively on what I need the most… Intense Focus and Discipline. This is the make or break traits I need to cultivate for myself If I want any success in life


Fast cars. Lavish houses. Record breaking businesses. Jetsetting to exotic, lush landscapes. Beautiful romantic partners. Complete and total financial independence. Sheer extravagance and opulence.

I don’t need to explain further than that. RICH contrary to EoG or Mogul, focuses your mind exclusively on developing confidence in your ability to generate income. Having no doubts in your mind that you will make money. Having faith and absolute trust in your position in the marketplace. I’m broke now but I will be RICH.

Anyways. That’s all. I will be updating this sub at the end of each day.


Day 1

I noticed a burst of focus and attention towards my routine. As soon as I finished playing the loop I felt this intense desire to finish my routine, this burst of focused energy I noticed my ability to focus was soo much easier

As I was finished my workout at the gym, I got this profound and intense rush of gratitude for being alive, like I not only live as a human, I live in the peak land of abundance and opportunity. I didn’t experience slavery, my parents are good to me, I have loving friends who are there for me. I’m really happy and I have immense gratitude for where I currently am at.

My main lesson today is to smell the roses on the journey, appreciate every moment I have and move throughout my day in gratitude and appreciation

When I last was running EmpB… I was angry… I didn’t quite practice gratitude and therefore it was intensely depressing…

Now my Fuel is Love and gratitude.


Day 2

I notice you can have all the drive and determination in the world… but if you don’t have the energy to balance it out… you will revert to bad habits

I notice when my energy is extremely low I tend to not have the drive to get work done so instead I have to read or sometimes its gets so bad I just throw off my entire work day

Also bad habits arise when you are low energetically… for me It’s consuming content on YouTube or scrolling through twitter or a funny video… I need to stop that

I’m trying to stay away from caffeine to fuel me as the crashes can be insane there must be a better way…

Anyways I’m going to try drinking more water, and creatine supplements to help out this… and I’m planning on adding ginseng in the afternoon…

I think my low energy can be attributed to me staying up late last night… In order to wake up at 4… I need to sleep at 9.

I’ll put my phone away and my laptop away to help with this.

Productivity: 2 Hrs
This is a new metric, essentially I use pomodoro timer to measure my work focus, so the 2 Hrs is uninterrupted work…

Tomorrow is a rest day so I guess that’s it for this week

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Day 3-4

Sunday and Monday felt like recharge days… Monday was a holiday so the gym was open way later than usual so I decided to just take the day off…

Girls, Girls, Girls… I do adore…
Lol I met this really hot girl the other night on Saturday… but I don’t know… I’ve had such a Rut these last few months with girls and dating… but surprisingly I was able to approach and since I don’t drink alcohol I thought it’d take some time to warm up… But it really didn’t. Was easily able to approach and relax.

But my lack of success and results lately has just caused me to give up on it entirely.

I’m so sick of having to qualify myself to girls and chase them. Even though I know I have much more to offer…

Also I’m sick of online dating in general, I prefer to meet girls in person… But my problem is the town im at is extremely difficult to meet girls during the day… You don’t really see girls at coffee shop and the hot ones usually work as waitresses…

Idk. Stark did it’s thang when talking to the girl and I got her number… But In terms of getting the date with her im not too sure… She hasn’t texted back so I guess I gotta move on.

Speaking about girls…

What I realized was that focus is incredibly difficult to achieve when you have multiple things that you’re prioritizing or want…

I found it much easier to focus after accepting that I won’t be with any girls in the next few months… I stopped really caring about whether she would text back because rn I just deleted the number so I can focus on what’s important now…

Building myself to be the man who girls chase after and pursue. I’m the prize dammit

Day 5

Just take action
Like wow… I think the sub is starting to do it’s thing because today I just felt like I wanted to take action so bad… Like I have this super strong urge to do stuff & learn.

Like I’ve been thinking of starting a TikTok agency and restarting my sales agency for the longest time… And I’ve finally now decided that I’ll start. I just contacted a friend to be my biz partner who actually does content, videography, branding for ecom brands. We’re linking up tomorrow to discuss more in depth…

But yeah I just got a few courses on TikTok and eCom affiliate downloaded so I’ll be starting to repurpose content hopefully this weekend so I could test different editing styles and to hopefully create viral TikTok accounts that we could leverage to help us land influencers…

Discipline is EARNED not Learned
Like I realize… YOU CANNOT BE TAUGHT DISCIPLINE. You have to practice it everyday. It’s a muscle that you train yourself to flex. I was realizing that I don’t need to read more books on discipline… I just had to practice everyday by taking continuous action…

Superhuman Focus
This is actually really crazy as yesterday it was so hard to focus, today… staying focused has become almost second nature…

Yesterday I was having cravings to consume content and to check other things…

Today? None of that. I just wanna build and take action.

My ability to focus has shifted… like I can get into pure focus as easily as breathing… This is insane.

Productivity: 5 Hrs
Was pretty happy with this honestly as I had a few errands to run… But I feel like tomorrow I might reach a new crazy level…

Day 6

Never compromise my principles for a B&^%h
Man I was playing basketball the other day and it was just insane man… I was talking to this dude and the guy wasn’t really in the best shape, and younger dude than I was just getting these girls… way more than me.

But then I asked him what he did and he texts these girls like daily, deals with flakes, and he goes out like 2 times a week buying tables and bottles to get these girls…

Like It made me realize… Most men deal with the chase, and for some to be successful they just try hard as hell… And I realized…

I don’t wanna try. Damnit I want these girls to chase me. So F* It man. If im not the guy girls chase. I will be.

Im never gonna compromise on my principles. I don’t drink. I’m not gonna go out every weekend tryna get girls. I’ll do me.

Productivity: 7 Hrs
Had that meeting, finalized the partnership and plan for next few days… Now It’s go time


Day 7

This is crazy… because the “vision” I had was what led to my success… This internal intuition of what to learn and what to focus on next…

I think stark is doing it’s thang with the vision aspect… and HoM is syncing almost too perfectly to help me strategize the next steps I have to take…

It’s like Stark is the Car, HoM is the GPS and EmpB is the Fuel… Like I can see the destination right now and this is insane because a few months ago I couldn’t see it this crystal clear. I know the path I must take…

Partnership Ideas
This is HoM coming in for sure, but I was going back and forth with a guy I used to know… he hit me up with an offer to work together on an affiliate project…

Man… Everything is just coming in right now

Productivity: 0 Hrs
Today was a vision typa day… Planning, strategizing. Tmrw we going back to War.


Day 8-15/100

Life is fun again
This is my favourite part about Stark and precisely why I tend to lean towards it rather than Emperor… It just makes you want to have fun. Like I realized that I sometimes take myself way too seriously in not relaxing and constantly thinking about the future. I have to make the best of this fleeting moment in life. Did I have fun? Did I laugh? Did I do the things I enjoyed today? If today was the last day of my life am I content?
I find myself back to being playful and not really caring about failure. It’s just all play. It’s literally all a game that I enjoy. So I’ve definitely been much happier these last few days

Confidence through the roof
Man like It’s super weird how I no longer care about failure… Now that nonchalance has hit me in terms of confidence. I was at a coffee spot, there was this cute girl nearby and I just forced myself to say Hi.

Here’s my internal monologue…
“I don’t know what to say”
“Just say Hi and take it from there. You already noticed that she checked you out, so don’t worry you got this”
“Remember. Dudes fought wars where it’s life or death and you’re over here worrying about a BIT&H? Come on now.”

And my body felt like it was nervous and I could sense in my voice as well but like I still got over it. So yeah im pretty happy that I just took action. I didn’t vibe that well with her anyways but like it was a huge Win.

Focus on tiny victories rather than major ones
Right now I could care less about the major goals I have. I noticed I’ve been paying more attention to everyday and the tiny wins I get. I’ve been really consistent with working out and just showing up. I’ve been meditating and praying alot so I’ve noticed I’ve become much more calm and clear headed… So we’re definitely going in the right direction. Cause at the end of the day those tiny wins equate to a major win.

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Day 16-29/100


I’d say these last 2 weeks have been overall the most challenging weeks so far. Alot of tests came up. People confronting me while playing basketball, putting their negativity on me. It was honestly the challenges of growth that was written on Stark. Challenge has been the theme.

Self Awareness

I’ve spent most of the last 2 weeks just learning essentially by challenging myself. I’ve found myself seeking to learn more about myself and my emotional control as that’s an area of myself that Is my biggest weakness. I found myself noticing these areas of weakness kind of like a third party almost. I’m able to see my mental thought patterns from a neutral perspective.

Letting Go

I found myself craving intimacy and girls. Like It was this longing in my heart that I wanted and it was something that I just can’t seem to be successful with no matter how hard I try. Also doesn’t help that I’ve literally been alone for these last 2 months. So I’ve found the book Letting Go by David Hawkins and I’ve been trying to apply it in my own life…

Let me say yesterday the pain was at its peak.

I was trying to sleep, but the pain was so unbearable man… so I just placed my awareness on the pain and feeling it in my chest…

And then it hit me. I had an epiphany.

I realized that it is just a feeling and the only significance it has is the importance we give it.

The feelings and emotions are kind of like your body… It’s not you. The thoughts are not you.

It’s so funny cause throughout the entire book he tries to make you understand that and he says it literally, yet I couldn’t see this truth until last night

The Illusion lifted

So oddly enough, I just let go and I realized that I am Love.

emotions and feelings and it’s accompanying thoughts are just self-imposed illusions

We are naturally light, free and loving beings. It’s who we truly are.

The reason we crave and need things because we’re looking for those external things for permission to feel what we already are.

It’s an illusion.

We can access it if we just let go.

But we lose that when we identify with our bodies that feel… Idk I’ll eventually understand it.

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