World cup, Argentina or France?

What team do you think will be the next World cup champion?

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Yes :slight_smile:

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What team??? :joy:

The best of the two :slight_smile:

Both teams are good, but my vote goes for Argentina. Lionel Messi is the man and he is gong to retire so I favor Argentine. Also France has already won the European championship and the last World Cup, so its enough for them already lol

@Theacrobat what about you? …Also lets create a poll man!

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Most Indians don’t watch soccer. it’s cricket and wrestling right?

As a central European, I do not have a clue about Indians, but you are probably right.

swear thought you where Indian lol. Good to know! I am from Central Europe to, what country are you in?

I am from The Netherlands

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From lovely, almost unknown Slovakia.

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I’m argentine so…

There’s no doubt who to support :joy:

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I think Argentina will win over France.

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Mbappé is a foce to be reockend with thoo.

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It has begun :smiley::popcorn::v:

Yes. Both teams are good. Messi and Mbappe play for the same club team Paris St-Germain (PSG).

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@Theacrobat haha within half hour 1st goal by Messi

Mbappe is invisible, what is going on?? 35 min passed and no real attempt from the French on the goal of Argentina

2-1 for France ! of course ! lets see :joy: :sweat_smile:

This gives me football forum vibes :joy:


Brilliant goal by Maria from Argentina

France needs a third star !

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