World Crashing and Dunno if it’s the Subs


Okay so is it just me or does using Emperor and Ascended Mogul just make you pissed off? Also it seems like all those around me have also become broke as well.


It depends on your current subconsious programming, the way you deal with emotions and a lot of other factors. Could be that you find that people are abusing you or treating you in ways you don’t like… which makes you angry!

Personally I’ve had phases where I was pissed off using emperor, but I wasn’t always pissed off! I can’t really tell about people around you, maybe you just see them in a different light?


Lol, yes. But that will happen with most subliminals, even those by other producers. When you’re running a program that increases not only your internal sense of value, but also makes you very aware of when people are trying to get over on you, the end result is anger.

Remember, anger arises when your internal and external realities don’t align. It’s almost like your subconscious is then driven to make them align out of sheer will.

Honest Review of Khan

I can vouch for that! I’m on emperor right now. I’ve had anger issues. But it’s wired because emperor doesnt make my anger worse. It didn’t make me more angry. It made me angry in a different way about people’s bs. But also at the same time giving me more control over my unhealthy anger and I can calm my self down now. But I do pickup on the bullshit of people.