Will legacy be relseased again?


will legacy be relseased again?


You’re a very curious person. Too many questions. Don’t take it personal but I think you can ask all the questions in one post. And tag the Creators.


I’d have to agree with @MavericKobra. Either that or you’re just trying to increase your post count.


Hehehehehe @d1gz just figured you out. Gotta try something else now


I’m sorry if my lack of control of excitement over this newly discovered sub effects annoys you all.
@d1gz @MavericKobra


First, it’s not a sub, it’s a Supercharger.

Second, it’s available to buy on the SubClub site, why should it be “relseased again”?


@Simon I had gone to the sales link of legacy through the main DEV thread named
" Main Dev. Thread - Spartan: Apex Warrior and The Legacy"

This landed me to the follwoing legacy sales link, which showed that it was out of stock. Hence this Query.

I didn’t realise that the pre order link and the regular sales link would be two different links.


I digital download can never be out of stock :slight_smile:


i would humbly request you to go to the sales link i posted abve and check that it says “out of stock”
please :slight_smile:


Just go ahead and buy it its not out of stcck despite it saying out of stock.


It was a pre-order “edition” for a discounted price.

Just go straight to the shop and you’ll find it there.