Main Dev. Thread - Spartan: Apex Warrior and The Legacy


You asked, we delivered. Introducing Spartan: Apex Warrior and The Legacy, our new physical and mental hardness major program and associated supercharger. Now available for pre-order! Grab them both at a discount as a bundle: Once you purchase Spartan, you’ll be presented with a one-time offer to get The Legacy at a special price! Here’s the details:

Inspired by the finest warriors of history, the first major physical subliminal based on the New Dawn technology is now at your fingertips.


Experience what it means to be made of steel, mentally and physically. A will of iron will be yours, allowing you to push yourself to unimaginable heights in any physical discipline you desire to pursue.

Alongside your new iron will, Spartan will work on every single facet of your body that is malleable to change with you specifically. It will mold to you and your desires, as well as what would be the most effective outcome for you and your needs.

Bodybuilders, boxers, soldiers, gymnasts and any other.

All will benefit in their own way.

Increased pace of muscle gain, superior focus and speed of striking, greater endurance and handling of weapons, improved flexibility, etc.

Your profession and hobby does not matter, Spartan will work alongside you.

It does not stop there. Spartan will also, if all that is needed is available, work on improving your basic physical attributes. Your organs, your bones, your skin, your health in general.

Use Spartan alongside taking action towards your physical goals, and you will see for yourself how it is to be at the peak of human physical potential.

You will notice yourself hungering to challenge yourself physically again and again. You will see your body starting to work like a well-oiled machine. Your desire to compete will grow – and you will be winning. Your mental faculties will improve as your brain chemistry becomes perfectly balanced.

For a true Spartan, every physical facet must be that of utmost excellence.

And you will exemplify that excellence.

If you are ready to commit yourself to becoming a Spartan…

If you are ready to come back with your shield or on it…

Order now.

Glory and death. Fame and fortune. Country and family. Ambition and power.

Warriors all over the world gave their lives to become myths, to become legends. To leave their Legacy behind. Be it a Legacy of unity or of destruction, a Legacy of power they have left.

And they did so through strength.

They did so through grueling training of their bodies, of days filled with hardship, every moment pushing themselves to the limit.

This is what Legacy is about – becoming an apex warrior. Legacy is a supercharger that can be used with Spartan, or standalone. It was created with the purpose of focusing your conscious and subconscious minds onto your physical body and your mental connection with it.

With the full power of your subconscious and conscious minds supporting your physical efforts, you will see powerful improvements in any physical sport, profession or hobby.

With Legacy, you will be taking the first steps on your journey to warriorhood. You will be taking your spear and shield – your ambition and your subconscious mind, and funneling it into the forging of an unstoppable machine.

Will you become a warrior worthy of having your own Legacy? Or will you be forgotten by history?

If you don’t want to take your chances…

Order Legacy now.

Post questions and comments here.


I was wondering if spartan healing ability were strong, I have been on TRT for a couple of years because my testosterone was low but I don’t like relying on medicin… I am still under 30 years old… I wanted to know if spartan can heal my hormones back to normal levels without medication… or maybe subliminals can’t do that :sweat_smile:


So just FYI, I ordered Spartan about three hours ago, and I did not get the One Time Offer. I’d like to. How do I go about getting that?

EDIT: Never mind, I clicked on the link above and got the OTO separately. All good.


YES. This is what I’ve been waiting for. I’ve been trying to improve my physical fitness for years since having lower back surgery. I’m hoping it will give me the motivation to work our harder, finally gain more muscle mass, and not have to worry about re-injuring myself (common fear when working out). Now I have to see how I’m going to integrate this to my other subs.


These are some of the exact target goals of the subliminal. We’re pulling out all the stops for this one.


Since this is based on a New Dawn, which is more effective and efficient, what is the minimum number of loops to listen to Spartan for? still 7 times?


Not sure yet. We’ll have to see what happens in testing.


So 7 loops is the minimum amount to listen to? This is the first time I see this requirement here. So if you listen less than 7 loops the subs won’t work optimal.


In the instruction manual and the forum, we recommend Set and Forget and just letting the subliminal run. The seven loops thing comes from my stack recommendations usually adding up to around seven to eight hours, since most people listen while sleeping, others at work, or both. Both of these events last about eight hours.


I have been listening to 6 loops each for both my major programmes, guess I will have to bump it up then


@SaintSovereign would you say this sub is more of an “exercise motivation” orientated ?. Or does it also make changes internally for example hormone balancing to achieve optimal muscle growth ?


I am so excited about Spartan and Legacy. I really want to get back into shape but haven’t acted on it.

My only concern is that I don’t want to give up Ascended Mogul. I WANT IT ALL!!! :smiley:


Going Super Saiyan on this sub hahahaha


Both and more :wink:


Are you going to list some of the submodules out on the sales pages like you did with the first few subliminal products


Still deciding. Had a large number of refunds and support emails because people were thinking each module was a separate file.

Using Stacking Modules with Multi-Stage products?

@Kaprice just stack it woth your existing stack and you shoukd be ok


I figure there must be an “alpha male” component to Spartan: Apex Warrior, but how might it compare, contrast and integrate with the scripts of Ascenscion and Primal?


Maybe it can be solved by creating Techical Thread on forum! Where all insterested people can get more details about modules (knowning more about modules somehow improve integration for me). Of course, not trade secrets but general description of modules. And on main site just leave general description without specifics.


Will thw product.raise testosterone levels ?