Will Hypnosis Help With Subliminals?

I was wondering if doing self hypnosis and going into trance state and then play the subliminals will help with planting the affirmations inside my brain?
Or is it not necessary since the subliminals are already talking directly to my subconcious?


Yes probably.

Anything that helps you relax and get in a more suggestible state would likely make subs more effective. It may also be worth doing self hypnosis while you’re not running any subliminals, as the subconscious mind still processes the subliminals after you run them and while you sleep.

On a related note, I’ve experimented with running isochronic theta waves (can also be binaural with headphones) while listening to subliminals pre-Q, and found that it helped. Theta is supposed to put you in a more suggestible state. There’s a thread on here about this somewhere.


Yes. If you’re skilled enough to go into trance, theoretically, it should help.


Aren’t Superchargers a form of self-hypnosis with subliminals?


Yes me and my brother are hypnotists, I will make him hypnotize me and make me so deep in trance to become extremely suggestlible.
I will also tell him to give me a suggestion along the lines of “you will listen to this subliminal now and you will feel instant results” or something like that.
And then he plays me the subliminal while i’m deep in trance.
I will report back if i experience instant/faster results.

Kinda but they don’t take you deep into trance. Plus, I want to experience it with other subliminals like limitless, mogul, or emperor for example.

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Agreed, the superchargers don’t use any real inductions. They can get you relaxed, but the target visualization happens almost immediately. Although it is possible to do rapid trance inductions in that timespan, that’s not the format here.

I can run them three times in a row and bring myself pretty deep though.

I also believe there are definite benefits. Problem being of course that you can’t very well stay in hypnosis all day long. A one hour break is long for most people. Same thing for using brainwave entrainment to shift your “normal” pattern for extended periods of time.


That’s a really good question, I’ve been thinking of going to see a hypnotherapist just to see if they could help make me more suggestible in general in hopes that it would help me with getting quicker results. :thinking:

I actually tried this, it works wonders…

So I could go to a hypnotherapist and tell them I want to be more suggestible and they’ll be able to make it happen? Is that what you are saying?

Use a YouTube video to guide you into a self-hypnosis trance state and see for yourself. Putting yourself in a state of allowance and self-suggestion is the key that unlocks the door to all of your successes. The Unconscious works like a sponge, it absorbs anything and everything which it comes in contact with. Although there’s one catch, your conscious mind is the gatekeeper, putting yourself in self-suggestion puts the gatekeeper asleep and allows your unconscious the ingest everything without interference.

You don’t need to go to a hypnotherapist, you can just do self-hypnosis, do some online research and you’ll know how to go into trance by yourself.

In a way suggestibility is innocence. It makes you more open to the good things and I believe it can make you a better person because you’re more curious about the world. Like children are.

It is a “skill” as in, the more you do it, the better you get at it. Which is why most hypnotherapy uses repeated sessions to bring you a bit deeper every time. And why stage-hypnotists often pre-screen their audience to find out people that are naturally suggestible (they don’t have time to build your skill).

But of course, the world is not always kind to innocence. There is a downside.

The videos in the post above features people that are highly suggestible.

So definitely improve, but find a healthy balance. Somewhere where you can allow yourself to go into a nice comfortable place where you can bring your visualization to life.

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Yes. I do the Betty Erickson self-trance induction prior to listening if I don’t need to be actively engaged in anything.


I listen to a hypnosis track every day, though it is not aimed at changing my response to the subliminals. I just think it is a good self-developmental practice.

When I listen from my laptop I will run one of the Ultimas, like Sanguine or Limit Destroyer, at very low volume under the induction.

I use a lot of self hypnosis when on subs, mostly to deal with what the subs bring into consciousness to be healed.
I dont use it to be more suggestible to the sub but to heal emotions and trauma as they arise to awareness because of subliminal usage.

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Would you use an audio hypnosis track, or maybe that is what you mean by self-hypnosis,
or do you think audio suggestions would clash?

No audio, I know the processes very well so I go into a deep trance and go through the experience, It took me a while to understand that it works way better for me if I let myself go through the process and leave my inner dialog off.

Not necessarily, I guess it depends on the audio and its purpose. I use a lot of audio hypnosis products too, with great results, I manage to pick the ones that are aligned with the topic of my subliminal journey.

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I like Hypnotica a lot, Masculine Matrix, 7 Days sexual accelerator,
and wanted to try Personal Ecology for Men the @dorfmeister mentioned.
And possibly paraliminals in the future, but not if they have subliminal suggestions.

So if the track is aligned with my subliminal results might be worth giving a shot.
I’ve been sticking to subliminal only, but your well versed in these things it sounds like, and if you think they could be compatible if used smartly, I could give it a shot 1 x a week to start with.


@Azriel I use products that I been using from before I started subliminals and from people I know personally because Ive trained with them. So I now they are good and that they are aligned with my purpose, I choose subs aligned with my purpose too.

Im very picky when it comes to hipnosis, nlp and subliminal products, trainnings, etc.

I remember many years ago “The Sphinx of Imagination” by Hypnotica, was the first time an hypnosis audio took me deeper than I though possible for me. It was quite an experience, I travelled to other dimensions of my mind.


Sort of. They use suggestions that are audible consciously, but the message is meant for the subconscious mind, so it is probably best not to use them simultaneously with subliminals.

Same here. Merely the effort of trying to keep track of layer after layer of the stories brought me deeper than I’d ever been.