Will anyone run Heartsong with Emperor or Khan? Results could be interesting

Like the title says, I’m fascinated by the idea of somebody running Emperor or Khan alongside Heartsong. I think that Heartsong would really balance out Seduction Culture’s dark side by making each interaction with women you meet actually be deeper, more meaningful and satisfying. And it would possibly diminish some of the “I NEED ONE THOUSAND WOMEN TO BE SATISFIED!!!” mentality, without putting someone fully into the “Monogamy” category (which Heartsong does not do… it’s been clearly stated that Heartsong will help you manifest YOUR idea of the perfect partner, whether that’s casual, committed, monogamous, open, or something else).

If anyone has been considering this, I would first say that Heartsong is my favourite subliminal, check my profile to see all the raving I’ve done about it. So, I encourage you to try it. And let me know how it goes

@Tobyone is the only person so far that I know is doing this.


Hey @Billions,

I believe we think the same. My last Khan custom had like six lovey dovey modules in it and it worked very well to soften it, also higher emotions like love and acceptance makes it easier to process subliminals I noticed. Now I do two new separate customs, one with Khan as the main focus, and the other with Heartsong and only loving kindness modules, and so far I’m loving it.

I have done a full one month on each stage of Dragon Reborn as well which is a really good foundation to have. My thinking is that DR cleared the way to open me up emotionally which I see as a key aspects to embody status programs, or the resistance will be very strong.

And then after that surrendering to love which Heartsong sounds perfect for. A Khan IMO without that strong masculine warmth is not a real Khan, because he needs to have that stability that comes with emotional maturity and openess to surrender to through love and kindness. And I’m not talking about weakness, no, coming from the right place that is strength.

My thinking going forward later on is maybe doing The Alchemist together with my customs, and then becoming a spiritual Kahn :smiley: I’ve never done Emperor, so cannot give any insight on that combo.


Makes no sense to run both heart song and something like khan. You will dilute khan and loose all its great qualities.


You’ll have to give some reasons for why you think that, as @Tobyone and I both have clear reasons for thinking it’ll be a good idea. What exactly do you think you’d lose running both simultaneously?

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It’s just a feeling I have. Love is the basis for all life, in my book love is never weakness but quite the opposite. But there’s so many interpretations of it, and often love is filled with fear, like loosing it as an example. And the kind of love most of society talks about is just not it because there’s always conditions attached to it, it’s a clinging to it.

Love to me is about letting go and acceptance. I used to be so closed off when I was yournger and I learned the hard way that my view of what love is was completely wrong. I spent the last 10 years chasin love, and not realizing that I was looking for something out there in the world of ever changing appearances. Now I embrace it, and as a consequence of that I am I attract it back.

When I find myself in a state of just unattached love picking up girls is ridiculously easy and effortless. I don’t think that I’ll loose qualities by being afraid of love, quite the opposite. But there’s different paths open to all of us, this is the one I’ve chosen. Saint has said it many times that it does not change your core and that you are free to direct in whatever way you want.


I know from experience running multi stage programs alongside other programs makes no sense. You will not get the full impact of khan.

At least run the first 2 stages by themselves before adding in heart song.


I have to add that I ran Khan solo the first three stages before adding other major programs to it. It might take longer time I agree, but I’m fine with that combined with what I get from the other programs too.


I am strongly considering running an Emperor, WANTED, Heartstrong custom

I have run Emperor for 16 months solo and in customs and find the essential drive and dominance of it is always there…expect during intense recon, and diluting it with PCC and PS made it much more seamless and palatable socially.

If one is in a position to run pure Khan or Emperor without any adverse conflict/effect-namely you have the potential for full independence and can walk away from anything or are willing and/or have the financial means to go solo to fully create anything-- then power to them. I have found it necessary to ‘dilute’ the pure Alpha as I wasn’t able or willing to transverse the wasteland period between breaking the ties that support me to new one’s or new resources.


what about alongside a light fitness/healing custom? Would that compromise Khan during the run of the initial multi-stages in your opinion?

:heart: :muscle:

edit: xD

It was possible to stack multiple SC subs back in the day and get the full benefit of all the products. However when repeating this with QV2 the effects and changes were diluted. Even using light healing apart from perhaps rebirth. Would adversarsly effect the core products.

I still advise against it based on my experiences.


Yeah, I experienced the same thing with wanted and ascension.

At first I wanted to agree because I stacked Khan with a ton of other subs and it always had negative effects.

However, the reason imo is
a) Khan is generally a sub you should run single unless you’re a veteran
b) I switched the other stacking subs all the time.

Imo if I had run Khan with, idk PCC or Limitless for months, this would work fine.


If it is truly true that you cannot stack on QV2 anymore, then customs with multiple cores don’t work.
But they do.

Thus, stacking is imo still possible, but it became tougher to run. And it depends a lot more on the subs.
DR for example can’t really be stacked with anything because healing overpowers so hard.

Then again, QV2 changes you much quicker, so there is no need to run 200 loops. Just a different approach imo.

(I should add that this is my own experience and what I read on the forum so far from people).


Well said!

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I hope you are right, but it seems that store titles and custom titles are different beasts. I would almost say apple oranges.

My own experiences have shown that ascension and heartsong(or wanted - I tested both with Ascension) dont go well together, the raw power is just not there anymore. I have run subs for 7 years or so now, and before that hypnosis and lots of meditative practices. I still have a good awareness of what subs are doing to me.

I suppose more testing has to be done to see what is going on but for these two subs, which I consider small and both one pointed it does seem that it doesn’t. Also not to forget fire has written scripting so sub-main store tiles go well together.

With the older subs, I used to run Khan with PCC and it worked very well.

Perhaps it would be better to split the subs. One day sub 1 and other day sub 2.

Nowadays I am starting to lean more towards @Hermit’s theory and that the way subs currently are, is unnatural. see: Qv2 experiences, comments, insights and questions - #784 by Hermit

Perhaps this would also mean the end of subliminals for me.


@aaa exactly my point i stacked acenson with wanted. Wanted seem to drain ascension or overpower it so it seemed pointless to run both. So i dropped wanted.

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Saint answered this post extensively.

What do you think about his answer?

At first I was inclined to agree with Hermit, but not anymore.
Stacking is harder sure.

But you don’t really have to stack, right?

Especially with Khan which does everything.

And if something is missing, make a custom?

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Saint and fire are very smart guys but they filter everything through logic and their answers are almost like math equations.

I don’t believe we need stronger subliminals like Q+, my own perspective(at this point) is that we need to enrich our own feedback we get from our own input and actions. How well we are doing right now reflects your recent and life history of what proportion of your own perceptions and awareness you have responded to. That you’ve responded to and thereby reinforced and thereby reinforced being perceptive and aware!

So how do we enrich our own experience to get more of what we want and create an expressive flow loop going in that direction, from whatever sensory perception you can bring yourself to notice in that context? I have some ideas about that, but I don’t know how well it is recieved - incase you want to know more check out image streaming.

So - in an attempt to simplify - enriching awareness through our senses and learning from that will make results that much better. I believe this is key not stronger subs

But you don’t really have to stack, right?

Especially with Khan which does everything.

And if something is missing, make a custom?

Yeah absolutely !

In addition, a custom with three cores should not be considered as 3-subliminals-in-one. The custom building process makes the entire end result considered to be a new single sub on its own.

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I still wish we got these already…