Why was my post closed without even giving me a chance to reply?

I am referring to this ticket over here:


I did not know of this policy. I created a claim to paypal because I did not receive any reply back within a week. That was the only reason. To draw attention. I was obviously going to withdraw the claim just if I had received a response back. Even a simple “We are looking into the matter” email would have sufficed.

Now, coming to the topic of closing the ticket, is it not an open forum where anyone can post their own views ? I am not going to explain my stance why I am right or why someone should not call someone “fraud” just because their products were returned and money refund was requested. I believed that subliminalclub was going to honour their 30 day return policy but I never imagined that the owner would call someone “fraud” for requesting the money back without even coordinating a single email.

It is OKAY if I dont get my money back. I repeat, it is OK. But please dont someone fraud or close the ticket without giving chance to explain.

You are misunderstanding the process.

  1. You opened a PayPal claim before we had a chance to respond to your ticket to our system. Our support site states 1-5 business days to respond to a ticket (that notice is ON the actual submit ticket page):

  1. Per PayPal’s merchant agreement, once you open a claim, ALL correspondence regarding that claim must go through PayPal. You can log into your PayPal account and see that we have responded to the claim with evidence of fraud.
  2. We are not allowed to even refund it manually at this point, as the claim is now under arbitration, with PayPal playing the role of arbitrator. You have to wait for PayPal’s decision, which should occur within the next two weeks.
  3. Normally, we just refund all refund requests that occur within the 30-day window. However, we have sufficient evidence that you are committing refund fraud. You purchased a number of programs on March 6th, 2022 (around $100 worth), then submitted a refund request on March 11th, 2022 – which we granted, but we added you to our sales blocklist, which prevents you from making purchases (which I’m sure you know, because you saw the notice pop up when you tried to buy more).
  4. You proceeded to change your name and email (but not address) and bought more products (over $100 worth) on March 14th before requesting a refund on March 24th for “horror dreams.” Because of this, we fought the claim, just to alert PayPal to your behavior (we find this to be much more of a deterrent than anything else, since PayPal WILL close your account if you keep doing this).

I’m not arguing with you about this. You got caught with your hand in the cookie jar. Don’t try and paint us out to be the bad guy, as you’ll see in the PayPal claim, we already told PayPal to refund the purchase at the conclusion of their investigation simply because we don’t want or need that money. But now you know – we do not want the business of someone who will steal from us. Please do not purchase any more products.


You have clearly mentioned in your site a 30 day no questions asked refund policy and here I am facing the trouble of battling with you on an open forum why I should get my money back. Its hilarious but it is the reality. The cookie jar where my hand was had a wrong label, and I tried to pull my hand out of it. But it seems I could not get it out. When you say a 30 day no questions asked refund policy, it means that the purchaser can safely purchase the products and if it does not suit them, they can file for a refund which would be honoured. I did NOT know the real reason I could not buy another product from that account until now. If anyone refunds a product, he/she is blacklisted. OK. First time experience. Thats why I needed to create a new account actually.

When you say a 30 day No Questions Asked policy, it means that customer can “try” a product for a few days and check if it works for them or not. If it does not, he/she can return the product. It DOES NOT mean that he/she is fraud.

Lol. It’s not a first time experience. Listen, I am NOT afraid to publicly post the evidence. You bought products a few weeks ago, over $100 worth. Refunded them. You came back and bought more, then refunded them. You’ve stolen $200 worth of products from us, and your argument is that you should be entitled to steal from us because you thought the 30-day policy gave you carte blanche to buy up the entire store, then refund them?

Our refund policy is clearly stated here: Return Policy - SubliminalClub

This link is at the bottom of every page on the site, just like every other online store.

Our return policy is simple:** If, for any reason, you are unsatisfied with our products at any point within 30 days of your purchase, you are entitled to a FULL refund. Click here to visit our Support Center and request a refund.

Please keep in mind that we do not do “exchanges.” Let’s be real here – you can’t exchange a digital item. Most people aren’t going to delete the original file, so you’re essentially getting two products for the price of one. The unconditional money back guarantee was instituted because some subliminals just don’t work for some people – and if ours didn’t work for you, you could go try out a competitor’s products.

That being said, we reserve the right to put a hold on new purchases for up to 30 days (or more) after a refund. And, if we deem that you are abusing our refund policy, we may ban you from future purchases.

Bypassing the blacklist by registering a new account, or any other method forfeits your right to future refunds. We’re not just going to apply this to every refund request — each situation will be evaluated by our Trust and Security Team.

How Do I Avoid the Sales Blocklist?

Our Trust & Security team uses AI on the merchant account side to flag potentially problematic transactions. Thus, we cannot give out all of the indicators their software uses to identify potential fraud. That being said, every flagged transaction is evaluated by a human before a decision is made. Here’s a few actions you can take to avoid being blocked:

  • If you’re not receiving the results you want, ask us for help. We’re here for your success. Before giving up on the title, ask us for help. We will be happy to provide as much guidance as you need. Many of those who requests refunds are actually experiencing reconciliation, meaning the subliminal is working, you just need to give yourself a bit more time to work through various issues. Don’t quit right when things are about to shift in your favor!
  • Don’t order too many titles in a short period of time and attempt to refund them. Realistically, there’s no way you can evaluate every title in 30 days, and running too many titles will significantly hurt results anyway.
  • Post a journal on the SubliminalResults.Com forum. The act of journaling actually helps the process, as it allows you to see the mental, physical and emotional changes. Results tend to steamroll. Once you begin to manifest them, you’ll start getting more and more. Journaling provides that empirical data that you need to see the changes.

Why do you say I “stole” $200 of products? The first purchase was of $94. The second purchase was of $107. Now even if you did refund me $94, that still means I did pay you $107. So even technically, even if I “stole”, the amount of money you claimed I “stole” was not right.

Bro. Why are you doing this? If you had issues, you could have asked us on the forum and we could have helped you out regarding subliminals not working.

These are the most economic and powerful subliminals I have ever tried. AND YOU GET THEIR UPGRADES FOR FREE.


My replies to this post are always somehow closed by the owner. I want to reply back. But the owner changed the post again so I cant reply publicly.


OK. He changed it back to public post again. Let me reply

Updated to the correct forum area. Stay on topic everyone - descriptions aren’t what’s being discussed here.



  1. $94 + $107 = $201.
  2. When you file a PayPal claim, they take the money from our bank account and put it into holding until a decision is made, meaning we don’t have access to it. Can’t even refund it at this point, because you escalated it to a claim. We have already told PayPal to give back the money, because if a person is that damn desperate to steal, we don’t want their money. We also don’t want that person as a customer. But that person won’t get completely away with it, as PayPal has started to close the accounts of people who do this.
  3. I’m not arguing semantics or the definition of “stole” with you. You were aware of the fraud policy, that’s why you changed your name and email in the second order. You tried to purchase on the original account and got the fraud warning, which links to the refund policy I posted above. This would indicate that your claims of “horror dreams” are false, and it was just an excuse to get another refund (which you’d use to buy MORE products and refund them too).
  4. Dude, give it up. You’re caught. PayPal’s probably going to side in your favor, since we asked them to do so (look at the PayPal dispute):


“underhand tactics” … I have nothing more to argue.

At least acknowledge that you now know the refund policy clearly. You are going to get your money back anyways even if it takes time.

SaintSovereign is right here and some of us know him for 2 years (including myself). He has no interest to just get money out of us which is why the products are priced so low. This is a passion project of SaintSovereign and Fire.

If you wanted to try a product, you could have purchasee something for 35 USD. And when it wasn’t working, you could have asked us on the forum.

But since you haven’t done that, and you knew you could get the products for free using underhand tactics, you got the consequences.

Please learn from your mistakes, my fellow Indian friend. This is not a good way to operate.

underhand tactics … I have nothing more to argue

Well, you’re going to get even more annoyed, because I really don’t care. You tried to steal from us. Everyone here will tell you that we’re extremely grateful for our customers. We give out free gifts more so than any other subliminal producer on the market. We listen to our customers, we deliver what they want and we try our hardest to make everyone happy.


When you steal from me, I owe you nothing. I don’t owe you professionalism. I don’t owe you kindness. I don’t owe you anything. You can’t even ask for that, as you’re not even a paying customer at that point because you’ve refunded everything. You have literally just ran in, stole a bunch of candy from my store without paying, then demanded that we give you respect. For what?

The issue is that people think @Fire and myself are stupid. You claimed to get “horror dreams” from your second purchase, which consisted of Primal Seduction and Emperor Fitness. Cool, nightmares can happen on any sub, we all know that.

Your first order was WANTED, RICH and RICH Crypto. Listen, I WROTE Wanted and RICH myself. If ANY stack would induce nightmares, it’d be Wanted and RICH – given that those programs deal with sex, self-image and money more so than PS and Emp Fit does. The “horror dreams” thing was a lie.

You can’t even use the line “the customer is always right,” because you aren’t a customer at this point. You refunded everything.


First, let me write by saying that you dont call your customers “fraud” on an open public forum, EVEN IF THEY ARE ACTUALLY FRAUD. Thats how you earn their loyalty and respect. Thats how Amazon rose to the top, by adhering to this strict principle of customer satisfaction.

Secondly, I am not anymore asking for my money back. As a token to show that, let me withdraw the paypal complaint immediately.

However, I want to point it out to you that you have written a 30 day No Questions Asked Return Policy. Which means he can “decide” to “try” a product. “Try”-ing is NOT the same as STEALING. Frankly, I do not want to go to war for all the semantics issues, neither do I want to stress upon my claims of “horror dreams” . I expected a little more professionalism and I am upset I did not receive it.

Did you really delete your post and then repost it after what I said so it’d look like you got the last word? You do realize that I could just close the thread, ban you, then set an IP ban so you can’t sign up and post again.

Listen, don’t withdraw the PayPal claim. You’re going to win it, since we already told PayPal to do so. If you don’t want to run our titles, run SOMEONE’S. You need it.

Just don’t buy from us again.


No No. It actually got edited by mistake. And I could not edit it back. So I posted it in a new reply.

Its YOUR forum. You have the last word always. I am no one. Even if I had last word, no one cares.

See man. Subliminals are here to solve our issues. If you had money issues, you could have asked us on the forum which title to purchase. Something like Mogul OR Ascended Mogul would have been enough. And either of them are only 35 USD each. And there’s 30 percent discount for first time customers. So there.

So many good offers and awesome products here and you haven’t taken advantage of them to solve your issues.


The first step toward being an “alpha,” (I’m assuming that’s your goal, based off the titles you chose) or self-growth in general is admitting when you’re wrong. Don’t try to flip the blame on us and cause us to feel bad. You know what you did was wrong. So admit it. You don’t have to admit it to us, but at least admit it to yourself. Hold yourself accountable and grow from this.