Why isn't there a sub to attract women?


I checked out the shop and there is no sub that attracts women for men. Is one being made and if it is then how long will it take to be out?

If not then maybe one should be made.


Hey. Welcome to the forums, we are glad to have you here.

We do have programs for attracting women, they are called Ascension and Ascended Mogul.

Ascension is going to increase your status and make you more alpha, while also attracting women to you, and help you seduce them. Moreover, it will remove any limiting beliefs you might have about women.

Ascended Mogul is a combination of Ascension and Mogul, which is a subliminal for status and wealth.

If you would prefer just attracting women, Ascension is your best bet.

You also have Sex Mastery X, but it is mostly for making your sex life crazy good and turning you into a sex god.

Soon, we will release Emperor, which will also have some women attracting in it, but in a much more hardcore way, and after it comes a yet unnamed subliminal that is completely about attracting all the women you want and turning you into a total seducer and playboy.

Basically, its going to make those who run it drown in women.

Your best option is running Ascension, its all about attracting women and making you the best alpha for doing that, and in general.


When is the unnamed subliminal expected to be out??

Is ascended mogul going to make women approach men?

AM seems like a win win. Money and women.

How long has this company been around?


@Fire I just sent a support email. Can you check it out please?


The unnamed seduction / attraction subliminal will be out within the next 2-3 weeks.


I’m also interested in the new seduction/attraction subliminal, will this be an experimental or a full product for sale on your website?


It will be a full product.


I would like to put some recommendations forward for it if possible.

You should add something that attractive women come from everywhere such as online dating (tinder), instagram, facebook, twitter. ect

Also put something like increase popularity in real life and in the social media such as getting millions of followers for instagram and twitter for example.