Unnamed Seduction / Romance Subliminal Suggestions


Place all suggestions / requests for the currently unnamed seduction subliminal here. Can’t promise that we can incorporate everything, but we’ll try.

I’m not going to spoil too much, but I will say that we’re planning for this to be more of a “hunter / attractant” style subliminal rather than a “do nothing and let an alleged aura do the work” type of thing. There WILL be attractant technology that will manifest and bring women to you (yes, including an aura), but it’s also going to train you to be a badass mofo that women are NATURALLY attracted to and will WANT to be with you.

Why isn't there a sub to attract women?
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Off top, if it’s not already included something to increase matches on online dating.

Also something for retention of women if that can be scripted and won’t be a natural symptom of becoming a badass.

Always a big fan of the Steve Rogers effect as well.


What about attracting specific people on the spot?


For me being in a great mood is essential. As if you won 10K, how much of a good mood will it be and in that mood how easy is it to talk and engage the world feeling like a winner.

Other than that id like to see ” success snowball effect ”


I think one of the main reasons why men will buy this seduction sub is to approach women more without the fear of being rejected, whether it be at the club/bar or any social gathering. I’m sure this will be covered in the sub itself but just my thoughts on this subject.

  1. You should add something that attractive women come from everywhere such as online dating (tinder, bumble, match girls you’re attracted to who are dtf straight away), instagram, facebook, twitter. ect

2.Also put something like increase popularity in real life and in the social media such as getting 100s of millions of followers for instagram and twitter for example.

3.Put in a celebrity effect where women and men treat you like an A list celebrity.

  1. Avoiding women with stds. Women with stds won’t be in your reality.

  2. You become good in bed and then women brag about it their friends who also want you

6.Manifest threesomes, foursomes, 5somes with women.

  1. Anti slut defense destroyer. Make the girl think shes not a slut if she bangs you.

  2. Be able to also get women into bed with a bf. Or like she breaks up with her bf you be with you.

  3. Stop masturbating and watching porn

10.Stop paying for hookers.

  1. Manifest nice bang location such as a nice pent house

  2. Manifest super rich super attractive women that buy the user stuff and takes care of the sub users financial needs.

  3. Manifest 1000000s of attractive women giving you lots of validation in real life and social media. For example attractive women telling the user how hot he is and how much the women want him.

14.When the user sees a woman he is attracted to, the woman then wants to bang the sub user as soon as possible.


Subliminals don’t work like that as far as im conserned. Sub Club products are 100% effective and the results are undenyable. Most of what you are describing is fantasy and unrealsitic.

You want millions of $? Go work 18+ hours a day for 5 years and just maybe you will make it. This is real life. Although with subclub, i suspect it would only take half as much :smiley:


attract high quality loving women, that is women without to much baggage, emotional issues or on the rebound
be comfortable with women checking you out hitting on you, i have had this problem in the past where when i got attention i felt uncomfortable, so see it as natural that women want me because i am a high quality man
approval from within so that is not seeking approval from women and seeing yourself as whole and complete
Being worthy and deserving of hot women
Being comfortable with showing sexual interest flirting eye contact etc
Their the main issues i have had in the past in this area with attracting women also you could have a script of releasing negative emotions from past relationships that hold you back moving forward. Maybe you could put bits of ascension in there so you have the alpha male characteristics also in there


Forgot to mention aura keeping away women trying to get pregnant without your consent.


Any idea when this will be out for release looking forward to using it


Below are some modules I think would be vital/good.

I think in general making this a “socially savvy” sub would be very important. A big aspect of being attractive towards women also includes being able to handle other men, especially if you’re going after girls with husbands/boyfriends/orbiters.

While anything such as a manifestation of a “nice pent-house” seems a bit over the top and possibly completely unnecessarily, I think something like a logistics module would be nice (having own place/car or at least having the place for yourself on a consistent basis, condoms available etc)

  • Reading body language and taking notice of “hints” that girls throw out.

  • Having friends etc introduce you to hot girls

  • Abundance mindset regarding women/sex.

  • Flirting and escalation module

  • Seductive eyes

  • Physical changes for becoming more sexually attractive (should also have a module driving one to go towards the gym etc)

  • Style/Fashion module

  • Attracting a high-status social circle, having private events, free access to clubs and various venues.

  • Gaining understanding of Female psychology

  • Pheromone changing module


All resources are currently going to the EMPEROR launch. Then, we’re immediately pivoting to this project.


Not sure if this is possible or ethical, but @Fire and I want to experiment a bit with ways to accomplish this. One method is potentially using knowledge that the subconscious mind has that the conscious mind hasn’t to build a mental “model” of a potential love mate, and then use that knowledge to woo them.


I am not sure it is possible via subliminals but how about boosted testosterone and pheromone production? I listened to a product from another vendor that was supposed to boost pheromone production, but after months of use I decided it was a dud.