Why is regeneration Q making me angry


Hi peeps
Using regeneration Q over night 8loops for about 3nights so far and occassionally in the day…
I get a huge rage and anger with it not sure why … and very moody and snapping at people for small things
Please Help


Regeneration is bringing stuff up to the surface that you need to work through. When you feel yourself getting angry try to step back as much as you can and get a bird’s eye view. What are you really angry about? Is this something that would normally anger you? Would it anger someone else? How far away from your reaction is the “appropriate” one? Healing subs require a lot more of an inward focus and analysis so you can work through your issues


@Neurokinetic Is correct. The healing subliminals especially now that they are upgraded to Q are pushing you to become very self aware of what issues you have to resolve and work on. Think of it as audio therapy on steroids.
The other thing to consider is to using myself as an example is that listening to Regeneration for me made me realize and become very aware of mistakes or choices I made that could have been avoided. At that point it’s best not to get angry with yourself or anyone else but to take responsibility and accountability to make sure nothing like it happens ever again. That’s a huge part of personal growth. Learning from your mistakes. I write this not just for you but to remind myself as well


That’s guys …
Will this anger pass?
I live with parents so they are making me angry but like deep anger at daily issues…
Then I snapped at my wife and had a huge rage…


I mean thanks guys appreciate ur responses


@pacman I’ve done that. My wife calls it " sideways anger" . It’s probably the biggest reason why I have had to learn to stay the fuck off social media and YouTube. I would be upset or angry about something and come across something else totally unrelated on say YouTube and just go off on the nastiest hate filled tangent for no reason. I know on an intellectual level it has nothing to do with whatever set me off although I still struggle with understanding why some things or people on social media or YouTube are popular but that is probably more related to me being older and/or having zero interest in trendy or influential things


Forgot to mention that music sounds more lively now I can feel it


Also guys…
I feel like something is coming out of me …buy slowly as the days are going I don’t know what it is but I can feel something is coming out…sometimes in the day I feel happiness and then find and bouts of anger


@pacman Coming out of you? Is that a euphemism? Maybe fap a bit or more if you are already. Distribute some free literature


I mean from my mind…I can feel like a shift like my old self but it’s very early stages…


@pacman I get it. I was being sarcastic


Lol…I’m new to subliminals so I’m pretty lost


Oh one more thing…I get body pain after listening to regeneration…


Treat Regeneration like an onion.

Peel off them layers, one by one.

Observe the root of your anger. Ask yourself “why did I go apeshit over…” Don’t expect a deep answer for a while.

It will pass. Be prepared.


Thanks Michel…
No dreams so far like how others reported…sometimes I feel like laughing but don’t know why…


A very old gf of mine got into contact with me and wants to cheat lol…by the way I’m married…she’s fine with that…out of the blue she came…


This could simply be a general reconciliation to the Q powered subs.

Take a day off from listening, and then resume with only 2 hours in the day time.
There is no longer any need to play the subs at night.


Thanks will give that a try


Need more Simonian Analysis.

It sounds as though, true to form, you are abstracting your own series of guidelines and observations for working with Q titles. Hope you share them all somewhere on the forum.


I don’t understand u