Who's seen the BBC PUA documentary?


So, almost two weeks ago BBC Panorama did an undercover piece about a PUA bootcamp where, as usual when mainstream TV describes the seduction community, they pretty much make PUA’s look like evil incarnate.

This is not the first time this happens. Unlike before however, we now live in the age of MeToo, meaning that places like YouTube have already started to remove the freely available PUA resources (leaving @AMASH with less advice-videos to post) and apparently there’s actually a lawsuit in the UK against coaches in this field. What do you think will happen? Will it blow over? Will seduction coaches go back underground or even quit the business of teaching? Where will that leave us?

By the way, this is said mockumentary (anything that shows only what they want us to see is mocking the truth as far as I’m concerned):

Granted, some stuff could have been brought with a bit more diplomacy by the coaches. But the nasty thing is that much like this forum, people go to a class like that expecting to be able to speak freely about topics that aren’t commonly discussed, without being judged. Of course there are limits, but you shouldn’t be afraid that everything you say will be misunderstood and put in a negative light.


I like this response to that documentary:


I dont know about you but I stopped watching television altogether years ago and I dont look back.
Seeing stuff like this, I mean these “documentaries” and “reports” well… it is the same reason why I also stopped watching the news. My life quality has skyrocketed since then.
So, seeing stuff like this always brings a smile to my face because it reminds me how fucked up the mainstream and the media is. Their life has no meaning and their only cause is to rage against people.
I think it is best just not to care about them. I highly doubt that their “game” still works 5-10 years from now. People know. They aint stupid. And he who seeks the truth, shall find it.

Btw. I just thought about what would happen to someone like Jesus nowadays. I think he would be the most hated person in the media.
There was a TED-Talk once that got taken down. Its title was “The war on consciousness”. Highly recommend it.

Just my thoughts.


I stopped reading the news for pretty much the same reason. Always funny when someone asks my opinion on something huge that happened and I had no clue that it had happened. I think something significant is happening with Brexit any day now. Whether or not they stay in the trade union.

I haven’t actually hooked up my TV decoder for years. Maybe I should check if it still works. Thanks to things like Netflix we really don’t need to channel surf anymore, we pick and choose what we watch.

Still, if PUA coaches are getting sued and their stuff being removed from YT and similar platforms, it may have an impact.

I think having the balance between the sexes restored is one of my greatest wishes. Right now, so much power lies with women that men are being abused all over the place. We went from one extreme to the other end.

Good to see AMASH was still able to find a video to post. :wink:


Same haha. It’s like
“Who did you vote for?”
Me:“Oh there was an election?”

About the balance-thing: Yes, absolutely. I myself have been at a very dark place and the problem with anger and resentment towards men/women is… it really fucks up your life. You hate everybody and yourself, life is a punishment etc. The way I handled it was to simply stop watching other people’s lifes and opinions, detach from my anger and sort myself out. Worked perfectly.
In the long-term I am really optimistic about the whole thing. From what I have observed, the harder you try to destroy something, the stronger it grows, comes back, and conquers you.
That’s exactly what is happening now. Europeans werent very spiritual in general when they conquered America/Asia/Africa and now what’s happening? The spirit of these places spread through the whole world and grows exactly in the west right now.

Btw I dont know why, maybe it is the subs or whatever, but lately I have really been drawn to this ayahuasca-stuff haha :smiley: Sorry if I sound naiive. I really like Sasha and Taylor. I am not really into this stuff (because priorities) but I like their authenticity.
People are just drawn to authenticity.


What I meant was that men and women used to have roles that matched their nature. Men were providers, women caretakers. Women didn’t actually mind the whole having his slippers ready after a long day of work thing, as long as he treated her with respect. Then came the wars and while the men were off fighting, the women were forced to work. And when the men came back, they thought to themselves how wonderful it was that women could now do all the things they did before, AND do the work as well. And they became exceptionally lazy.

At this point, women started realizing how much they were being taken for granted. If they had to do everything men traditionally did, they might as well get all the rights and privileges men had. And so started a long downhill slope.

Eventually they did get it all. At the same time, they didn’t have to sacrifice the privileges they already had. For example, if men and women go to a beach and there’s only one changing room, the women get the changing room by default, leaving the men to figure out what the heck they are supposed to do.

And then came the intimidation phase, where men were told more and more how they could no longer act like a man. They lost purpose and drive and were made to feel useless. Which only made things worse.

And today we find ourselves in an era where a woman only has to imply that a man may be thinking something “inappropriate” about her and society and governments are so afraid of the tiny chance that she may be correct that they whip the man into submission for doing absolutely nothing.

A time where 12 year-olds dress and pretend to be 18 and then act shocked when a 20 year old comes up and talks to them because his dating coach told him he should just talk to as many people as possible even if he doesn’t want to have sex with them, whether they are fat, think, white, black, young or old, just to get over his approach anxiety.


So when I say balance, I mean a point where women stop abusing the power society has given them. It doesn’t have to be early 20th century, but at least accept that men and women are different and that each has a purpose. Allow men to feel useful again and stop telling women that love staying at home taking care of their kids that they are wrong and setting a bad example.

Anyways, let’s get back to the news:

A man in Loxley, Alabama was run over by his own four-wheeler driven by his dog. Or more specifically, he tied his dog to the truck and was engaged in something in front of it. The dog then tried to run off, pushing the throttle, which caused the vehicle to hit the man and run over him. The man was airlifted to a hospital. The dog was uninjured.

So if you should ever tie your dog to your car, make certain you’ve given the pooch driving lessons first. By the way, who called 911, the man or the dog?

A man is suing NBC Universal for false advertising. When he bought a 16.99 USD soda cup at the Island of Adventure in Orlando, that allows him “unlimited” refills all day long, he downed his drink so fast that he came to the unfortunate conclusion that the cup only allows a refill 10 minutes after the previous refill. Meaning he can only fill his 16 oz. cup 6 times per hour.

The next day he reactivated the cup for 8.99 USD and concluded the same.

Obviously 96 oz or 2.7 liters of Coca Cola per hour for 24 hours is not enough for some people.

News that makes you smile in the morning.


Relax. You have some time before the world will gone totally crazy. Just visit Russia, Belarus and Ukraine, we still have adequate girls and overall man-woman attitude.


The funniest thing I noticed when I stopeed watching media is that people are actually pretty nice. And they are no different from me and I am not different from them. We all want the same.
This stuff really screws up your mind.


Never so it i have no intention of watching it either


OneTwo more, for Astronaut since he doesn’t get the news from that side of the world and it is too bizarre to believe…

Last Thursday on the Brooklyn Queens Expressway, an ambulance veered off the road and into a car when the EMT driving it suffered a stroke. A second ambulance was dispatched to assist the first ambulance. Upon arriving at the scene to help, an EMT from the second ambulance suffered an aortic aneurysm. So it required even more ambulances and EMT’s to retrieve the first two ambulances and EMT’s.

It’s like a synchronicity gone wrong, you can’t make that up…

And just to end on a more joyful note, Frode Hult from the Water and Sewer Agency in Oslo has indicated that norway uses nearly twice the amound of water that Sweden does. To save on water in one of Europe’s most rainy cities, he advises people to urinate and brush their teeth in the shower.

Men everywhere finally feel vindicated.

Okay, enough of that. Maybe I should make a thread with daily funny news stories instead. :slight_smile:


Well the problem is, we live in times where nothing surprises you anymore :sweat_smile:


Phuck politics, the media, and conspiracies :scream:. Omg did I just say that on this forum? Phuck it! Glad to see I’m not the only one here who doesn’t have cable or satellite TV. I’ve been labeled as an extremeist by relatives because of that. That’s funny! By the way I do have a tv but I don’t watch. Got it for other things.


I do not have cable or satellite tv or internet/broadband other than on my phone at home. By choice.


I would say
Same for me , don’t have satellite connection , haven’t watched tv since long , not good with news either and lately after emperor I think even YouTube also I have hardly watched .


@DarkPhilosopher - this hate on PUA (and men in general) by the media, reminds me of the Gillette Ad on “toxic masculinity”. Granted that a few men may be abusive but to suggest that you can’t talk to a woman you like or that boys shouldn’t wrestle was so over the top. Add to that the fact that the testosterone in most men have decreased thanks to poor diet and polluted nutrients, water and air, and we have the manufacturing of a large number of beta males who side with third-wave feminists to control the Alphas.

Regarding PUAs, it is also silly to suggest that men shouldn’t be able to attract women with game when women are allowed to have their own game which is largely physical. So much for so called “equality”. Talking about equality, am all for equal rights but many people don’t understand that with regard to sexual dynamics, equality doesn’t spark any attraction. Only dominant men can ignite sexual attraction in women.

Interestingly, even the enemy can’t help but fear and respect Dominant Men. So I decided to get rid of my rage with the public and focus on what I can do to increase my power. And this is the main reason why I am using the Subliminals here. To take back my Power.

I don’t watch much TV either. It’s a waste of my time filled with bad news (that happens in rare pockets of the world but shown as if it is taking place everywhere) and advertisements for things I don’t need.


develop your powers


use them ethically

goes for everyone.


@Malkuth - amen to that


Well, to all the news-challenged people here, who can guess which country Joa lives in?

Certainly Brexit didn’t get that bad? :slight_smile:


That’d be Chile


Thanks, it had been bugging me since he posted it. That must have been some hike in public transport prices. Try doing daygame in that. :slight_smile:

I never understood this behavior. The biggest victims during riots are the people themselves, as everybody turns on one another. Human nature at its finest.

Well, my thoughts are with Joa.