Who are your mentors/role models?

Some of you might have people they follow, they want to learn from, they are trying to model and achieve the same or just a certain part of their success. So share, what are your role models or your “mentors” that you might not have met in person. Living, dead or even fiction are allowed.

If you come to a difficult decision in life, who would you ask for advice?


Some of my mentors are:

  • Jim Rohn (damn, I love his wisdom and what he gave to us)
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger (he is personified success, even though I am not the same opinion with him on certain topics)

That’s a good question.

Fictional - Tony Stark for sure.

IRL… let’s just say there’s a reason for the expression “never meet your heroes.”


The Doctor

  • Find “The Doctor says no” on YouTube. That’s why

Nikola Tesla

  • Greatest example I can think of regarding using your creativity in amazing ways. Also had a thing for pigeons

Thomas Edison

  • Not many people exemplify the spirit of “Don’t give up” like Edison

Robert Greene

  • A man dedicated to his craft

John P. Cromwell

  • Captain, US Navy. Went down with the USS Sculpin rather than risk capture. He had classified knowledge of upcoming military movements against the Japanese Navy

Tony Stark

  • Duh

Plenty others. This is good for now though


Tony Stark and Johnny Sins


No mentors and no role models shurg… know the point but feeling like it doesn’t really matter


If it matters or not depends upon you, can you take something out of it for you so your life gets better or is it just a distraction.

By role model or mentor I don’t mean putting somebody on a pedestal or build a shrine and worship that person. I know that every person is of flesh and blood, every person has positive and negative aspects.

For example take David Goggins, amazing what he has accomplished on an athlete level, where he came from and where he went. But I would not ask him for advice on relationships. It is more like “this thing I think is hindering me from my success” and then take another perspective from the mentor or role model and see how they would do it, what solutions come up from their thinking.

Of course that is an exercise for which you have to be flexible with your thinking, you have to leave your own truth and accept that there are other truths out there (and by truth I just mean beliefs of how the world works).

Steve Piccus
Orlando Owen
Eric von Sydow
Johnny Soporno


myself in 5 years


Who are these people?


These are my Secret Diamonds, people who have a level beyond imagination.

Actually they are Native Peruvian Shamans, who treat me like family and I look up to them.i learn from them and my life gets never stagnant. I am very happy to have such good friends in my life.

@RVconsultant What are your role models??


Ones I try to learn from but do not want to follow blindly are Tony Robbins and Tim Ferris. They are modeling from others and try and find out if it works for them.

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All that is good.

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Same here