Who are your favorite YouTube podcasters?

I’m always looking to pick up good new YouTube subscriptions. Will share mine and would love to get yours:

  1. Wealthion - generally for macro investors across a broad spectrum of asset classes. My favorite channel. Picked up a list of 15 macroeconomists who I follow on other channels.
  2. All In Podcast - venture capital
  3. PBD Podcast - broad-based
  4. Lex Fridman - AI

Again, I would like to increase my list, so please let me know who your favorite YouTube podcasters are.

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Lithuanian guy, living in Denmark and doing daily vlogs about the war.

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I have a few from many that I can share.

  1. Kitco News - Interviews with various guests in finance, economics, sometimes crypto & sometimes energy/mining sector.
  2. Stansberry Research - Similar to Kitco News
  3. Coin Bureau - I don’t follow this channel as much. Only Mondays for crypto related news for the week.
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Not a podcaster but Natural Hypertrophy is my favorite YouTube channel.

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I subscribe to both Kitco and Stansberry. They lean a little too much to gold/silver and crypto for me, but I generally like them.

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I’ve found this guy to be a wealth of wisdom with interesting takes on things. He’s a horse guy but the talks he gives are damn near priceless. Solid life advice.


I used to watch REAL ONES with Jon Bernthal lol

Luke Belmar for sure

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If you wanna know something more about my home country :slight_smile:

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