Which title is pure “fearless alpha”?

For fun, which single title would you say is best for alpha in terms of:

  1. Get out of my way
  2. Don’t fuck with me or I’ll punch you in the face
  3. Respect my authority
  4. Obey me

That looks like an insecure person trying appear like a though guy. I don’t see any sub that would help do that. You also have to factor in people’s base personality. Since I’ve been running these subs, I have become pretty alpha but I highly doubt I would ever become the “Don’t fuck with me or I’ll punch you in the face” type. Those are weak people.


I guess Boxing mastery or Muay Thai Mastery would be good at this.


In my experience with ZP; Khan, Emperor and to a different extent, Spartan and strangely enough, Chosen.

Khan has a bit more finesse and charm. I feel more chill on it. Alpha, nonchalant, chill.

When I don’t like something, it’s out of sight out of mind. Meh. Confidence is very high that it takes a quite a bit to feel threatened or offended.

On Emperor I’m a bit more aggressive in my experience, mixed with my own personal intensity and temper.

(Edit: I should edit that quoted part as it might be misunderstood. Out of all the alphas this probably makes me feel the most assertive, but it doesn’t have the chill I feel on Khan as much. Punching jerks in the face is seldom a good idea)

GLM is good as well, more stoic, but “get out of my way” nonetheless. Solid inside.

Somehow similar to how I felt with Spartan but with a slightly more competitive nature.

I haven’t ran Commander as much to give an opinion, but I’m guessing that’s a title that’s also very dominant.

Chosen feels different. There’s a lot of courage on Chosen, and I feel like tackling things head on, on it, but in a positive and charismatic way, almost “sun king” kind of way. It’s just the term that comes to mind when I try to analyze how I felt on it.

I remember when I ran Chosen for a long time, I felt I can talk to anyone and imagine doing Ted talks and speeches without batting an eye. The positive reinforcement works so well that intrusive or negative, useless thoughts are dampened if not silenced.

This is coming from an introverted guy that dislikes public speaking.

Another one is Khan Black ST1. I felt like I was a teenager again. Adventurous, extroverted, brave and productive. I didn’t feel aggressive on this, similar to Khan that I just don’t notice bs that much.


I agree with @ksub as i once was insecure too and wanted to be someone people fear or else.

Since you didn’t request our advice on your insecurities i will give you advice on what you did request, i think running Emperor Black + Spartan + Godlike Masculinity/Godlike Masculinity: The Commander would make you feared.

But, since i still want to give you advice on what i think you need, maybe try running Chosen From Within and you won’t need to punch everyone in the face :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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At one period of my life, I was around martial artists a lot. National champions, international champions and so on. I never met one that projected that “Don’t fuck with me or I’ll punch you in the face” vibe. Not one. They all were nice guys. Many of them were really funny guys, always joking. Even though they were capable of demolishing anyone in a few seconds. Even UFC champions like Jon Jones, Francis Ngannou, Israel Adesanya or Anderson Silva don’t walk around projecting that “I’ll punch you in the face” energy. I also see the same attitude in people who grew up in the hood. Always walking around with guns trying to look tough. Immature little boys are the ones who want to look fearsome. Strong mature men don’t do that. They just know how to handle their business when they need to.


To me all these things to me sounds like all you need is Dragon Reborn, respect yourself and others will respect you :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:



I didn’t mention insecurities at all :wink: which is why I said “For fun”. Was bored at work and wanted to open an interesting discussion.

It isn’t about ME


Im sorry I didn’t notice you wrote “for fun” :sweat_smile:

I was thinking to myself "why the hell does palpatine want to punch people in the face :thinking: "


In some cultures it may be a mark of appreciation :slight_smile:


Yet you came up with the idea.
Do you think a part of you would love to have this effect on people?

I know that I have sometimes these daydreams about be able to use the Force or magic or some other crazy abilities. Where do these fantasies come from?
My inner frightend child? Revenge fantasied?
I don’t know. But since you’re working with hypnosis and the subconscious much longer than I do, perhaps you’ve got some insights I’m still missing.

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GLM:Co for me.

I strut so hard on that sub


What insecurities?

I told my teenager this today!

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I believe that if a person wants to be someone everyone fear because he will punch them in the face it comes from insecurity

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Why did you say Emperor Black,instead of Emperor etc

Because Emperor Black is more focused on dominance and monk mode, which means if someone interrupts your work or everything thing else you will cut them off in a dominant way.

Note: i have not ran EB, this is from my
understanding of reading the sales page

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