Which subs encourage changing one's victim mentality?


I’ve been using SubClub’s subs for over a month, and I’m becoming very aware of my victim mentality. I began this decades back to manipulate parental and authority figures for attention.

I’m back on Ascension v.2, but do any of the stack modules or main programs cover the victim mentality specifically? I’d been with a competitor’s subs again for 1 week, but I returned since SC subs strongly encourage change, coming from inside myself. Knowing about problems is one (fruitless) avenue to take, but being encouraged or even aggravated enough to change is something else. I’m seeking to change.


Ascension + Rebirth and Godlike Masculinity. That’ll help a lot.


Thanks Saint. I’d actually put GM into my playlist this morning since I’d read someone’s thread here, and he spoke of GM getting under one’s skin if they didn’t take action. I know of no other subliminals which push like SC does. I’m grateful for this, for to me, being a man means learning how to do and accept parts of life I’d rather avoid. But if nothing changes, nothing changes.

Thanks for the “push”.


@SaintSovereign, would AM work in place of Ascension for this? AM works and feels different than Ascension by itself, so I’m wondering if there might be a different outcome.


Ascended Mogul will work too, it’ll just push you to become more entrepreneurial in the process.