Which subliminal offers the fastest effect?


I want to show a friend how well subliminals are working but he absolutely doesn’t believe in it and he would never commit listening to it several days.

I guess the new Ultima subliminal would be the best proof for him seeing it working as seems to have an instant effect. Unfortunately we don’t know yet when it will be available.

Are there any other titles that have a fast impact and are great to show the effectiveness of subs?

Ascension or Emperor in my own opinion.

If his mind is set in stone, he’ll attribute any success to things other than the sub.

If he is open minded, let your success convince him.


Khan Stage 1

Tell him to loop overnight - he will become very emotionally unstable and outburst and stuff like that

Sounds paradox but this really convinced me that subclub is real

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Emperor for sure


I always heard that the less dense, the faster you can feel it, but I can’t say that’s been my experience. I felt Emperor and Stark much faster than Sanguine or Aura.

It also probably depends on what the subliminal topic is. I assume it’s easier to feel a sub with a concept easy to understand and relate with (e.g. Sex, IQ) than something like Aura…

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I would recomend Primal for this, the simple version not Primal Seduction. With the Q version the horniness is crazy.

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Or just let your friend walk his path.

If he doesn’t want it, don’t force it.

Spread seeds and some day he will come back to you. I know there somebody on this forum who does this pretty successfully :wink:


Agree with Friday you can lead a horse to water… but you cannot make him drink


Or just play this video to him:

No chance he can resist after that

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I’d go with your idea, pain is the best :joy::+1:

I have used a very large proportion of subclub. Sex mastery is the fastest by far. You can feel the results within a few hours

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Sanguine, Sex Mastery or Ascension, but to be honest any of the subliminal’s have instant effects on an experienced user since mostly you’ll have strengthened your energetic body. I can feel a subliminal change my energetic state in an instant from listening to it.

It really depends how big your battery is and how charged you’re. Quiet frankly when a person can’t grasp the reality that subliminal input conditions human behavior then it is also very truthful to state that the person is not thinking for himself and under the influence of societal conditioning, which makes him subject to having a ‘leaking battery’, these people are asleep.

Subliminal results are in direct relation with the amount of energy you can disperse, and how your disperse it, since disbelief is actually using your own energy to prevent a natural outcome through an action (listening subliminal suggestions). I guess disbelief must be covered somewhere in the main script though, it wouldn’t make sense not to shred these beliefs.

Placebo effects which is really a huge rabbit hole as you look at it, is in fact for the skeptics out there more then enough proof to belief that thoughts create reality, so why not take advantage of it. Because most of them, even when prevented with proof will not change in behavior as they’re not in control of it.

It’s a very sad thing…


I never thought of it like that, but I agree.

So well said…

What he said. It’d be in my best interest to have you push our products on your friend, but honestly, most people aren’t ready to embark on this journey. It’s one of those, “what has been seen cannot be unseen” type of things, and many just want to live their lives without delving deeper. That’s their right.


Sex mastery is the fastest and very potent for quick results .

If he’s open enough to try it, I’d go with Ascension. As I understand it, it’s results are the simplest and most “down to earth”. I started with a self esteem/self confidence sub a long time ago because I found it a lot more plausible that that a subliminal could effect that than anything else. I was skeptical at the time, so I took small steps.


There are those who want more out of life but cannot get it and then there are those who take there state of living for granted and look no further.

If it’s the former then I would say plant your seeds, I don’t even bother with the latter. Own choice of will, let them have it, it’s always the soul which energizes someone to awake and look further, if the soul isn’t doing that then it just isn’t time as of yet. There’s always karma involved when you’re influencing someones ‘will’, unless it’s bound to a soul contract.