Which sub helped you the most with women?


And I don’t mean no garbage like “oh she smiled at me”.
Which sub changed your playstyle? Increased your confidence, made you a daredevil? Caused women to be outright attracted to you by them wanting to touch you.


If you’re looking for all of that, you’d be better off searching someplace else.

Use any subliminal on Earth, taking action is still your problem, nothing will ever solve that.

And nothing should.

Get rejected by 100 women and a “smile” will turn from “garbage” to Godsent opportunity. And obviously that would mean approaching well over 100 women.


I think you need to read and learn or revise material on alpha male type, pickup and dating Dynamics, attraction level etc. This information needs to be in the forefront of your mind coupled with running the subliminal. That is actually necessary in my opinion if you want anything more than a queef of acknowledgement. This conscious knowledge is equivalent to taking action and maybe even a prerequisite in my own opinion. The sub boosts up your confidence. The concious knowledge will make the subliminal work very well for you. It will give you better understanding, paradigm shift. Have you browsed the journals? It seems like everybody has their own favorite for it.


Agree with @lowrider 100% and would love to add KHAN as a personal favourite and recommendation - it got everything covered from trauma releasing to extreme confidence and dominance. It 10x literally my results with woman


Primal Seduction would be helpful for this.


khan huh? sounds good bro


Here you can read my 6 months review: Longterm Review of Khan


Did u truly get over ur fear of being in the presence of 10/10 super hot women?


Get rejected by 100 women and a “smile” will turn from “garbage” to Godsent opportunity.

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For me for the most part yes. But sometimes I’ll still get those pussy feelings which is ok because i am able to push through it and not pay much attention to them. That’s the reality.


Back then I thought I did, but it took me additional 3 months of Khan St1 and EQ to give me the last push. When I am going to interact with a 10/10 I still am feeling a sense of “fear”. But it is more a feeling of excitement. The fear isn’t controlling myself anymore. I am not stifled by a hot woman anymore but can act like myself being mostly outcome-independet.


You should have gone with your intuition. Feel free to talk like that on your journal, but do try and minimize it on the rest of the forum, okay?

Victor’s answer may not have been what you liked to hear, but a lot of people coming to this forum have the challenge of inaction. If that’s not you, great! Keep it up.

Victor may have thought you were looking for the easy fix, when you are obviously a far superior sigma gangsta not burdened with such trivial things as actually going out and meeting women.