Which sub do I choose? I've used subs before, not here

Hello, I just recently joined the forum.

So, one, I wanted to say hello (from India).
Two, I wanted advice on which subliminal to start with…

I have been listening to subliminals (six to be precise) from another producer [Edited per Campfire Policy] for the last two months.

I’ve seen some mixed success from them.

I found out about this community a couple of days ago. And, I have to say, this feels very different.

I’m really interested in using the subliminals here. But I am really not sure where do I start.

Could you please help me choose a program (or programs) to start with? This so I can start right away…

My goal is to improve my dating life.
Something that would increase (sexual) attraction in women towards me. And also help me feel alpha male-esque bulletproof confidence around women.

Usually I’m very confident and can approach girls, but I still feel anxiety and nerves around certain women, especially those I want to date.

A quick read through various posts suggests I should start with Primal Thrive: Iron Throne. But I’m not exactly sure.


  • how many programs would you suggest I start with?
  • And should I keep listening to the other producer’s [Edited per Campfire Policy] mp3s? I guess I shouldn’t overwhelm my subconscious with too much either.

Thanks for reading this.

Keen to see what you think.


Hello and welcome to subclub!
For the mentioned goals Ascension would offer itself as a beginner sub. Maybe also Wanted.
You should only and exclusively listen to the subclub subs. Do not mix with others. I would also recommend you to start with only one sub, because you have no experience with subclub subs. Later you can build up and put together a stack.
Ascension would be my recommendation. Let’s see what the others think.


I always recommend Ascension or (Ascended Mogul) as a first sub to test the Subliminal Club technology and to build a foundation. Run that for 4 to 6 months then you’ll know where to go.


Hello @imunit,

I edited your post per the Campfire Policy. We like to avoid giving free marketing to others.

Yes, this could work. Keep in mind that just because you have experience with other producers, it does not translate to our subliminals.

Start slow, read the instructions provided and take a look through the support database: https://support.subliminalclub.com/

Start with one. Once you’re more used to our technology you can look into stacking.

We strongly recommend against mixing our programs with another. We cannot guarantee results, offer support, know what you’ll experience when mixing or even what is in another producer’s programs.


You got great advice in the previous comments.

If you would like to take a free test drive of the audios from SubClub, I would recommend Love Bomb for Humanity. It’s only 0.00 rupees ;).

After 2 cycles of that and seeing it working in your life, you can go for Ascension.


Primal Thrive. That sounds pretty kickass :joy:


Primal Seduction.


If you have the $ in your budget, the separate subs of Primal and Sex and Seduction hit different than running Primal Seduction.

Not saying “better”. Just different. I’d even go so far as to say it’s a different results profile.

I ran those in bed just last night/this morning. Woke up feeling powerful af.


How different ?

You get the full benefit of both. And running joined titles like PS or AscMogul might actually take longer

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Indeed could be interesting to run them separately when doing customs such as Stark+Primal with a Wanted+S&S.

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Hey @Fire sorry about that free marketing. Being a new member I wasn’t aware. I’ll make sure not to mention other producers in the forum. Thanks for the nudge.


Thanks for the input guys. Looks like Ascension or PS.

Honestly, I wasn’t expecting so many people chiming in to give advice. I have to say, this community is different and special. Looking forward to interacting with you and sharing my results soon.