Which product gives the best "being in the now" feeling?



I’m wondering what product gives the best feeling for “being in the now” or “being present” feeling where your ego is shut down with als its negative talk, where you just enjoy the moment without being affected by any worries or negative talk.

I got a bit of this feeling with StarkQ and KhanQ Stage 1. With EmperorQ I’m now getting a strong push to action and my mind being very active thinking of what I can do.

My guess is that Ultima will be the best for this once it is available? I hope @SaintSovereign can clarify a bit on this as this is something most people want.

I really wonder how far @SaintSovereign and @Fire can push this present feeling and killing the Ego. A subliminal where you can get enlightenment would be the best subliminal ever…no need for anything else :sunny: :blush:


They have module EGO EDSUM for that in Q store which somewhere Was mentioned is Eq to power of now .


yes, I know, but I’m looking for a standalone product that is mainly focused on this


Emperor and Stark T did it for me.


Khan Stage 1 helped me the most with that


Emperor for me also, but didn’t feel great since it was pushing me to do hard stuff hahaha

I would go with starkQ and Sanguine probably


For me it was Alchemist St1, it grounded me on the present and made the world go in slow motion , I could enjoy every detail.


Only Stage 1 or also the other stages? @Joa93


Well st1 is the one who made it happen in a really strong way, the next stages build on that feeling.
St1 is the one that made the difference, the others uses that state of consciousness to do more cool stuff.
It was less obvious for me in the other stages because I got used to be in that state.

My current custom has Alchemist st4, starkq, and SM and it gives me that being in the present experience too, but it was st1 that made it all happen for me.


Without a doubt Ultima A.



What about Ultima B and the Ultima Special you are doing now?


“Ultima Stage 1” will be our new free trial subliminal. Ultima Special is slated to become the first paid Ultima-powered subliminal.


Would running sanguine after emperor in a stack help soften the harshness of it ? I find I feel beyond frustrated when running emperor or khan st3 I don’t know how to go about taking action on my purpose do to COVID and lack of skills. couldn’t sanguine help you handle the emotions and frustrations that rise up from emperor better ?


Of course, it help handle the emotions and I’ve tryed it! But let’s be frank, you still have those thoughts that “you deserve more” pushing you and depending on how much you can manage them will be the deciding factor :wink:


Lol, are you considering a foundational subliminal with Ultima?
If not, why not :upside_down_face:


So Ultima Stage 1 essentially a healing focused subliminal?

Is the Ultima Stage 2 that I am listening to through headphones right at this moment slated to be Ultima Special?


I think only Hermit is listening to Ultima Special. All others are listening to Ultima Stark


Hermit and Saint Sovereign are listening to Ultima Special as far as I know.


I know of one more. No, it’s not me. :wink:

Knowing what Special is, I can say it would make quite a few people quite happy if it is released. I would love to experience it, since I have not yet experienced the parts that it is made of.


When is the trial being released? I have some events coming up where testing it would be very useful!