Which has the most anti-procrastination scripting?


So obviously there is Executive which is pure “go go go”. There have been accounts of receiving the same/similar results with Commander and BLU. Each have specific aspects which are of interest to me (status vs. creativity).

So my question is a fairly simple and straightforward one: which of two would you suggest has more productivity scripting between them?

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This post conflates two things:

  • Anti-procrastination scripting
  • Productivity Scripting.

I’d wager that QL is going to have the most in productivity (and potentially in anti-procrastination). What you’re looking for, however, is something that provides that short-term boost especially. That’s not necessarily a function of the amount of scripting involved.

QL >> Executive in terms of scripting, but Executive is more likely to provide that anti-procrastination feeling because it is so short and concentrated.

Personally, I’ve found the Commander to be the most effective for me. I suspect that the changes it provides provide an environment which is overall more conducive to productivity.


QL would probably be the program with the most productivity scripting. Perhaps I should have been clear that I’m looking specifically at the Ultimas for this. What will give me the most desire to do tasks as a short-term boost. QL is more permanent in its function but also would take longer to root in (and would also require me adding/switching my current custom sub which I don’t want to do because I’m not interested in stacking major titles or anything else with my current custom other than ultimas)


Honestly, I’d suggest trying each on different days and experiencing which one meets your preferences.

For me, Executive works better if the list of tasks is clear. If not, I may do unimportant shit, or simply feel irritable about being unproductive.

Commander has a better ability to make decisions / prioritise / resolve conflicts. And even though it’s push to action isn’t as hurried as Executive, it’s anti-procrastination (ability to forget time-wasting activities) is better.

I haven’t used BLU much, so can’t speak on that.


Yeah I’m currently running Executive on most days. The reason I’m looking to Commander & BLU is because I have other goals that I’d like boosts for and if I could accomplish achieving those goals/states while still being gifted the push of Executive, that would be ideal


Without a definitive answer it maybe that I end up using BLU when I want/need to be creative and Commander when I require more status. But since Ultimas can be programs of their own, instilling their scripting deeper with consistent use (e.g. when Saint was using BLU daily), I’d like to attempt that route - preferring one over another.


I beg to differ here.
QL doesnt make me NOT procrastinate.

It just “works” when I start studying.
If I dont start, it doesnt have any effect, it doesnt work, theres never any push or pull

I ran QLST4 for 5 months and I was still piss poor productive in that time

Same with ST3. It enhanced the quality of my study sessions by strenghtening my concentration. It took me a while to actually correctly execute my study sessions with the flow state from ST3.

Commander DID make me more productive
but BLU, not very much
I was still piss poor productive while using BLU.
With commander, not very much


I wrote this post while playing BLU,
If I was playing commander, I wouldnt have.