Whether or not the subliminals have any effect



I am new here although I’ve been using several subs in the past 10 years.

Wether or not the subliminals have any effect on a particular person it is very subjective.
One has to first introspect his own theme:
Which are the struggles in my life? Why do the struggles exist in the first place?
They exist not to be cursed but to be thanked, as working hard to overcome them makes me the best Me!

My lifetime struggle was how to approach the “Woman”, including my mother and my own life.
For a man, Life is the epitome of feminine force. How do we perceive our life? Is it hard to live with it? Do we have the courage to ask for its fruits (sex and money) or do we accept whatever she wants to give to us? Do we want only to please her or do we ask to be pleased in equal measure?

Ironically, in patriarchy, the Man is the one dis-empowered. Untill we, as boys, are unable to willingly detach from the maternal cord, we are yet to fulfill our true potential. And due to the various programs instilled since being in our mother womb, very few can do this detachment early in life.

I think the owner(s) of subliminalclub are doing a great work to empower the real masculine force.

Thank you!


Sovereign and Fire have revolutionised subliminals. Fire is the brains behind the algorithums and scripting. Whilst Sovereign is the product manager.