What's your set up for listening to subliminals?

Let’s talk about the most comfortable/convenient ways to listen to subliminals.

What does your set up comprise of:

Device? (Android/PC/iPhone etc)

Masked or Ultrasonic?

-For Masked:

Which headphones / IEMs / Wireless bluetooth do you use?

-For Ultrasonic:

What speakers do you use?

Do you play anything with the sub, like solfeggio frequencies, or classical music?


Guys, please do not be so secretive about your rig:

I am on Masked, via a Samsung Galaxy S8, with Final Audio F7200. From time to time, I play Solfeggio Pure Tone music at the background.

Who’s next?

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I play ultrasonic from my macbook and mostly do not listen to masked.

I used to put me into trance first and then listen to subliminal which gave me great results. But I stopped because I stole me too much time.


I go masked from phone on headphones then ultrasonic in car. Depends what I have time for.


Bose NC 700
Spotify playing on top.

Ultrasonic gave me bad ear ringing

Otherwise HD650 through an amp. Still masked.


Thanks for sharing.


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I have an LG soundbar through which I play the ulrasonics and Masked on phone with headphones.


Ultrasonic on Iphone speakers or using headphones (Bose QC35 or Creative Outlier Gold) with Spotify runnning on top. If I do ultrasonic with headphones I use the AudioShare app to set the subliminal volume at ~15% to prevent any hearing damage. I never hurt myself doing it this way.

I also use the masked version using Iphone plus headphones typically when I work and need to cancel outside noise. Also at night using headband headphones which makes it easier to sleep on the side.

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So you upload your subs to Spotify?

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No, I just run them simultaneously using the AudioShare app


Got it. I will investigate AudioShare, never knew it existed. Any drawbacks to it?

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I use it as well, it is great!


Can be a bit finicky at times, but it’s the only good one I found to be able to play different apps simultaneously. You can have your sub in the background while watching a youtube video for example. It only stops the sub if someone calls you

Won’t the sub be double masked then?if you play it with music via audio share

I only use it with ultrasonic, but it can be done with masked as well since you can set the volume for the sub separately. In that case I guess you can consider it double masked :slight_smile:

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Will that make it more difficult to hear script?

I haven’t had a problem with it. I always have music on with my masked sub.

And volumes or each track ?

I have no idea to be honest…but I did test it with FrequenSee and it picked-up the higher frequencies along with the lower ones when I played Spotify and ultrasonic together. I assumed it’d worked fine based on this

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