What's a woman's reasoning with this?

I mentioned on the post linked below how a woman I was “with” dissuaded me from runnng Khan. “You don’t need that” and so on.

I wanted to riff on that a bit but don’t want to derail the Emperor thread.

So I guess my question/thought is:

Is the main reason a woman would dissuade a guy from running a sub like Khan something like 1) Jealousy? 2) Not wanting him to be “available” to other women? 3) Something else?

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Maybe she was just paying you a compliment?


In a sense, jealousy. Humans are WIRED for wanting more power for THEMSELVES, when you ran khan it made you so attractive that she said you are my Khan, and You decided not to run it. Wanna hear from me? Don’t listen to those bullshit they say about loving a guy who is nice and blah blah.
Humans are mostly unconscious


Khan appears to be about getting the user to realize his or her own sense of sexuality and power. These two things are yours to begin with, and it is up to each individual to either leave these parts of themselves as they are or to magnify them. I’m not sure why she tried to prevent you from running Khan. Most people love to pull others down. They may tell you that they want you to succeed, but then they do things to limit your experience on this planet. People have their own issues to deal with and they project a lot of their own insecurities and fears to others. They even think that they’re helping you when all they’re doing is holding you back based on some fear that they have that seems very real to them.

I got so many subs for my partner to try, including Wanted and Khan. There were people even on this forum who were outraged that I wanted him to use Emperor. lol I’m not trying to stir up drama by mentioning this, but you know how it is. I’m not saying to just ignore the people you care about. It doesn’t sound like you married that girl, but if your wife has insecurities, then you talk about them and just continue on improving yourself.


The action to take is simple in my book. Subs are a great secret!


Some of it may be fear that she’s losing control of the relationship. Khan makes you a powerful man and sometimes its a power struggle.

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That was an old relationship. I think that finally running Khan is bringing up stuff for me to think about and consider and re-consider.

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Felt something similar after I let my FWB change my mind on something recently, which i regretted minutes later…whatever her reasoning was (conscious or not), ultimately it was easier, and more beneficial to her to offer that perspective and guide my behavior a certain way.

The direct answer to your question is: I don’t know (and it probably depends on her upbringing).

A phrase I’ve been pondering that’s related and maybe food for thought:

“People aren’t against you. They’re for themselves.”

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Well, maybe she didn’t like the idea of subliminals, thought they were hokey-pokey, and was worried you’d spend even more money on something that was fluff.

But then again, many aspects of Khan’s copywriting on the sales page could’ve turned her off. I’ll try and not pull random thoughts out of thin air, but give examples for real insecurities women I know have had about me or men I know.

I mean, pretty much the moral of everything I’m about to say is that based on the sales page, most monogamous women wouldn’t want their partners running Khan. Pretty sure it’s been mentioned that Khan is literally not a good title for most monogamous men (although there have been success stories, for sure).


  • What if she didn’t want to have unlimited sex?
  • What if she wanted you to only have sex with her, not with unlimited people?
  • What if she didn’t want a guy that was obsessed with nothing but sex and being “alpha?”
  • What if the whole Khan page generally speaking made her think that this type of person sounds like someone who would cheat on her?

“Creating a subliminal that will push even the most stubborn of individuals into action and success with women”

  • She probably, if she’s monogamous, doesn’t want you going out and getting more women. Definitely doesn’t want to know that that’s your primary goal, or that she’ll just be one of many. Khan has many many lines like this talking about an abundance of women, oozing sexuality and directing it at women, “Manifesting gorgeous women who desire to be taken by you” or something like that.

“Khan is an extremely sexual and social dominance focused subliminal”

  • Does she want someone extremely sexual and dominant? Not consciously, that’s for sure. Most women do subconsciously, and men know that, but women don’t.

Because Total Breakdown is going to break you down. Completely. Literally.

  • This is written for men’s brains, not women’s brains. If I were a girl, I’d be like, “uhhhhh, okay?? That’s a little intense, don’t you think?”

Pretty much all of Stage 3 would make most girls turn tail and run away.

I wouldn’t really call it manipulative… I’d just call it her not prioritizing your goal of being a sex god as much as you prioritize it, which is extremely natural.


I’m glad I’m running Khan now. That’s all I can say. It’s amazing as hell.


Yeah if your partner reads the description of Khan, it can be summarised as: fear.

All the fears.

All of them.



- Completely detach from and neutralize all negative societal programming in regards to masculinity and sexuality with the target goal of achieving absolute romantic and sexual freedom.

- Remove harmful societal programming that prevents you from embracing and enhancing your sexuality.

It will take for most including myself some time to attain a high degree of this. But when arriving there it’s no longer a problem and these questions don’t arise anymore, because that’s just who you are just as naturally as water seeks its own level.

But until then, there will be incongruency and that is what others pick up on and who could blame them? This incongruency is a perfect opportunity to not look out there, but instead look within and further align with Khan.

I remember years go when I was obsessed with raising my status. I was going up and down like crazy just like a yo-yo, because I was looking out into the perceived world for acknowledment that my “fake it until you make it” was really working… it was not because I got disheartened every time I saw the opposite.


I see this as liberating the listener to be free to really be able to love on a deeper level once they gain this sexual freedom because the are free to be themselves. Society places many restraints on us when it comes to expressing our love and sexuality to others. I discovered when I went on Heartsong that a lot of times people have a type who is not even their type at all. They limit themselves to be attracted to this type who has been really imposed on them by society’s standards. Sometimes the people that we’re attracted to is based on our own insecurities. People can go their entire lives fooling themselves about who they are attracted to and never finding the ones who they really want to be with at their core of who they really are.


Good point, this you see everywhere in our society, and a lot of trauma bonding(I did the opposite, never bond). I have heard couples say after 20 years of marriage that when they broke up, they say they felt like they never truly knew each other… 20 years!!

I have noticed with myself over the last years that random people open like a book out of nowhere, and the only thing I can attest to that is because they feel safe and that I listen to them without judging to much.

Last weekend I was talking to a guy outside a bar where people smoke. I looked at a woman in her 40’s maybe, and seconds later she was spilling out her repressed stuff and crying in front of me, hugging me… she was from originally from Bosnia and started telling the story about when she was 10 years at school and the bombs began to fall… I only looked at her and did not say a word to her prior to this.

All this makes one think… this never happened to me before.


This is why ZP is so awesome, because it questions you at a deep level. Changed A LOT about my sexuality for me. Or rather, re-discovered my own desires, outside of porn-induced bs.

Yes, but you, dear lady, are also already on a path to solving your issues. Been running Seductress etc so your confidence is prolly high, self-esteem, etc. So you see it for what it is. Something positive.

Someone who is insecure might see it as a thread.

This is why its so important to get your partners on subs as well :slight_smile: