Main Disc. Thread - Emperor ZP

It’s solved

This is the stack I want to try. How did it go?

Is nobody running Emperor?
Any interesting stories?

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I’ve got it in my custom. Stacking with Khan and Wanted. More assertive with me lady. Less likely to try and “nice guy” my way out of confrontations with her. Trying to be gradual with it, though.

Gotta at least give her a chance to adjust :slight_smile:


Khan and Emperor seems like an interesting mix

I bought Khan a couple years back, and a girl I knew, she was into me, and I was into her. We gave actual consideration to being together (long story that will never see the light of day on a public forum).

I bought Khan, and I told her about it, and she’s all “You’re already MY Khan. You don’t need that stuff” so I put off running it. I realize now that was some sort of manipulation tactic on her part, even if she didn’t do it consciously.

I’m running it now, regardless what any woman says or thinks :slight_smile:
Emperor is just a no-brainer because of my Empire ambitions.


Emperor is honesty my main sub to the point that I made a custom of Emperor with a lot of modules that amplifies its various aspects. Emperor ZP has really helped me grow not only as a person but more importantly as a man and helped me define what it means for me to be masculine. Helping me accept myself for who I am and what I bring to the table. Emperor has also helped me change my inner world as well and helped me dig myself out of a mental and emotional rut I have been in for a very long time


:clap: :clap: :clap:

had the same question, can I use astrology to find my stack? Well I would say YES :raised_hands: one must consider what system of astrology gives you the most accurate personality type. For instance western astrology is off by 24 degrees, that would be like driving a car that has it’s wheels out of alignment. Now if you look at Vedic astrology and pay close attention to your North/South nodes they will show what your destiny can look like if you so choose to embrace one or the other. Your South node (Ketu) represents your past and spiritual self, where as your North nodes (Rahu) represents your future and material life.
So for me Ketu is in Aquarius :aquarius: and Rahu in Leo :leo:
I love the arts and trading which is very Leo energy but at the same time I love being social and in the limelight, that’s Aquarius energy. So for my top 3 subs I chose Emperor/HOM/Stark and it feels great :blush: I would have stuck with Chosen, but it made me really angry. Later in life I will upgrade to Khan.


Emperor makes me horny.

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Who is running emperor with hom

Please share feedback.


Very good

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Does emperorZP have height inducer?
And is there any scripting in emperorZP like WANTED? Eg. That feeling of WANTED?
Or could you address any module in q store which does that?
That feeling which some people would call narcissistic.

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Bro, you literally asked me this exact same question like last week and I answered. No height inducer. WANTED’s feeling is unique because it’s a very unique program. Any module related to internal power can generate the same Wanted feeling, though I wouldn’t call it “narcissistic” at all. You just gain an a strong sense of purpose and confidence.


I am really sorry
Cuz I kinda remembered I asked it, but I searched for height keyword in the topic and I could not find it
Anyways thanks.

@SaintSovereign : Can you give me any insight into what I can expect if I run this stack for a whole year : Emperor + HoM + EoG 4.
It could very well be the stack I stick with next year. My goals are wealth, status and family.


does emperor have style and smell scripts?

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If still interested in it, try the new Refreshed Chosen. It may not have the same issues.



it is best empire stack!

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Lots of recon. It’s a rough stack. Get through it, and you’ll see your income skyrocket, most likely. But, it’s going to be an extremely harsh ride. Wouldn’t recommend.