What women want (a quick discussion)

ok…question…a woman knows 2 guys who are identical in every way, but one just happens to be filthy rich…does she pick the rich guy over the poor guy? Or does money not matter?


Of course she picks the rich guy. They are the same and many women would pick the rich guy even if he would have 2 or 3 more personality or looks flaws than the first one.
If there would be a woman who picks from two identical guys the one who has less money, I would be very confused.


I think so, too. I think another part of it is, how can a guy truly be “alpha” or “confident” if his finances aren’t in order. My finances are SHIT right now, and I definitely don’t feel as good as I could.

I’m planning out my wealth stack for long-term use, and these thoughts keep bugging me.


Being alpha or desirable does not equal rich most of the time in my opinion. Let’s say you put two men next to eachother - one is rich and good guy, he has his life figured out and would be consudered as a great husband material - the second one is a guy who works out, his job pays less and has a strong alpha attitude. He focuses on himself and progress in his life slowly.
In this case, brain pf a woman knows she should go and spend more time around the guy number one - he can give her a stable and good future for her and her future kids BUT she still wants to run away with the second one, have kids with him and support him (if she is in her right mind) to one day get him on the same or higher level than the first guy.

As long as you move forward and set yourself as a number one priprity without all the simping stuff you will always have a higher value.

I think is may also have something to do with the fact that millions years back all a woman was looking for in a man was is physical strenght (for survival and safety of her offspring). Social status usually comes second - that is only another proof of his strenght of some important kind and security.

Women will throw away their brains sometimes if they really wish for something to happen. Chad can tell her he will never be rich because he doesnt want to be and she will create a world in her head where he never said it and live in it. Women will create illusions so they can hope. They will believe their lies just so they can be happy.

Ofcourse there are some women who would picl the rich guy but if they did they are more likely insecure about themselves - they know big chad would throw them away in a bin sooner or later while mr rich is looking for a wife OR they want the money and are willing to spend a lifetime with even the biggest simps with no respect for them. I would personaľy avoid these women anyway - being rich puts a whole lot of crappy people around you.

This is my opinion I may be wrong - everybody is different but hey thats the way I see it.


Depends on their age too. If they are young (18 to 28), they prefer looks. Over that age, women usually look for money.

Luckily, all age groups of women respond to game. Not pick-up skills exactly but more like knowing how to flirt, charm and seduce with your verbal skills


Confidence and holding frame


Don’t listen to what women say they want. :laughing:
Learn basic game and you will be fine. You can’t have all the women. You will definitely have a fair share of them.

Once you use game properly you will get into their biological system to trigger attraction. This is when the logical mind doesn’t play a part of the attraction.

Attraction is not a choice



Stupid question. All else being equal of course they’d pick the rich guy.

But in order for all else to be equal they would literally need to be the same person.

Who treats her better, who is she more naturally attracted to, who do her friends like better? Those and many more cant be equal.


:roll_eyes: (need more letters)


For the most part, women are simple creatures. They just want to have fun.

They don’t choose between 2 men, they choose between their fantasies of potential excitement & romance that each man can offer.

If both men are equally boring, she’ll play with the money one – because nice experiences can be bought – and leave him when she finds a more exciting one.

Now, if one of the men is 100% Fun and 0% Money, and another is 0% Fun and 100% Money, she will choose …




Everything @IronClaws said is right, but Simon hit the nail on the head.

Women want to FEEL.
The feminine energy is always somewhat “childish.” This is also what WE like in THEM. Why rich old men go for young women.
It’s the fountain of youth.

Money is a store of energy. What can money buy? Experiences, vacations, excitement.

But this is only true for this VERY theoretical question. I wouldn’t call it stupid, but pointless. Because there are SO MANY factors that play into it.

Just remember that it’s not money per se, a woman seeks, it’s capability:

The CAPACITY to progress in life.
A woman is fine with a man that is not rich (yet) as long as he AT LEAST is following his purpose instead of wasting his time away getting a beer-belly and watching sportsball :wink:
Not everyone needs to be alpha chad, but you should at least be a man that DOES SOMETHING with his life.

Same thing that pisses you off in women. When she does nothing but scroll Instagram all day. Make SOMETHING out of your life :wink:


Being humans, I’m going to say that women probably want many contradictory things simultaneously.

But another important question is, ‘What do I want in myself?’

It’ll take a while (since I’m also human) to get some clarity on that. But once I get some, I’ll want to choose a woman who agrees at least 70 or 80%.

When you and anyone else have very incompatible perspectives on what makes life great and what makes people great, things start to get old very quickly.



I’m pretty sure this sums it all up😊


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I know to never listen to what a women when they tell you what they want from a man, because what they tell you what they want vs what they actually date, bang etc are much different men then what they say they want. This really applies like really applies to girls 18 to 35.
If she says she wants x,y,z in a man but goes after men who have A,B,C her actions speak loud and clear.
To your question there’s a lot of variables that’s not mentioned,
She may marry the rich guy but if he’s blue pilled, a simp, beta etc she may cheat on him with the poor guy or the guy who has much less money because he’s a Man who has masculine qualities.
I can’t tell you how many married women, engaged women, girls with bf’s i have come across in person and online whose girl cheated On them and the dude didn’t even know it happened.
He probably never will.
Just one example few years back during my drinking days there was a super hot tall blond girl I knew because of 2 dudes I knew who did real estate with her, she was 24ish 25 at the time married to a rich guy in his 40s. She was always at the bar and hooking up with dudes no surprise they had a divorce last year. From one of the guys I found out her hubby had money but she ran that relationship, she wore the pants.


Let’s reverse the question: If there are twin women, one is wealthy and the other is not and ALL OTHER THINGS BEING EQUAL, which would guys choose?


The daughter. :joy:


The one with bigger boobs :D. Sorry I could not help myself :slight_smile:


You know when I first read the title “What Women Want” I immediately thought of a movie that Mel Gibson did back in 2000. In the movie the main character gets electrocuted and he suddenly is able to hear what women think…
and he is able to use it to great advantage… :wink:


He got to have fun with Marisa Tomei. Yum