What sort of action to take on Regeneration?


I hope everyone is holding strong and staying safe during these difficult times!
Afterall, we among all can’t be weak!
We are different from the average people out there.

Anyway, back to the main point of this post,

I have two questions:

1st: Taking ACTION allows the subs to work faster.
What sort of action do I have to take when on a healing sub like regeneration?

2nd: is a stack of QL, Reg, Am reasonable or too heavy?

Question: Overcoming stonewalling?
More or fewer? Only a new trend?

Traumas are holding you back from something. Do this. E.g riding the bike because you had an accident in the past. Go to a bike. Sit on a it. Maybe that’s enough for the beginning. Then try to ride it…

Also letting go of things in the past consciously, e.g listening to Elixir.


@mecharc - This is a great question. My guesses are the following actions:

  • Meditation
  • Forgiving (others and ourselves)
  • Healing practices like yoga, Tai Chi
  • A good diet
  • Exercise
  • Semen Retention
  • Journaling

These are some off the top of my head.


Have you ever run Ql?

I would not listen to it as it did overpower Khan and will probably Regeneration then.


@friday I have been exposed to QL since Jan.
St 1 for a month
ST2 for 2 weeks
ST4 for my exam week which ended on 13th march.

Now I’m back to St1.

AM and Regeneration are completely new to me.


Thank you!


Hmm, what is your goal with Ql in that stack?


Finish Education,
Learn and implement programming (no prior computer science background)
Rewire my neural pathways anchored to Porn.
Have a faster thinking mind


I don’t see any problems with stacking then. Wish you all the best!


My question is ‘Are the results permanent’ or they are like temporary cure for emotional trauma. Is it like “I used Regenration for X months and now it’s all cleared up. I know , because I have stopped listening to it and I am not affected by the past trauma”

Or is it,

“I listened to Renegeration for X number of months, but after I have stopped listening to it, all that past trauma is coming back to me”



Haven’t used Regeneration but Khan St1 Total Breakdown which is very similar. For what I can tell, the results are permanent. You just forget about your traumas as they do not bother you anymore. Also with enough action taking you integrate the new you even more.


Find a way to address that which you are attempting to heal. This can be done in many ways, journaling about your emotions toward a particular subject for example. Exposure therapy is another. Your goal is to heal/fix a trauma so the actions you take should be in that direction


Anyone running regeneration or any healing sub can assist in how to take action?
Or should one just run that particular sub?
What will happen if you can’t remember your trauma or incident that affected you?
How will you identify a negative behaviour that started when you were 10years old?


Inbox pls.


From my experience with regeneration, the subliminal has done most of the work, I simply realized that I had accepted certain traumas of the past and I had a great desire to think about the present and improve. However, I must say that I am a person who asks many questions and is very careful about how he feels, so I already knew several of my traumas.
I think taking action can be useful depending on the trauma. For example, if you don’t talk with girls anymore, because a girl 5 years ago made you suffer a lot, it might be useful to go out and talk to girls. in this way, you are helping regeneration to fight that trauma.


Great insights!:+1:


I have my own way of using Regeneration. At the first half of a day I use another subs. During the day I take notes of memories or some thoughts that pop up and I things are wrong. Even if the memory seems not traumatic or bad, I take notes anyway because later when I will run Regeneration and dig deeper, there I can notice some childish behavior or some other stuff.
At the end of the day I run Regeneration. During this time I imagine the situation as much real as possible. I pay close attention to a tension in my body, in which part it is, observe it. Usually the tension starts to increase, my body even can start shaking and then there will be release. I also like during feeling the tension to switch off the image. In this case I can clearly see that this is just tension and not the situation is a cause of a bad feeling.
I often can see two opposite states. In one state I can be scared while on another one I can be over confident. I remove both of them. I believe that it is important to recognize behavior that feels good but the cause of it is some weakness. From my point of view, I am confident when I don’t think about confidence at all. Just act normally.
During observing the situation I try to go to the cause, ask a lot of question. The problem is not in bad emotion but why do I feel it. What do I really want in this situation? Honesty with myself is a key.
I repeat the imagination until the feelings are gone.
After releasing the emotions, tension, I imagine how current I with current maturity would act in this situation.
After that, I work with another situation.
Regeneration you can use not only for healing from traumas but also from bad habits and unpleasant feelings. I liked to spend my time watching sport events, read sports news on the internet when I had free time before. Because of Regeneration I don’t have those habits anymore.
If you don’t know your past traumas, you can imagine situations where you are uncomfortable with, some habits that you would like to remove. My suggestion is to be proactive about healing and not to wait that the sub will make it for yourself.
My method seems complicated but once you get it you will be able to work with about 15 situations a loop.


Really appreciate that technique!
Thank you


Consider doing Revision:


Very good technique …similar to what @btaras mentioned
Thank you @Sirchiropractixalot