What podcasts do you guys listen to for growing ones masculinity?


Podcasts, books, audiobooks ?
what are some good men do you guys recommend looking into to raise ones masculine energy can be a person who has a podcast, has a book or audiobook.
I feel like a man child and want to learn to become a man especially a mentally tough man


I’ll try to give more resources later, but a book that really comes to mind is The Way of Men by Jack Donovan. Changed completely how I view my friendships and dynamics with other men.

RSDTyler on Youtube is also awesome. Some really transformational stuff I’ve seen from him.


Cory Wayne has a free amazon audio. It’s called the How to be the 3% Man. Useful info after you get past his Chest puffing.:slight_smile:


.02 cents here. Feel free to bypass it.

Personally, I think you’d be better off going hiking, doing survival activities, learning how to fix and build things.

Also from the esoteric side, if you’re open to it, have a look at where Mars is in your natal chart. (www.astro.com ) The sign of Mars is said to represent your own version of masculinity in this lifetime. Some signs are a bit more challenging for masculinity because they’re at odds with the main cultural norms of masculinity. Once you know that, it can take off some of the judgment and you can focus on just maximizing your effectiveness.

The way the planets and signs work is that the planet has a particular job to do. The signs are the office and work setting where they can get that job done.

The job of Mars is masculinity. It deals with aggression, competition, self-assertion, establishing yourself, defeating that which blocks you or stands against you. Displaying your will and greatness. This includes letting you know what your ideal forms of physical exercise may be.

That is Mars job. Your chart also tells you in which office your Mars needs to do that job. Including what tools and what working style are available to Mars.

My Mars is in Pisces. That’s a challenging placement according to psychological astrology. Mars (Masculinity) is about standing for something, striving, and competing. In contrast, the Pisces ‘office’ is about blending, harmonizing, dissolving of boundaries. Pisces is empathic, intuitive, and dreamy. ‘This could be true and that could be true too.’

So, that’s considered a challenging placement; or a challenging ‘work setting’ for Mars to work in and get his jobs done. He’d much rather be in a Roman coliseum, with a good rack of weapons in easy reach, armor and shields, and so on. An athletic field or a battle field would also be pretty great for him.

Mars in Pisces is a little bit like that old Arnold Schwarzenegger movie Kindergarten Cop. Where the deadly effective special ops, FBI agent has to go undercover as a kindergarten teacher.

In short, it kind of cramps his style.

But your placement also gives you clues about strategies to express your version of masculinity. That Pisces placement is about emotion, spirituality, and art. Through personal experience, I learned that music was a powerful driver for my physical workouts. If I hear the right song, I’ll do more reps. Thank god we have portable music players. Using the right music, I actually worked up to a 4th set, 270-pound bench press for 4 or 5 reps a few years ago! Mars got what he wanted. (I later went vegetarian, and my bench press went way down, but that’s another freaking story.)

Anyway. Long story short. One interesting source of insight about your own masculinity can be checking out the Mars placement in your birth (, or natal) chart.


Also, people seem to like this guy a lot.

And like @i_am said, RSD Tyler (aka Owen Cook) will get you there too.



There’s unlimited resources …but don’t overdo the theory as will fry your brain …lool


These are my favorites


There are a few out there that are worth checking out such as Knowledge for Men , The Art of Manliness, and Order of Man
Just be a bit careful because obviously some of the information in the masculinity sphere tends to lean heavily towards the alt right. Unless of course that’s your thing
Don’t overcomplicate anything or let something or someone else define you.


I have mentioned this person in other posts and he is probably my favorite self improvement writer


same boat…

biologically man, mentally boy…

go listen to eliott hulse, rollo tomassi


self improvement is like mental masturbation…

too many junky life coaches mushrooming in the past 5 years…

no matter how they present it, the fundamentals will always be the same.


yeah, got brain fried…


I’ve read this book once and put it away hmm I’ll reread this time around but take notes.


I’ve watched some vids of his but never read his book I just added it to my amazon list and will delve deeper into his philosophy of life as well as Jack Donovan


hmm my Mars is in Gemini in my natal chart. This is interesting I never thought to look at this issue on a esoteric level. How did you get into astrology?
as for fearless man I love his work he’s very underrated. I posted some links to his vids somewhere on here


just added it to my list will listen to one podcast of each to get a feel for them. Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:


I actually have a hard copy of that book but never read it. I will definitely read his book. Mark Manson is mentioned so much in the manosphere especially his book called models that I don’t know why I’ve never looked into him. Someone gave me the subtle art of not giving a fuck and I still haven’t read it. that’s changing now thanks !


I’ve been binging a little bit on Jordan Peterson and a guy named Jocko and in one vid JP talks about being a man child that really woke me up,
As for Jocko man this guy is just pure masculinity, listening to him talk really motivates me to take action


Tatespeech, Tateconfidential.
Real men.


Become a stoic, and you won’t need anything else. Grow everyday. Thanks.