What messages are in the subliminal recordings?


Where can i find out what’s actually being said in the subliminal recordings? Thanks in advance for any information.


You can’t. Trade secrets. If they were shared, SubClub would have to switch to Patreon while the competition created remarkably similar products.


Thanks for letting me know. As I contemplate investing in some of these programs, it feels a little odd allowing subliminal messages into my subconscious without knowing what they are.

On the other hand, the scores of positive user reviews speak for themselves. Thanks again.


Hey @subliminalguy62

We definitely understand your concerns, that’s why we’ve adopted a unique way of scripting that adapts to your beliefs rather than us imposing a viewpoint on you. As a side effect, it’s often harder for you to “feel” what the subliminal is doing (since you’re not getting angry or euphoric based off the input).

Some more questions

Thank you, that makes sense.

Are the messages voice recorded or some kind of sound-waves. Excuse my newbie questions, I’m pretty new to all of this.


Oh I did not know that haha. Very interesting to see still very similar results between guys who run the same sub. Doesn’t this make the sub a little less effective in some degree? I imagine a stubborn old man with bad or “less helpful” viewpoints getting not optimal effects out of the sub. For example, him being extremely delusional could result in him taking action in the wrong direction…
Ahh thats why stage 2 of Khan is so important! Because it questions your beliefs! Or better because you are questioning your own beliefs. Ahaa :wink:


No problem – ask as many questions as you’d like.

We employ a proprietary synthesis between a very expensive text to speech suite and recorded human voices (since the TTS often messes up pronunciations). The latter is why it takes so long to build titles. We have to listen to the ENTIRE script multiple times to make sure we get it right.

We’re actually working with a fledging AI voice startup to automate this process without sacrificing quality, but our programmer is having some trouble working with their API.


I love how accessible and open you are to answering questions, thank you for that, it’s much appreciated.


I don’t think it’s less effective. The only major difference is that the sub isn’t “felt” as easily as others. With the traditional model, you run into what other producers call “resistance,” as your subconscious is resisting the subliminal script. Resistance is something you definitely feel both physically and emotionally, and people take that as the subliminal “working.”

We call our response “reconciliation,” because the challenges to your subconscious causes a different effect (based upon what we’ve seen) – less physical, more mental. For example, I’m currently running an EoG / Khan stack, and I keep having this “loss of identity” sensation. I’m a creative at heart, but for the past few years, I’ve been so heavily stuck on building a business empire that I’ve neglected that creative side. Now, as that creative side re-emerges, I’m having this sensation of “I don’t know who I am.”

Being an avid subliminal user and now producer, I have the experience to know what to look for, so it makes it easier for me to identify what’s the sub is doing. But, I can imagine someone not necessarily familiar with the practice of mental alchemy would have issues with that.