What is the science behind this?


Okay, I’m completely new to this and completely skeptical about it. I listened to Ascencion free version for a few hours ( I know its not long enough to notice results) if results are even real. Im wondering if the developers can explain what the science behind these programs are. And honestly Im very surprised that nobody here questions the validity of the programs before spending their money, seems like alot of people just want to believe in something ( or it might be real). At this point it seems too good to be true and I would just like some explanations, before considering spending my money on it.

Again, no disrespect, just a healthy level of doubt
Thank you.

inb4: “If you dont believe it dont try it blablabla”


Take a look : https://www.subliminalclub.com/do-subliminal-messages-work-yes/

The creators of the subliminals will probably be able to tell you more.


Yeah, I read that but it seems like such a small study to base everything on. Honestly what got me somewhat interested was reading all of the testimonials on this forum. Either this is kind of true or all of you are bots created to post positive responses haha ( Im not claiming this is true, but its definitely a possibility)


Hello and welcome to SubClub. :slight_smile:

As @ksub posted, you can find some studies on the link there.

I would like to invite you to keep running Ascension Lite and see for yourself. The thing is, while science is one of the best ways we currently have to find out what works and doesn’t, it is important to remember that science doesn’t always have all the answers.

Years and years before, people believed that 4 turtles held up the Earth, until the actions of individuals who went against the grain. Those individuals who, even though science might not be backing up their ideas right then, took a leap and opened their eyes by themselves.

I invite you to keep being skeptical of both our products and science in general, and take a leap. That is how both genius and mastery is achieved. :slight_smile:

if you have any specific questions, feel free to ping either @SaintSovereign or myself.


Thanks for the reply, from what I have read you are the one who “codes” the subliminal messages, correct? You do understand how somebody can doubt the effectiveness of this method right? If you say science doesn’t have all the answers than what mechanism backs these subliminal messages and makes them work? Im not asking for business secrets, I would just love some more clarification though, which seems to be lacking throughout the website.


Yes, of course.

The mechanism behind it is the subconscious. What you input into the subconscious will inevitably be outputted in some form, as a behavior, a body reaction, etc.

You can think of the subconscious as a part of your mind that is behind the conscious mind, storing all the information, controlling the processes of your body, integrating and making sure everything works smoothly.

An easy to understand example would be… Imagine you are driving to work, and on a building you see an advertisement for a burger. Day in and day out you go to work, and you don’t really notice the advertisement.

When you go to a burger place, you are more likely to buy the burger that was advertised, since the advertisement had words such as “Amazing, super tasty, buy!”, that painted a picture in your subconscious, even though you weren’t consciously aware of it. Maybe you didn’t even know the ad was there, but you automatically registered it anyway.

A similar concept can be applied to subliminals, except the information is a thousand times more complex and is actually beneficial to you.


A good scientist is one who asks the right questions.

Why is study sample low? Because science is expensive and the top funders are pharmaceutical companies and military/governments. The “placebo effect” is the mind doing the action. If someone has a headache or other ailment and you give them a sugar pill and that ailment goes away it was the subconscious fixing the issue. Since pharmaceutical companies are in business selling drugs they will not fund science about the healing power of your mind or intentionally hide it. Government/military regardless of the outward appearance of freedom want control over the governed. They may fund the studies but any studies that show people are easily manipulated would of course be hidden for plausible deniability if accused of using on their citizens. The other is universities but they are chained to funding of the first two and will definitely cave if either the two says they will pull funding if certain studies aren’t stopped or intentionally skewed. So that is the predicament that science is in. Powerful entities in control of what becomes public knowledge.

The consciousness mind is only able to process a small amount of data but the subconscious can process a vast amount more. While consciously we’re unable to interpret the subliminals but subconsciously it can which bypasses the critical factor like the tool of hypnosis. With repeated exposure the instructions while start being acted on subconsciously.


Everyone here has posted good answers to your questions. If that’s not good enough for you, so be it — don’t use the programs. Just do NOT continue to accuse an entire community of people of being deluded simply because you don’t want to believe something is real.

We’ve sold thousands of subliminals, with less than 15 refunds — some of these people have never visited this forum, but emailed their results to us after having their lives changed. You do not have the right to discredit them and claim they’re “just looking for something to believe in” simply because we’re engaging in a form of self-development that the corporate / military / pharmaceutical / industrial complex has yet to explore and probably won’t because they can’t make money from it.

Use the free subliminal or purchase one and take advantage of our 30 day refund policy. Just please don’t accuse us of fraud, or others o being delusional.


An easy test would be to run the free ultrasonic Ascenscion Lite track from your phone placed on the nightstand for 30 days as you sleep. You will notice effects and it will require minimal effort and no cost.

These tracks work, but you will need to run them consistently to see the effects.


Its not just about running the subliminals for 30 days and you will notice the effects. You have to also be stepping outside your comfort zone on a daily basis understanding exactly what goals you want to achieve. Only then will you see amazing results !.


My take is that running Ascension consistently for 30 days he would notice effects no matter what, just by going about his day to day activities.

I am not talking about amazing results, but rather simply proving that the subliminals have an effect.


I never accused anybody of fraud, Im going to give to programs a try and report back


Im going to try it and report back, so the changes are noticeable? Because I thought since this method is based on the subconscious that the user wouldn’t be able to notice the changes.


Yes, the changes are very noticeable, especially if you’re very self-aware of your internal landscape. Hence, why we recommend journaling (offline or online). It’s easier to see the changes.


My perspective is that all “this” is just another mechanism for delivering “Suggestions” to the Brain / Subconscious Mind.
If there is scientific evidence for Hypnosis, Affirmations, etc., it counts as evidence for Suggestions.

Unique to Subliminals is that they are a passive way to deliver large quantities of Suggestions to a person.

The only science I wonder about is our ability to “hear” the Suggestions when they’re masked or ultrasonic.


I see subs the same way you do, they hammer suggestions in your neural pathway! Even if subs works for me, I still don’t understand how I can hear them hahahaha


We explain exactly how ultrasonic subliminals work on the website and in the instruction manual. The real issue is whether you choose to believe that explanation or not.

Masked on the other hand, is much more simple. We painstaking hide the script within the masking track. It’s a long, arduous process, but it works. If you listen very closely, you can hear momentary glimmers of the script.


I meant wonder as in “being in wonderment”. I carry no doubts about the science or the effects of SubClub products. :slight_smile:


Yes. I’ve experienced that. Especially at high volume.


Is there a time span in which it begins working? Ive been running the ascension free version since I posted.
Am i doing something wrong? I run it on headphones for around 3 hours in the morning, then on speakers for around 1 in the evening and leave it running over night on the speakers.

Thank you