What is the best sub to become fearless?


I realized last night after I began reading the 50th Law that so many if not all of my issues are fear based


Fear only exists when you don’t know how to handle the situation.

Sanguine works extremely well for this, add in PCC as well.


I can give my vote to Sanguine too. It makes me relaxed with others.


I’m currently running PCC I will add Sanguine. Thanj You


From all the stacking modules, sanguine is pretty much the most phenomenal one, at least in my opinion.

Run it for an entire day and get yourself into a discussion, you’ll understand what I mean.


Emperor v4


Just got sanguine because of that comment, I feel like maintaining confidence is a big challenge for me right now.


I also feel like sanguine works in a different way, scripted differently. Apparently it has the ‘Weapon X’ scripting used within it, somehow it works very phenomenal at doing what it needs to do. Trust me, you won’t regret you purchase with this one. Only a 10 buck investment I thought it was, well that’s 10 bucks to have an answer ready in every discussion or conversation - and it’s pretty flippin powerful!


How many loops do you recommend for sanguine?


I do 2 loops daily but it depends on how much of a Sanguine you would like to be. I’ve had days where I played Sanguine only so I really have a knowningness of what this subliminal is capable off. I would say have it play one whole day and you’ll get a grasp of what it can do for you. On to other hand I always listen to my intuition, 2 loops feels good enough for me to sustain a lot of the beneficial side effects of Sanguine but yet every person is different, I would say listen to your intuition and do what feels right for you.


I am going to run PPC , Sanguine, & Ascension to become fearless and do what needs to be done


Looks like the perfect stack for you goals. Good luck.


Hermit, Sanguine comes in both Ultrasonic and Masked? Or only Ultrasonic? I’m interested in this stack module.


Both masked and ultrasonic.


Ascension is the best And works fast


Has anyone given a good run with Spartan? Would this maybe not make you fearless, but help you to be mentally strong and do what you need to do despite the fear? Or is it just for physical activity?


I added Sanguine to my stack last night, and I ran it today. I’d not looked for such things before, but when I was out doing laundry, I was ready to talk to ANYONE. I began a discussion where I’d normally be in self-protection mode. It boosted my confidence–but I was relaxed, not scared.

Thanks for pointing this out. I’ve owned it almost a year, and I’d not run it much at all. I was glad to see quick results. Thank you :smile:


@HappyHero - oh yes. Running Spartan will make you mentally strong too. It actually helped me when I was running Khan and Khan had a lot of reconciliation and Spartan helped me with that. The difference is palpable.

@subliminalguy - haha yes! After I added Sanguine, I just have to open my mouth to let out a flood. There’s no stopping me after that if I want. My conversation skills are even better now since I added it 2 weeks ago.

Although I must admit that having Godlike Masculinity in my stack does make me more masculine and disciplined in my speech. I know when to stop.


Sanguine is my favorite :slight_smile:, somehow it really matches my way of talking, living, being.

Exactly as described above. It feels like you channel an answer to every question or argumentation in a conversation without the need to think about it.


I would love to see all stacking modules be written in ‘Weapon X’ technology, I think it might have to do something with the effectiveness in Sanguine.

@Simon you might be able to elaborate on this. You’ve got a lot of experience with all subliminal technologies here. What do you think?