What is failure?


I would like to open a thread to discuss this question.

What do you think is failure?

What is your appetite for risk? Would you be willing to lose all your money and sleep on the streets if that leads your goal?

How much are you willing to sacrifice/lose in order to achieve your goals?

To what extent are you expecting to fail in the process of running your subliminals?


Minimalism is a failure, not living up to your potential.


Failure used to be something I thought everyone should avoid. It was tied to shame, so I definitely avoided it.

But I then began hanging out with a peer who greatly desired to get wealthy. One thought leader in the area of wealth creation pushed something, and I thought it insane at first.

He promoted failing FAST. Failing early. He sounded unstable. But…this was my main reason I had taken no business challenges. I felt something in me telling me I was missing something.

It’s roughly 10 years later, and I now see the real value of failing. Being afraid of failure kept me poor. When I finally took on some risk and failed, I began seeing failure as a real teacher for me. Failing allowed me to see what was real and what was fake.

Allowing myself to fail has opened up my mind more. I’ve gone much, much farther financially since accepting some failure in my life. It’s been my biggest teacher. And I’m starting to long for experiences in other areas of life, specifically in relationships.

Failing has allowed me to grow in ways I would never have imagined.


@subliminalguy Thanks for writing this.

This is really a story of growth and learning. I think failure is really one of the best teachers around and it is a pity the societies we live in don’t tolerate that.


I agree. It is a story of growth and learning. It’s who we hang out with who influence us the most.

I’m sitting here wondering what this looks like in dating and relationships. (barring following the many gurus)

I’ve yet to put my toe in the water here. hmmm…

Thanks for starting this thread.


Depends on the paradigm. Failure to me is not getting the results i wanted.


What?? Seriously?


Failure is not or being unwilling to learn from your mistakes



Failure is giving up. When you give up you turn temporary setbacks into failure


You got a heavily flawed dictionary if you believe minimalism is not living up to your full potential.


This. :point_up_2:t2:

There are only 2 ways to fail – giving up, and/or running out of time. :smile:


Failing is normal and part of the process of success

Failure is self deception, cynicism, stubbornness, ignorance to the point where you give up, your performance is not yielding results and your unwilling to change something, your actually not open to what’s possible because that it threatens your familiarity or identity, you talk and think more about what you could do, how things should be than do anything about it, or your tired of getting hurt and settle, and the biggest one of all-your waiting for something to change/external and don’t even realize you’ve already given up.


Yeah, I have another definition of minimalism which is not related to what you have but to what you do and who you are. It’s not about “to have” but about “to be” and “to do”. It’s about being complacent and staying in your comfort zone, having no ambition and no higher goals.


I got a definition for greatness – to jump off the cliff. Greatness is cowardice :rofl:

Might wanna consider a new word for that.


Good luck then.


My appetite for risk is not so great, I’m cautious by nature, and I am not a very gambler, but depending on the desired outcome and if the means are honorable, I will push myself to go for it.

With that said, I believe as long as one is alive, one has a chance to win. Failure to me is dying without at least trying to reach for what you wish for.