What in ear monitors do you use?


I have been really enjoying the Tin Audio T2 IEMs that I bought from Drop a couple of months ago. Excellent sound for $35.

I also have a pair of KZ ZSN Pros that I think are quite amazing for the $20 I spent.

Both sound better than the Shure IEMs I bought for $100 back in 2014.

I will say, though, that the Shure’s have the best fit and are the most comfortable of the IEMs I have. They just don’t sound that great.

I like to have a pair of IEMs with my light and sound machine, a pair in my car, and a pair in my office.


These are my favorite model right now. Many compelling reviews around. Just to be clear, this is not my review.


@dorfmeister that’s cool! So the Tin audio has the best sound out of all the ones you tried? I’ll try them out next time I need some. Just bought some earbuds last month and a Bluetooth neckband with speakers last week which I’m very impressed with. It has speakers and earbuds on them. I can turn the volume all the way up for ultrasonics and absolutely no distortion from the speakers at all. Much better than my last pair. I don’t play them that loud though :wink:. Maybe 4th volume step. And they are rated 20khz. These are the ones.


Looks cool, Lowrider. I have never owned any bluetooth in ear monitors. I don’t mind wired. I don’t want to have to charge up my headphones.

The Tin Audios are good and inexpensive. I am sure there are many better IEMs out there, but the Tins have great bang for the buck.

I previously had some Westone UM-1s that were good and some Shure E2Cs which were ok.


Just ordered these.



http://store.hifiman.com/index.php/re400-in-ear-monitor-free-shipping.html - this is my current set up: one pair for the day and another one for night.

I have RE800 as well, but they are a bit bigger and uncomfortable to wear the entire day
Sennheiser IE80 are my second choice for whole day usage
Sennheiser True Wireless: way too bulky and again uncomfortable foe everyday, multiple hours
AKG N40: light, comfortable, too much noise cancelling to my liking since I do wear these the entre day. Defintely recommended: https://www.akg.com/Headphones/Earbuds/AKG+N40.html?dwvar_AKG%20N40_color=Black%20%2F%20Silver-GLOBAL-Current#start=1