What does healing feel like.?

I feel like when one wants to become an alpha and are starting from a low point more than likely healing is a good first step but I feel like its a step many,including myself want to skip altogether.

So I ask what does healing feel like.?

Someone requiring healing,how would you motivate someone to want to take on such a journey.? It’s easy to motivate someone that wants to get laid to have them run khan but when someone needs to heal what are results from doing so that would be strong enough to motivate someone to take that on what can we expect at the end of the tunnel.

I feel like @Lion and @JCast would be excellent contributors to this question and if I missed anybody I apologize and feel free to motivate any future members reading this to take on a healing journey.


I think people have different experiences of healing.

For me, I tend to find various thoughts and insights coming to my mind. New ways of thinking about and looking at situations, other people, and/or myself.

I start having memories of negative experiences.

I remember times when I was upset and kind of re-experience it.

I get a feeling of retroactive anger

Then gradually, the past issues begin to dwindle away.


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Limit Destroyer



It depends where one is coming from and what is healing. Trauma and blockages can clear easily and harmoniously, or it can feel like hell (personal experience).

It can clear through old memories coming up to be dealt with, old feelings coming up to be resolved.

Old situations or people from your past can crop up.

It all depends.


well,from my personal experience ,I knew something is wrong with me…that realization set me off to the path of finding solutions…

human being could be really stubborn sometimes in terms of changing …most of time ,either we move towards carrot .or move away from rod…

I had enough emotional pains and disgust and dissatisfaction also I saw the lures…the potential of the possible brighter outcomes…

I have the carrot also the rod…there is no way I will go back to the old way of living…I just simply know that doesn’t work for me…so that is the reason why I decided to heal myself…

and what does healing feel like ?

it feel like the sweetest dreams and shittiest scums mixing together and being choked in mouth…through your heart ,your spleen ,your liver,your lung and your kidney…it breaks up your whole body and builds you up…
sounds intense ? I am sorry if I made it sounds really bad…but it should be hard …not necessary that hard all the time…you do experience the sweet refreshing moments from time to time…you do see your self making gradual improvements in the small things if you have a keen awareness of your internal state/self…you do get the feeling of being good enough…you do start to see yourself glowing as a whole new person not because you get a good reaction from others but you finally feel that you are totally free from the past…from the shackles on your back…you do finally see your true potential is within your reach…

the end of tunnel ?

who knows …probably there is no tunnel…there is no the end…we just keep going and growing…at one point…we just realize…oh ,we are all the same…we are just doing what we could to make it seems more bearable…preferably…more pleasant for everybody involves…


Are you down to share one personal experience that you had clear up and once it healed you instantly knew it did and how you felt once it did.?

You’re way of explaining it makes it seem painful but rewarding. I guess you can say it feels like a huge weight lifts off your shoulders and makes you feel like you’re capable of damn near everything once the baggage clears.


healing is like shedding your old skin and being reborn once again like a snake shedding its skin

things used to intrest you, does no more

things you thought it was you and thats just a personal trait, that youre a senstive person or an angry person

that all dies and vanishes

healing is not easy, but its where to start in your journey

healing and resolving your traumas will give birth to a new you,
once you resolve traumas and childhood traumas

you will connect to the love within, will no need anything from the outside but just you (you will always go inside)

we are creatures made out of love, But fear and traumas is whats blocking us from living our eternal state, which is love

life will become with ease and more light

you will find things in life unfolding with ease, no struggles and getting stuck

will blow up this thread if i keep going on

healing is the way, the first step into greatness

“All of humanity’s problems stem from man’s inability to sit quietly in a room alone,”
Blaise Pascal


it does get better…but the path is never flat line…


Awesome response I wish you had kept going I almost headed to the store to purchase Regeneration because of your post. :grinning:


Facts. Only healing I ever did was Khan St1 but I might have stonewalled when I did it but I could tell it was working but not without the painful recon. Sometimes I wonder if like Ascension may be needed b4 running Khan whether for healing something like regeneration would be needed before something like DR🤔


for example

i used to want to sleep with girls 24/7 and i was always looking for a girl to spend the night with i used to seek their love and validation

after being reborn once again, i seek no love from the outside to validate my own self worth

i would love to enjoy an intmate sexual realtion with someone that i deeply love and feel connected to

but i wouldnt dare to go intmate with someone whom i dont feel deeply connected 2

my core values has changed , i am no longer the same guy ive litreally changed 300 degrees
i do not know the old me,

thats just a small aspect


Claro. I dealt with abandonment and neglect as a child and went through the foster system before being adopted at 9.

At 24, I did a meditation with my inner child and emotions I didn’t know I had came up and I wailed for a few minutes and once that was done, I felt a weight I didn’t know I had release in my chest.

Since then, I’ve had less issues with fear of abandonment.


@Ninjistic Muy Buena Respuesta.
You’re journal was one I actually thoroughly read and based on your last post I can tell that healing must have taken place when you ran regeneration and Ascension right.?

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heres a simple exciting way of saying how it feels or how it is

see yourself right now?, the reborn version of yourself is something you cannot imagine in your concious state right now

cause its beyond your consciousness!! thats how exciting it is!!!

you literally cannot imagine it !!! cause its something you wouldnt expect at all!!

im talking 300 degrees of change!! a new you!!!

im talking from my own experince and journey,

i didnt heal by choice, i was forced 2 by the universe

ive once hit rock bottom, the deepest and darkest place in the universe at age 18

They call it " The dark night of the soul"

you dont have to experince it to heal, you can always heal with ease and love, by making a decison

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Thanks for tagging me, bro.

I have done, Elixir, Regeneration, Khan ST1 and Dragon Reborn so I can safely say that:

The pros of healing with respect to its attractiveness are, in my personal experience, the following:

  • You get to take a more laid back approach compared to other titles that deal with wealth, seduction, being alpha. More mental and emotional work compared to action. Me being in my head most of the time loves it haha. Now don’t jump on me for saying this if you believe loads of action is necessary. Am sharing my personal experience here :smiley:

  • Getting to understand yourself. You will get beautiful realizations about your life and your being. Even re-reading my own Elixir + Regeneration journal makes me nostalgic for those moments because the experience was very enlightening in a gentle, loving way.

  • You understand others better because you understand they are human. Just like yourself. This has nothing to do with being equal or things like that. More to do with becoming naturally patient with others because you know you can do the same mistakes too. And the same victories.

  • Release of traumas that have cathartic effects on your being. You might feel depressed, lonely, irritated and angry. But allow all of it to go with the help of these subs, and you will feel so strong in your heart and mind as if you have been made better by those past traumas and you don’t regret having lived through them anymore. This is remarkably different from trying to let go without the help of subclub subs. And trust me I have tried forgiving and letting go before discovery subclub and they only worked temporarily. Subclub subs work on a more deeper level.

  • You get less triggered by other people. Oh the peace of mind that comes from not having people push your buttons. But wait, it’s even better than that! It’s more like: “LOOK MA! NO BUTTONS!”

  • You appreciate life in all its various colors and flavors. Even sadness takes on a softer glow instead of its previous harsher aspect.

  • Other people will say things like “You have changed” to you in an appreciative way. Because you have. You have faced your dragons… and won.

These are just some of the benefits I remember at the moment. Hope they inspire you, my friend.

EDIT: one extra benefit of healing which am sure you will appreciate is that my “fear of rejection” from women reduced everytime I was running any healing title. Sure this would come in pretty handy when running seduction titles later. Excellent foundation for alpha titles too.


i used to feel cringe a lot, and i mean like a lot,

anything edgy or anything triggers me and i feel cringed like i used to watch (trying to pick up girls youtube videos, and when they reject them damn the cringness i would feel or if they approach a girl in a weird way i would cringe so hard)

i wanna officaily say that ive never felt cringe since 2 years
people cringing at tiktok cringe videos doesnt move me hahahah :rofl:
( 2 years ago which was when i healed and resolved my issues)

healing is exciting

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Would you say Khan Stage 1 was the same as in in your head kind of feelings?

Did you not see external results on Khan Stage 1?

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Brilliant! I must admit that when you talked about feeling bad or embarrassed for others before but not now, I can relate to this a lot! A very good point.

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hahahah! thats what im talking about buddy :rofl: :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :fist: :fist: :fist:

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