What are people’s thoughts on masterbation affecting results?

I just wanted to see some opinions on this considering most products are about sex and masculinity and all that. Is it possible that masterbation hinders results?


That depends on the masturbation. PMO?


Does ejaculating affect your results? I think so, in my personal experience. Rubbing one out as long as it doesn’t become a habit with porn has never really brought me down in the sense of results.

But PMO, in my personal experience, is poisonous to positive results I’ve expected. Not that they don’t come; they’re just delayed.

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I think porn like anything else is fine if its not abused. The guys that are watching it 2-3X a day if not more and have no social life with women thats a problem and i think it would affect results. But if you have no problem talking to women and your social life is good doing it once in a while wont be a problem. A porn addiction is different then watching it ever so often. I think it would hinder results if for example your running primal seduction but your not going out to take action and your rubbing a few out a day, that wouldnt be very optimal.

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When I watch porn and jerk off to it, I am not as social and on point as usual.

Masturbating with visualization including using “audio porn” is fine though.


I have a more polarized opinion

I think if you watch prn on any sort of regular basis, you’re screwing yourself plain and simple
Too many things satisfying your hunger too easily, it’s eating your inner fire ESPECIALLY if you’re a male

I’ve stopped that addiction 4 years ago best gift I’ve done to myself and for my brain chemistry thanks god

There is so many reasons on so many level why it’s bad for you
I can only see prn or erotic moovie being neutral in term of effects if it’s once in a while

Same things goes for masturbation exept if it’s your prefered way of having pleasure and you don’t want to mingle with another human being

However you find pleasure if it’s not once in a while (appart from actual sex) and through an easy medium (prn, audios, pictures, any medium that don’t recquire any actual investment), it’ll tend to eat you from the inside and that energy is simply not going to be available for your inner work (zp sub recquire a LOT of introspection to work in otpimal condition, or at the very least energy available to be treated in your subcounscious) or any type of work for that matter

I think @SaintSovereign said it best a few months ago.

Not word for word: “I just don’t see anything alpha about watching people have sex when I could be having sex.”

10/10 comment, deserves to be on the Best Quotes Thread plz.


It’s like when you’re hungry would you sit there and watch someone eat a sandwich or go out and actually eat one yourself?

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Works for plenty of things nowaday we’ve been gifted with internet and yet didn’t saw it’s curse coming along sneaky

“I don’t see anything alpha about watching rich people flexing when I could be wealthy myself”
etc rephrase it how you want works for everything

It’s a poison I still have to work on as for youtube and nice pics on insta
But every month or so I’m getting closer to be free from those sneaky energy and passion eaters


This thread reminds me of that video


I have never a problem when I watch solo girls porn or lesbian webcam porn.