What about running Regeneration and EmpQ as a stack?

I am using EQ for past 3 days now. And i am thinking of addind a healing sub ( RegenerationQ)
Is this a good combination ?

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For some reason, I thought that Regeneration was an Ultima. Theoretically, that sounds like a powerful stack. Even though EQ has some form of healing (I believe), that addition could potentially really revolutionize your life.

However, the general consensus with a sub like Emperor is to at least try to run it solo for about a month, if you’re new to SC.

I don’t know if you’re new and if Emperor is your first product, but regardless the choice is yours man. It may very well smooth the Emperor journey and minimize reconciliation, or…

It could cause intense inner changes that you might not be prepared for at this point.

It all depends on your personal constitution :slight_smile:

Yeah i am new to SC. I guess i’ll go for EQ SOLO for 1 month. It seems to be a best choice.

Can you explain what reconciliation is ?

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This one might be easier to understand.

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All the things got cleared regarding reconciliation. Thanks buddy for sharing this one.

Emperor and Regeneration both have Rebirth. They actually share a lot of common things as far as I remember.

I don’t know specifics about the scripting in regeneration itself but Rebirth Ultima should be a great stacker with Emperor

Yes, indeed.

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