Weird thought for the day

What if your consciousness is what spiritual folks think of as spirit or soul?


Yes; and what if this is a description of a paradigm (i.e., a particular style of framing experiences) as much as or more than it is a description of a physical or paranormal phenomenon?


What happens to our consciousness/ spirit/soul when we are in a state of unconsciousness (e.g under anesthesia)?


What happens to the surface of a lake when the winds stop blowing?

Subtler wave activity.

(But the water’s still there.)

Conventional Waking Consciousness is one state of activity among many.

When you sleep, go under anaesthesia, etc., certain expressions of consciousness have temporarily gone ceased. But others are still very actively processing and circulating.

There are many forms, domains, and activity levels of consciousness. We just (understandably) happen to be a bit partial to the ones that give us greater sensations of control and involvement. But all of the others are just as real.


One day I was reading about Awareness and the writer asked a question:

Ask yourself a question like “what is the color of my next thought” or “where will my next thought come from”.

And while we wait for the answer, there is a space between the question (which is a thought) and the next thought.

And that “space” is where we are aware of our Consciousness. Or concious of our Awareness.

I think that’s what the soul is basically. Conciousness, Awareness. And even when we are asleep, like @Malkuth said, our “soul” is in a sort of either hibernation or low activity.

Maybe something to do with Quantum Physics on a scientific level.

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