WealthPlus ZP Custom - aeiouxyz

Hi everyone. I am starting a new journal featuring this ZP custom. This is my first ZP custom and my second custom overall.

WealthPlus ZP Custom

Solace ZP Standard

Cores (2)

Ascended Mogul Core
Stark Core

Wealth Modules (5)

Financial Success Reality Shifter
Wealth Limit Destroyer
Unrelenting Wealth Motivation & Energy
Positive Being Attractor - Wealth

Other (9)

Machine: Action
Productivity Unleashed
Natural Winner


  • Listening days are Sundays, Tuesdays & Thursdays
  • My plan is this custom + one ZP title. I generally prefer running 2 ZP titles in a stack.
  • Ascension Chamber played after the stack every Sunday

Sunday April 24, 2022 - Day 1 Of Custom + Mind’s Eye ZP

Starting out this custom stack with the ZP custom and Mind’s Eye. The main thread for Mind’s Eye ZP and the reviews got me interested in trying it out. I want to see what happens with Mosaic in the custom, Mind’s Eye and Ascension Chamber.

I played my loops this morning along with Sunday’s Ascension Chamber loop. All in full length. That is the full 15 minutes from the custom, 15 from ME and 7 from AsCh. As the loops were playing, I did feel more awake near my eyes.


Tuesday April 26, 2022 - Day 3 Of WealthPlus Custom + Mind’s Eye ZP

This second listening day was much easier for me. Looking back I don’t think I should have ran a full loop of Ascension Chamber on the first day of starting the custom & ZP stack.

During the rest day yesterday, I felt the subs processing in my brain. I made sure to drink a bit of water as part of the ZP Recon Bounty thread from a few months ago. I feel okay now.

Productivity boost from the custom (Machine: Action & Productivity Unleashed) is nice. A bit smoother than when I used Stark ZP and Renaissance Man ZP. I am currently working on Python data dashboards with the use of the Streamlit package. I wish I used Streamlit earlier instead of RShiny. The syntax with creating dashboards in Streamlit is quite simple and intuitive. You learn through trial and error sometimes.


Wednesday April 27, 2022 Entry

Day 4, rest day. This second rest day from this stack was much better than day 2 rest day. Not much recon experienced.

Thursday April 28, 2022 Entry - Custom + Mind’s Eye ZP

My sleep last night was poor. I slept at 1AM and woke up at 5:30 something AM. I tried to fall back asleep but I couldn’t.

I still played my loops from this stack. No issues/recon encountered. I napped a lot in the morning to make up for the lack of sleep.

There was enough energy for me during my afternoon work. I feel okay.


Sunday May 1, 2022 - Day 8 of ZP Custom + Mind’s Eye ZP

Plus Sunday’s Ascension Chamber loop.

No/little recon encountered from today’s loops. I decided to take it easy from the side hobby programming work.

As of late I have been looking into certain cryptos. The market is not looking great but there are buy opportunities. Perhaps Positive Being Attractor - Wealth & Wealth Motivation & Energy modules kicking in from the custom.

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Tuesday May 3, 2022 - Day 10 of ZP Custom + Mind’s Eye ZP

Encountered some light recon from today’s loop. More thinking about things than taking action. Recon snuck in and went away slowly in the afternoon.

I do like the Sanguine ZP objectives. That could be in a future stack.

Crypto Thoughts/Notes

I heard about the Yuga Labs thing. Super high transaction fees on the Ethereum network for NFTs is just too crazy…

ETH is not my thing as I prefer projects that have their own blockchains with lower transaction fees (and are decentralized).


Friday May 6, 2022 - Day 13 of ZP Custom + Mind’s Eye ZP

Some recon snuck on me on Wednesday. Thursday’s full loops were good.

Today as rest day and day off work. Spent time with family for early Mother’s day. Sunday would be busy at restaurants.

I guess my visualization with Mind’s Eye is a bit better. This is my first note on a Mind’s eye result I believe. Before I fell asleep on Wednesday or Thursday (don’t remember) I visualized being with a lovely woman dressed up nicely wanting to please me. I should be visualizing more of financial success first than with women lol. With Mind’s Eye I think I will need another 21 day cycle of it. I will see how it goes the next week and the washout period after.

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Tuesday May 10, 2022 - Day 17 of Stack

The loops so far this week (Sunday & today) have been good. No issues with regards to recon.

I do think Machine: Action has a noticeable effect on me so far. Not as frequent posting by me on here.
This custom no longer has RICH Crypto core or Marketweaver but I still follow financial news, crypto news and do a few trades here and there.

Crypto Thoughts & Stuff

There was a dip in the stock market and crypto market after the interest rate hike. Yesterday there was a crash in the Terra (LUNA) price. Also the UST stablecoin has been revealed to be no longer stable at the $1 USD price. UST price dipped to 66 cents and as I type this the price is about 83 cents.

Exited out some UST from a tokenized GME stock on that ecosystem with a small loss. It was nice knowing LUNA I guess.

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The Terra (LUNA) crash turned out to be insane. Down 96% in the last 24 hours as I type this on May 11 evening. It was a top 10 crypto at some point I believe. Its ecosystem (Anchor Protocol, Mirror Protocol cryptos, etc) crashed too.

Super scary stuff

Friday May 13, 2022 - Day 20 of Custom + Mind’s Eye ZP

Rest day. Starting a short washout for this cycle.

Sunday May 15, 2022 - Day 22 of ZP Custom + Mind’s Eye ZP

Washout day 3.

I do think that the Unrelenting Wealth Motivation & Energy custom module has been kicking in the past 5 to 7 days. Wealth Limit Destroyer could have an impact too. I have been looking a lot into cryptos and rebalancing some crypto positions. There is also me looking into some free technical trading indicators that could be found on Tradingview.

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Tuesday May 17, 2022 - Day 24 of ZP Custom + Mind’s Eye ZP

Washout day 5.

I had a plan of running another cycle of this stack but decided to do a few more washout days. There was a little bit of recon encountered yesterday on day 4 of washout.


Thursday May 19, 2022 - Day 26 of Custom + Mind’s Eye ZP

Wednesday was Washout day 6. I felt okay.

Today is the start of another cycle of the custom + Mind’s Eye ZP. It feels like for me I need more time for Mind’s Eye to kick in.

One thing I forget to mention is that I think it is safer not to run Ascension Chamber along with a first ZP custom loop. I managed to do okay but the short recon I had after the loops and the next day could have gotten out of hand. The little changes can sometimes make a big difference.

After reading the latest objectives of RICH, I could revisit that sub. This time with the wealth custom.

I do like the one objective from EoG where there is cognitive enhancement. It complements the numerous wealth objectives.


Tuesday May 24, 2022 - Day 31 of Custom + Mind’s Eye ZP Entry

I am in my first week of the second ZP cycle of this stack. Sunday’s loops along with Ascension Chamber were good. Today’s loops were good. No issues encountered.

With cryptos I have been looking into these ISO 20022 coins. I am not sure how I want to allocate my funds in terms of percentages & proportions.

I was looking into the sales page for the Rebirth sub. Rebirth could be in the next stack as I think I can get rid of some stuff from the past. Too many stack ideas in my head. Small recon I suppose. A stack decision to be made once this cycle is over.

Friday May 27, 2022 - Day 34 of ZP Custom + Mind’s Eye

This first week of the second cycle of this stack is much smoother. Very little recon.

I started meditating Tuesday. The routine is at least 10 minutes of meditation. It is sitting cross legged on a sofa or my bed with palms facing up. During this I have been visualizing kilogram bars of gold and imagining me throwing piles of money in the air in happiness. Let’s see where this goes.


Thursday June 2, 2022 - Day 40 of Custom + Mind’s Eye ZP

I have increased my meditating time to 15 minutes a day now (since Tuesday). As of late I do feel more calm and grounded. This week’s loops were much easier to handle. Results wise not much occurred. I will most likely re-evaluate things at the end of this 21 day ZP cycle.

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What type of meditation are you doing?

I’ve tried most of the Joe Dispenza ones and cannot commit to doing them on a steady basis. Some of them are up to 90 minutes long.

It’s just the simple no music meditation type for 15 minutes. Me sitting cross legged with palms facing up on my knees.

From your journal, I have read about Joe Dispenz. I am not familiar with figures from the guided meditation space.

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Monday June 6, 2022 Entry

Rest day from subs.

Woke up early to make a visit to downtown Toronto for a hospital appointment. After 2.5 years the transit system is still the same for the most part. Rush hour traffic is still bad. Not surprised.

There was a recent video by the SEC that is heavily biased against meme stocks. I have been re-following the GME stock stuff.