Washout. when to end it? what are the indicators? more rest? or start listening?

hi, im on my 7th day of washout, ive ran subs for over 6 weeks now

then i began my washout. my first 1-3 days were the worst ever, hardest recon ive ever experinced
never like this before,fraustration at its max and anger and other issues like feeling down

after the 3 days passed i went to my normal state but i was a littile bit weaker from my real version of myself
its like im tier C of the actual me, cause i know my bassline and that was not me

ive been facing vivid nightmeres everytime i sleep since i started this washout, i wake up super super tired fatigued so much and grongy as hell,and its like i was watching tv all night with those vivid nightmeres my sub-concious was busy all night

and when i wake up its super taxing its like ive been watching TV nonstop,

My question is: im at my 11th day of washout and im still facing nightmeres when i go to sleep and i still wake up feeling like hell from that fatigue, so when do i end my washout?
the hard recon symptons went away (which werethe worst),

when to start listening again after a washout? what are the indicators if youve a done a good washout?

(the fatuige when i wake up lasts only about 25mins max, it doesnt follow me through the day, its just when i wake up that period is like hell)

ive sent a support ticket, but i think its a good question to know each different answers from each different person on this forum, even from the mods and the owners :grin:

how do you know yourself that you can run subs again after a washout? do you set a time period and after that your good to go? or you wait for some indictaors to show up that tells you that you start listening to subs once again ?

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Dont mind me :joy:


*bro but those nightmeres were something else, what the actual hell *

one night someone is trying to kill me and is following me around my house

one night im killing family members or something like that, weirdest dreams ive ever seen

What were you stacking?

Limit destroyer uv2

Good question!

It is about how I feel, like when I know I am ready for more. It is like with eating for me, I know when I am full and when I am hungry again. How I feel when I have eaten enough.

Most of it has come through experience so I know when I can go on and when not to.

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That sounds shocking and intense, good thing that you sene out this question. Things will settle down for you.

When I experience dreams 5hat have a strong impact in me when I wake up and there is some shitty baggage left, I either just surrender to it(and usually this can take a while but then it just leaves my body) but also exercising, because sitting all day waiting until it has passed is not something I always feel like doing


hmmmmm, i think im hungry :joy:

but the vivid nightmeres and waking up fatigued like hell tells me something else

cause when i used to overload myself with loops i used to get this same effect of waking up tired as hell

Brother, that’s quite a stack you have there. Undoubtedly you have a huge backlog of shit that is being processed. REMEMBER, processing is not a waste of time. People naively think that if they aren’t listening to a sub, they are wasting time. It’s quite the opposite. Your mind is busy trying to integrate the new stuff. As long as you are feeling this way continue with the washout.


You’ll probably need to do your own experiments with this.

First, choose an arbitrary time based on the recommendations/experiences from others that you read here. Choose one that seems reasonable, then just try it. Journal while you do it. See if it seems to make a difference.

Then listen again for a while, and see how the post-washout listen affects you.

Then if you’re not satisfied with how that went, or if you still feel exhausted or worn-out, try a longer washout. Add 1 or 2 more weeks this time.

Or if you feel that the washout went perfectly, try doing a slightly shorter one next time and see how that goes.

Do a washout every 1 or 2 months, and work out what is best for you.

It’s your own mind and brain, and just like every other part of you, it’s usually not going to be exactly the same as someone else’s.

If something as simple as your pants requires your own unique size and specifications, how much more your brain?

Anyway, 7-10 days seems like a round number for your first go-round. Then you can add or subtract from there based on your own discoveries.

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really? i mean the huge deal is Stark which is so dense

but RM and LDU are light

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im going for 14 days ill see how it goes, i feel like im ready to listen again no recon nothing

but only vivid nightmeres and huge fatigue once i wake up

tottaly agree, but i thought hearing from everyone would help also

hahah this is awesome

thanks man

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That sounds like you’re still actively processing. What do you think?

I’ve been having increased dream activity and recall lately.

Very much not the norm for me.

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The waking up think reminds me of when i overload myself with loops , same thing happens

But nightmares is a new thing to me, but i feel okay during the day and all its just when i wake up and during sleep

I could do another week, but what i am afraid of losing process of the past exposure to the subliminal

Cause ive only ran subs for 6 weeks which is a small amount of time, repetition is needed to make the sub mind understand and integrate it, i dont wanna loose the past 6 weeks of exposure :pleading_face:

Well, you’re clearly destroying (killing) everything that limits (LD) your self-expression (RM) and path to success and fame (SQ).

What else limits us, more than our selves and our family! :joy:

And you’re doing it creatively – in your dreams.

Enjoy. :+1:t2:


:joy: :joy: :joy: lovin that

have a good one friend!

I’ve experienced variations of this, even when 14+ days into rest.

Meditation can help me by just focusing on the sensations and observing them. Noticing what I think. Attempting to bring my mind back to the sensations.

@Simon also has some good points.

I would also wonder if you are running “too many” loops when you’re listening, and your brain is trying to play catch up by finally processing everything you’ve been listening to. In other words, when you do another listening schedule, maybe cut it in half. So if you were listening to your programs at 1 loop each program for 4 days a week, maybe try 1 loop of each program for 2 days a week.


Here is my personal arc of washout thoughts/experiences-I use-want to run subs again as a gauge to return. My only real washout was after a year of running subs so it may look different after shorter time.
In general I would say every 6-8 weeks do a week to two week washout.

  1. Feel good with a break
  2. Start experiencing intense processing and recon
  3. Want to run the sub again to avoid intense processing and recon
  4. Feel like not running the sub will compromise my goals
  5. Start to feel clearer and better and have less concern about running subs
  6. Feel I don’t need to run subs to achieve what I want
  7. Actively feel so much better off subs not sure I want to run them again
  8. Neutral about running subs
  9. A desire to run subs again

I will be honest I think it’s RM causing the effects your having. Back when I tried RM I had the exact same effects as you even on washout. Luckily it stopped after a while. Personally, if I was you I’d stick with Stark and Limit Destroyer for now until you finish it then you can do RM if you want.


i might try the new routine that says 1 day on 1 day off ill expirment with it.

wow so im not alone good to know

cause everyone is talking bloom ive seen so litile of it, it feels weird though

im feeling the same, im netrual about being in rush of running subs, im okay wit 1 more week of rest

wow that must been tough

next washout will be in 2 months :smiley: